List of current players:

Ulrico2 – Ulrico – Ricky/MrDead

female1 – Liliana/Johann/Tafwick – Darren/ScottishWolf

Simon-III-3 – Godfrey de Montfort / Tom (SouthernFairy) *Gone. Likely to be in a mad house by now, raving on about vampires and such.

nlRhhtb – Eckhardt Konrad/Harple

Kall – Kall Horst – Kieran/ZenithBane

images (12)  – Finja – Elspeth/Jeannette *Vanished without a trace. Oddly enough, exactly what her dooming entails.

f5c9470df5f93c543f998da0ee4b5f5c – Borri – IDrael

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