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Pucker Up! Ass Kissing Time!

When we last left the delinquent party, they were in a wee spot of bother…

Godfrey de Montfort got thrown into a cell, and unfortunately for him, he was not alone.

An eccentric old man who the watch referred to as Boney or Old Bones, was chained up on the wall.

Prisoner – Boney – “You lucky, lucky bastard…”

Boney indeed had a bone to pick with Godfrey de Montfort; he was raving on about how Godfrey was getting preferential treatment from the watch jailor, Rollie. Of course, being spat on by the jailor isn’t exactly what you would call favoritism, but from the perspective of Old Bones who had been chained up on the wall for at least a couple of years, upside down, and only just been up-righted, the treatment of Godfrey de Montfort indeed seem rather luxurious to him.

Godfrey tried to pray to the La...

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A Game of Horses

Date: Mitterfruhl, Spring Equinox

It is a jovial morning in Bogenhafen as the festival gets underway.

The party have secured their lodgings in a stable loft belonging to the Bee and Barb Inn,and set out through the south gate. Borri however does not join them, instead he goes looking for a smith to inquire as to the whereabouts of his father and also to seek out opportunities for business.

His first stop is at a weapon smithy near the south gate. The smith is rude and has little time for the dwarf. What little information he was willing to part was that he did spot a dwarf in the stockades in the festival, but was not willing to aid Borri in matters of business.

Borri stopped off at another smith on the far western side of the town, a smith he had originally heard about from a commoner...

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A Wee Scuffle At The Docks

As midnight approaches, so do six heavily armed men who stomp their way across the pier, heading for the Berebelli.

Unfortunate for them, Godfrey who got struck in the head with a bolt and Ulrico, were on watch, and have already alerted the barges occupants.

Eckhardt Konrad, who sees the men approach, bravely charges at them with his halberd, engaging two of them in combat. However the pier only supports two abreast, so four of the six men are forced to hang back as the fight breaks out.

Godfrey de Montfort soon joins Eckhardt in fighting them, while cursing at them for their dishonorable methods. Kall Horst comes up on deck, having recovered from his long rest after his ordeal with the siren, only to get a bolt in the chest for his efforts...

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