Pucker Up! Ass Kissing Time!

When we last left the delinquent party, they were in a wee spot of bother…

Godfrey de Montfort got thrown into a cell, and unfortunately for him, he was not alone.

An eccentric old man who the watch referred to as Boney or Old Bones, was chained up on the wall.

Prisoner – Boney – “You lucky, lucky bastard…”

Boney indeed had a bone to pick with Godfrey de Montfort; he was raving on about how Godfrey was getting preferential treatment from the watch jailor, Rollie. Of course, being spat on by the jailor isn’t exactly what you would call favoritism, but from the perspective of Old Bones who had been chained up on the wall for at least a couple of years, upside down, and only just been up-righted, the treatment of Godfrey de Montfort indeed seem rather luxurious to him.

Godfrey tried to pray to the Lady for guidance, but found it increasingly difficult to do so in such an environment. The man also kept muttering to himself, and now and again would say a name, ‘Gideon’ as he droned on.


Liliana is marched down the temple steps and led into a side building within the courtyard. Finja watches closely as Liliana is led off, kicking and screaming.

Finja loiters about hoping to spot Liliana and any potential way of freeing her.

Liliana is led into a small room that contains a furnace along with a large basin and two buckets.

“You’ve still got the stench of Mordheim on you… You will be purified.”

Brother Janos, one of the initiates of the Sigmarite Order, is asked to go fetch water for the buckets. He comes back a short time later with two full buckets of water. Liliana kicks one of them over, causing her to be held back by the other Brother.

Once the basin was full, Liliana was forced stripped of all her clothing, and put into the basin. Her clothes were put into the furnace as she was scrubbed down by Brother Janos.

“Brother Janos, prepare the red salts.”

Brother Janos had procured a small leather pouch, and prepared to pour its contents into the water. Specks of what looked like red sand gave the water a magenta coloring. Liliana started feeling a tingling sensation in her skin, and soon it turned into a burning sensation, causing mild pain throughout her body.

Once the cleansing ritual is finished, Brother Janos heads out, and comes back in with ropes pure of white, made from fine linen. They bear no markings of any kind.

Once dressed, she is force marched by Brother Janos, making their way upstairs and towards a plain looking door bearing the marking of the twin-tailed comet of Sigmar.

The door opens and she is gently pushed into the room, as it closes once more. Brother Janos waits outside as Liliana sees a familiar sight, sitting behind the desk and clutching her Sisters of Sigmar token in his hands.

Lector of Bogenhafen – Lector Magnus

Magnus is a fierce looking man well into his 60’s, possibly more. His build is strong, his features dark, menacing with the zealous fire of the Templar’s. Great curly wisps of white hair extend backwards giving him a clean bald forefront to which bears the branded marking of Sigmar’s Hammer.

He gestures for her to sit down, and they begin what will be the start of a long discussion.

Magnus begins to speak, and as he announces her name, he mispronounces her surname to which Liliana has the gall to correct him, rather politely as much as she can. Magnus sternly replies, “I do not care for your name. It is a name that is meaningless to me. I couldn’t care less who you are or who your father is. I do not want you to be under the impression that your name carries weight in my vicinity. Your father is a long way from here, and he has no power here. The only power you should concern yourself with is the divine judgement of Sigmar. And you, Liliana de Karling-Satou, are under his watchful gaze. So, be truthful and forthcoming when I ask you your reasons for leaving the Sisters of Sigmar.”

Liliana begins to explain to him surrounding the events of her escape. She tells him about the fearsome Strigoi she encountered, and how one of the Sisters of Sigmar defeated such a beast by shooing it away with the divine light of Sigmar. She tells him how one of the Sisters began to develop feelings for her, and that this was her reason for leaving, for she knew such lust was heresy, and she had no choice but to run.

“What goes on within the Sisters of Sigmar can stay within the Sisters of Sigmar. That forsaken rock that they live on, and what goes on there is of no concern to me. Yet, if this is indeed true, and you had braved the dangers of your journey for the sake of excaping this… heresy, then indeed you are a lot braver than you look.”

Magnus continued, “Tell me, why did you seek sanctuary within my temple? You came here looking for sanctuary, and you came with fear in your heart. I could see it plain as day. I could see it when you clutched that token of yours. What is it that your afraid of? Why were you seeking comfort within these walls?”

Liliana opens up that she sought sanctuary from her father. The lector asks her why did she not seek sanctuary at the many other temples along the way, and Liliana tells him that there were no lectors present to grant her such a gift. It was a lie, and a lie that she stumbled on as Lector Magnus grew suspicious, saying, “There are many lectors throughout the Empire who hold a similar position to myself. I find it hard to believe that none were present to grant you sanctuary.”

