A Game of Horses

Date: Mitterfruhl, Spring Equinox

It is a jovial morning in Bogenhafen as the festival gets underway.

The party have secured their lodgings in a stable loft belonging to the Bee and Barb Inn,and set out through the south gate. Borri however does not join them, instead he goes looking for a smith to inquire as to the whereabouts of his father and also to seek out opportunities for business.

His first stop is at a weapon smithy near the south gate. The smith is rude and has little time for the dwarf. What little information he was willing to part was that he did spot a dwarf in the stockades in the festival, but was not willing to aid Borri in matters of business.

Borri stopped off at another smith on the far western side of the town, a smith he had originally heard about from a commoner. He gets a much friendlier welcome and the two discuss some business. Borri learns however that to conduct business in Bogenhafen he would be advised to contact the Merchants Guild, and their leader, Friedrich Magirius. But other than that, he could not offer any further aid.

Kall, Liliana and Eckhardt make their way to the market, while Finja, Godfrey, and Ulrico head to the jousting. Godfrey de Montfort spots a colorful dressed man on the sidelines with a list, taking names from various knights. Godfrey approaches him and asks about the requirements and possibility of signing up.

His accent immediately gives him away, and the man rather bluntly tells him he can sign over at the Magistrates tent near the festival, and the fee is 5 crowns.

When asked if he is of Bretonnian nobility, Godfrey states surely he has heard of de Montfort.

“No,” was the blunt reply.

Godfrey gets a bit snarky with the man and gets told “Go piss off towards the Magistrates tent.”

Pissing his way back towards the Magistrates tent with half of the party in toe, and meeting up with Borri they soon find themselves in the festival markets.

Liliana drills Eckhardt Konrad regarding the inheritance. Eckhardt is somewhat… forthcoming, willing to bring Liliana into the fold. Liliana comes up with a hairbrained scheme suggesting that they use the money to invest in a mercenary company.

Liliana, Eckhardt and Kall arrive at the festival markets ahead of the others. Kall heads off to find a cloak while Liliana looks around for a decent weapon.

She begins chatting to the merchant, and as she does… everything begins to blur around her. Whispers come flooding to her ears, and suddenly, on the merchants shoulder, she see’s this…


It stares right back at her.

Liliana screams at the top of her voice, terrified as she runs off. All of a sudden heads turn and she is the focus of the entire festival.

Kall and Eckhardt immediately distance themselves from the mad raving lunatic that is now running through the crowds, leaving a rather embarrassed merchant looking perplexed at his stall.

Ulrico, Finja make their way over along with Godfrey. Behind a tent they find Liliana on the ground, shaken and without resolve, staring blankly at her left shoulder.

They ask her whats going, and she replies, “Gishywashy?ghdoa?” speaking gibberish and making no sense at all.

As they attempt to find out whats going on, a watchman appears behind Finja, “What’s the meaning of this disturbance! What’s going on?”

Finja tries to diplomatically get him to back-off and give her space, but he doesn’t budge. Godfrey however steps in quickly and distracts the guard, asking him for directions to the Magistrates tent.

Liliana is still not making much sense, so Finja and Ulrico manage to persuade the watch to let them bring her back to their lodgings. The watchman takes Liliana’s name and the place their staying at.

Borri catches up, oblivious to whats going on, only to find Liliana being helped away.

medium_465593675 – Crazy Liliana

Meanwhile, back in reality; Godfrey and Borri make their way to the Magistrates tent. On their way, Borri spots a familiar looking dwarf held up in the stockade near the Magistrates tent. It quickly dawns on him who it is…

Korgan Rognisson, his father! Borri has been searching for Korgan ever since he left the Grey Mountains in exile. He heads into the Magistrates tent with Godfrey.

They enter the tent to find a rather statesmanlike gentleman perched behind his desk, writing on some parchment.

magistrate heinz – Magistrate Heinz Richter

magistrate heinz

Godfrey speaks up, asking about the jousting.

“You from Bretonnia, is that correct? I’m well aware that the Schaffenfest attracts many a foreigner to our fair town, but from Bretonnia? That is most unusual, and seeking to compete in the jousting?”

Godfrey nevertheless signs up, but can’t afford the 5 crowns. Instead he manages to convince the Magistrate that a Bretonnian Knight Errant competing in the joust would be a good crowd pleaser.

The Magistrate agrees, although for different reasons… “I fair for your safety good sir. There are those who have lingering pains when it comes to the Bretonnians. Men like Edgar von Muntz and Castrum von Schultz who have equally lost a son years ago when tensions between our two realms have been at its highest would jump at a chance to not only knock a Bretonnian off his horse, but to do him great harm. They are also two of many Reiklander Knights among others throughout the Empire competing in the joust. To say you would be in danger would be putting it mildly.”

Godfrey never heard of von Muntz, but von Schultz is a name that sends a chill through him. His father was responsible for the personal duel involving the death of Castrum’s son, Felix Schultz. Despite learning that he may potentially face them in a joust, he refuses the Magistrates fair warning and goes ahead. He is told he will be competing tomorrow at noon.

Borri then speaks up, asking about the dwarf. He’s told that the dwarf in question is being held for causing trouble, but he will be released later on today, unless a payment of 60 silver is made.

Borri opts to let his father soak for sometime in the stocks. They head out of the tent and Borri strikes up a conversation with Korgan.

Korgan is somewhat startled at the appearance of his son. Neither glad nor angry to see him, but rather ashamed that he is being witnessed by his son in such a sorry state.

Korgan explains to Borri that he had gotten into a fight with a man-ling, and was arrested by the watch. He’s been in here for over a day now. Borri explains to Korgan what happened to their family holdings back in Karak-Norn. He tells Korgan that their property was seized and given to the Baldrickssons. Korgan is furious on hearing this, and vows revenge upon them. He also declares his innocence, that he never desecrated any tomb belonging to the Baldrickssons, and that he was setup. His reason for leaving Karak-Norn was for his own safety, albeit, cowardice.

Borri suggests that he take the slayer oath, to which Korgan spits. At the end of further conversation, Korgan suggests speaking more over a couple of ales to which Borri agrees to do, and intends on meeting him upon his release.

Godfrey and Borri head off to meet up with the rest of them at the stables.

Back at the Bee and Barb stables, the party hush up into the hayloft with Liliana. Everyone is here now, and Liliana appears more coherent, less screwball. She opens up to them about what she saw; some sort of strange creature upon the shoulder of the merchant. Nobody is buying it…

For whatever her motivations are, Liliana then spills more secrets. She shows them a ‘special’ book that shes been keeping. Removing the disguise cover which is nothing but a boring historical text on Marienburg, she shows them the book in its true form. None of them can make heads or tails of it, but Liliana states that it is book on arcane runes and symbols. Finja is clearly annoyed as she points out that if she is ever caught with this, then her fate would surely be sealed, especially if it was at the hands of a Witch Hunter. Not only that, but caught with it while in the presence of the party. Nobody is happy…

Suddenly a cry is heard from below, and Godfrey’s ears immediately perk up at the sound of Hercules, his horse, collapsing. They rush down the hayloft as Godfrey trys to ascertain what is wrong with his mount. Under careful examination of its gums, Godfrey finds the remains of some herbs. Clearly not part of the regular feed he is supposed to be fed. Ulrico chimes in that it is Blessed Thistle, a potent sleeping toxin. Harmless in the right dosages, lethal in the incorrect dosages.

Godfrey gets suspicious and asks if anyone here knows anything about this.

Liliana steps forward, declaring that she had fed his mount some harmless hay, and even opens up further about the herbs in her pack.

The stablehand appears, and Godfrey grabs the boy demanding to know if anyone was seen at his horse. The boy is frightened, and says he saw no one… he then points to Liliana, saying, “I only saw her Mr. I swear. Saw her feeding your horse, that is all I saw.”

Godfrey lets him go and Liliana protests her innocence, declaring that she fed his horse but had no part to play in the poisoning of it. Further discussion takes place as to who may have motive when the stableboy heads off to fetch a local veterinarian.

The vet arrives soon after, and offers his services to Godfrey for a fee, before he starts work. What a bastard… But Godfrey spares no expense offering double the fee.