Lector proceeds to interrogate her about the ‘voices’ that she has heard, something that she mentioned when she first sought the lector out. She explains that she believes the voices are a blessing, a divine gift, rather than a curse. And that they tell her of great evil conspiring within the town. She tells him of the whispers she has heard of the Emperor, who has not been seen for over a month, and visitors of noble birth have been shooed away from seeing him.

Magnus grew curious, but dismissed the rumors regarding the Emperor, “I do not deal in fishwife tales and gossip. Such rumors concerning the Emperor are quite common. I would not worry about the Emperor, it would not be the first time he went into seclusion for one reason or another. But the matter concerning evil brewing is of most interesting. And these voices are a concern, yet perhaps they are the work of Sigmar. Who am I to question his will if he has bestowed such a gift.”

Liliana manages to cast away any zealous suspicion concerning the voices; albeit Lector Magnus was not wholly convinced that they were indeed the divine work of Sigmar and grew skeptical at the notion as the conversation continued.

it wasn’t until Lector Magnus asked Liliana what the Sisters of Sigmar token meant to her, that she became to earn his favor.

She made a speech about how she is but a mortal vessel to be used at Sigmar’s divine will, and that his light shines through her. The speech is long-winded and continues on about how she is at the mercy of Sigmar and basically does a good job at puckering up to the lector, letting him hear what he wants to hear when it comes to outright praise for Sigmar.

Lector Magnus appeared to be pleased and satisfied. He stands up, announcing, “You came in here, tainted with the scent of Mordheim, and your heart of questionable virtue. You can now leave, pure of heart. I grant you sanctuary within these walls. Brother Janos!”

Brother Janos comes in, and is told to show her to her room.

Meanwhile Finja grew tired of loitering about and playing dumb with the gate guard who was starting to grow suspicious. She leaves, making her way back to the stables.

The others, Kall, Ulrico, Eckhardt and Borri head for the market. Kall has an idea that may involve some risk in attempting to free Godfrey de Montfort. He proceeds to buy several strips of cloth to be cut up and used for masks. Borri however gets alarmed as he approaches the stocks with intention of freeing his father. Korgan is nowhere to be seen, and after bribing a nearby guard, he learns that his father was set free by a young handsome looking chap with blue eyes and short crop of brown hair.

Before heading back to the stables they spy a merchant attracting some members of the crowd. The merchant is selling some kind of wonder cure, and shows them an impressive demonstration. After the demo, the crowd go crazy for the so-called miracle cure and Kall Horst watches this with interest. As he does, a grubby dirty hand reaches out from the side towards his coinbag. Kall sees it and grabs it. He see’s a young boy of about 17, dressed in rags with a dirty scruffy look about him. Kall twists his arm, saying, “So, how many others did you pilfer today?”

“Let me go mister!”

Kall doesn’t relent, but the boy, using his free hand, tosses white powder into the eyes of Kall Horst. Kall is forced to let go as a stinging burning sensation grips his eyes. He wraps his cloak around him to sheath himself from any further attempts by the boy to pocket him, but someone shouts out, “Thief! Thief!” The ruffian scampers off as Kall try’s to maintain his balance.

He stumbles into a nearby beers stand and knocks over several mugs of ale. Now drenched and stinking of ale, he hears someone say, “So, you gonna pay for all that?”

He is asked to pay 8 silver, a high price in indeed for just some ale. The beer owner says its expensive imported beer, but regardless Kall explains to him he ain’t paying, and the watch are shouted for. One watchman approaches and after conversing, agrees with Kall Horse that it isn’t his fault that he knocked over the beer, as Kall had explained to the watchman about the thief.

They make their way back to the stables and meet Finja.

Finja tells them the situation about Liliana, and she is briefed about Godfrey. Borri and Kall decide to try and help out Godfrey, without resorting to anything more riskier for now. Finja and Ulrico head out to try and get more information concerning Liliana while Eckhardt tends to the needs of his pig, Sam.

Upon arriving at the Temple of Sigmar, they see Liliana upon the temple steps, writing on some parchment. Ulrico approaches first, asking her what is going on.

“Hello good sir, my name is Liliana. Please, sit down.”

Confused and bemused, Ulrico sits down beside her as Finja approaches, and Liliana continues to be coy with them. Finja rolls her eyes as Liliana acts like a complete stranger to them. She then passes the parchment she was writing on to Ulrico.

It read that she was safe, and that she may be being watched.

They decided to leave her, agreeing to meet up at the jousting tomorrow at noon.

Meanwhile, Godfrey de Montfort is let out of his cell to converse with Captain Reinhold of the city watch.

The meeting is short and to the point. Captain Reinhold simply asked for Godfrey de Montfort to explain why he had Blessed Thistle in his bag. Yet again Godfrey didn’t really have an answer to him, and yet again sang the same tune that why would he poison his own horse. Captain Reinhold simply replied, “Why do mad men do what they do?” but confessed that he found it bizarre and was leaning towards the notion that Godfrey de Montfort did indeed not poison his horse, as he found it rather implausible. Yet the captain said it was out of his hands. Magistrate Heinz Richter has already been informed and there is enough evidence for it to warrant a conviction, even if the evidence is sketchy at best. The captain also informs him that his horse, Hercules, is fine and recovering, but he will be in no condition to take part in the jousting.

Godfrey is led back to his cell as Kall and Borri now find themselves at the watch barracks. Kall has a few words with the captain, telling him that Godfrey is his employer, along with the dwarf, and tries to persuade the captain to let him go. Captain Reinhold states that the matter is now for the magistrate.

They decide to wait for the magistrate to arrive.

The rest of the party meet up at the watch house, and they get something to eat across from the barracks. As they eat their grub, they spot Magistrate Heinz Ricther purposefully striding towards the watch house. They follow him in as he has some words with Captain Reinhold over the matter. Kall greets him, and tells him that he is working for Godfrey, and wishes to take part in the proceedings. Magistrate Richter allows for it as Godfrey is led in to meet the magistrate

The impression they get from the magistrate is that he is an honest, sincere man of strong character and perhaps of some political guile as he explains that the charge of poisoning his own horse has been dropped.

Magistrate Richter explains that the evidence is not strong enough, and that he himself does not believe that just after signing up to the jousting, that the knight errant would poison his own horse with nothing to gain from it. However, it is perhaps for political reasons that the knight really got off the hook…

“Your name may not carry weight here, but from what I’m told, your family is influential within Bretonnia, to a certain degree. Enough of a degree that it could create problems if news broke out that a Knight Errant of the de Montfort heritage was hanged for poisoning his own horse. Can you imagine such rumors flying across the border? It sounds silly enough that those who hear it will assume that we just hanged you for the sake of your lineage, and decided to cover it up with the strange notion that a Knight such as yourself would kill his own mount. After all, a Knight is no Knight without his horse.”

Magistrate hands him his 3 crowns back and tells him he is still entitled to participate in the jousting if he wants. Kall informs Godfrey that he can use his horse. It may not be built like a warhorse, but its got speed where it counts, he says. Of course, Kall Horst wants 50% of the earnings should he win, to which Godfrey says is more than fair.

Standing up, the magistrate takes his leave, but not before saying, “So you are free to go. I hope you stay out of trouble de Montfort. I intend to run a clean Schaffenfest this year without any foreigners causing a ruckus. Keep your nose clean if you can manage it. Good night to you.”

The party make their way back to the stables as the sun begins to descend. As they do, they hear a voice say, “Having a spit of bother, are we?”


The man is leaning against the stables, flicking a coin between his fingers. He looks like he comes from one of the poorer districts of Bogenhafen. He’s dressed in leather that has seen better days, and his face bears the markings of a rough livelihood.

Borri asks, “And why would that concern you?”

The man replies, “Cause it concerns a dwarf by the name of Korgan,” and he flicks the coin towards Borri, adding, “Crosspike Tavern, Maug Street, at midnight. Give that to the barkeep.” He walks away.

A chill goes through Finja as she spots the coin, and recognizes it as the one from her dream a while back.

She tells the party that the coin may mean danger, but its something that they can’t ignore. She explains in further detail that in her dream, a laughing stranger with no face had tossed her a strange coin that she never seen before. It bore the face of Lothar upon it, her old mentor. The coin proceeded to burn through her hand, causing great pain.

While the brass coin that was tossed to Borri did not bore the face of Lothar, nor was it any coin they’ve ever seen before, and certainly not one you could spend, there was no mistaking it; Finja was positive it was the same coin from her dream. Upon it was a face of a man with a cheeky mischievous grin.

After some debate, the party decide to make their way to the Crosspike Tavern, but first they were intent on getting some sleep.

Finja drinks alone in the tavern while the others sleep, and she soon joins them. Kall is busy ‘patching’ some pants he nicked from a bathhouse earlier after going there to rid himself of the smell of ale.

Near 11:15pm, they head out and make their way to the Crossed Pike Tavern. Upon leaving the stables they notice a few passerby’s casting worried glances up towards the sky. They follow their gazes and see Morrslieb, hanging low over the town. The lowest they’ve ever seen it, and casting its eerie green tint upon the city.

They continue on towards Maug Street.


Liliana however remains within the sanctuary of the temple. She doses off as she rests for the night.

Unknown to her… something watches from the shadows with hungry eyes.

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