The vet quickly gets to work, and has some dire news after a brief examination. Surgery will have to be performed, and the fate of Hercules is uncertain. The vet tells the stablehand to fetch the watch immediately, that a crime has been committed.

While the boy heads off to fetch the watch, Finja advises that she and Liliana should leave, and suggests for the party to do the same. The rest of them decide to stay and wait for the watch, but Liliana and Finja feel its best to be absent for when the watch arrives, considering Liliana’s earlier stark raving mad outburst at the festival.

Liliana suggests the Temple of Sigmar, and make their way there. Before they leave, Liliana gives Godfrey her bag as a show of ‘faith/trust’ a pivotal moment that will result in dire consequences for Godfrey later…

After sometime, the watch arrives in force. Six of them show up. The captain steps forward, and rather harshly begins questioning them.

The stablehand mentions the absence of the two women, to which the captain inquires as to why they are absent. He soon learns from a fellow watchman that Liliana is a name that was reported earlier in today. Putting 2 and 2 together, the captain begins to grow suspicious as to why they would suddenly be ‘absent’ and suddenly decide to go ‘shopping’ all of a sudden.

He begins to search the party members present. Nothing worth of note is found on the others that tie to their investigation, but, upon searching Liliana’s bag that Godfrey had, the captain procures a handful of herbs. Both Ulrico and the vet confirm that the herbs he is holding is Blessed Thistle, the same ones used to poison Godfrey’s horse.

“Why would you poison your own horse Sir Knight?!?” the captain shouts.

Godfrey goes on the defensive declaring that he would have to be mad to do such a thing, and the captain responds, “Well madness makes men do queer things. Whatever your motivation is, here you are… carrying the very herb used to poison your horse, yet you’ve yet to explain as to why you’re carrying this.”

Godfrey doesn’t answer him nor does he give up the fact that the bag is not his. The captain orders for his men to take Godfrey into custody.

Borri tries to stand up for the knight, but to no avail as the captain is having none of it. He marches him off while two of his men remain behind at the stables, keeping watch.

Horse 02 Sick


Liliana and Finja make their way to the Temple of Sigmar, blissfully unaware at the events unfolding at the stables. Liliana apparently has a ‘plan’ as they reach the foot of the temple. Liliana asks for Finja to trust her, and that she won’t blame her if she leaves. Finja however stays to at least keep an eye on her.

Liliana proceeds into the temple alone, clutching her Sisters of Sigmar token.

Temple of Sigmar – Temple of Sigmar

The temple is fairly quiet, with less than a dozen priests about, carrying out their studies. It’s fairly large inside and spacious, well marbled and well maintained. Liliana searches out for any high ranking members, and she spots what she thinks may be the towns lector, kneeling on his own, praying in isolation.

She joins him silently in prayer, kneeling beside him.

After the prayer, the lector turns, noticing her. Liliana is almost taken back when she sees that this man, this priest of Sigmar, has a Hammer branded into his forehead, and his eyes burn with zealous fire. Yet there is wisdom about him, but wisdom mixed with zealous desire may not be one and the same.

Lector of Bogenhafen – Lector of Bogenhafen

Liliana speaks up, declaring that she is here to seek sanctuary for but a day. She clutches her Sisters of Sigmar token tightly as she speaks to him, with the lector casting down a gaze at her token for but a moment, then returning his fierce stare. Liliana felt as if her very soul was on fire.

Then… the worse possible timing, with the worse luck, as Liliana spots a familiar sight.

The creature appears again, this time on the lectors shoulder. It distracts her, and shakens her resolve as she attempts to persuade the lector of her intent to seek sanctuary.

Yet she stumbles under his questioning, “So… you come from Mordheim. You bear a token from the Sisters, yet, here you are, Liliana de Karling-Satou, daughter of Emmerich de Karling-Satou. If you are devout and devoted to Sigmar as you proclaim, you would no doubt not have fled your sanctuary, and you come to mine, seeking sanctuary here like you did with the sisters? I expect I know how that will turn out…”

He claps his hands, as a couple of heads turn.

“Seize her!”

Two priests approach her as firm hands grip take her, marching her away from the lector.

Somewhere in the dark, a faint snigger could be heard…


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