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A Well Earned Day…

At the jousting…

Finja’s facade seems to pay off as Friedrich Magirius, the Merchant’s Guild leader, looks to help her.

Borri and Ulrico come over to lend aid but Finja gives a subtle hint for Borri, letting him know that all is well. Ulrico, being an apothecary with some knowledge of medicine, lends his aid. Finja recovers and Magirius offers her along with Ulrico for some refreshments at his residence for Finja to recover fully. They agree and make their way heading for the Adel Ring.

Meanwhile, the jousting has just begun.

Godfrey is informed his joust will take place after the first round.

The first round kicks off.

Edgar von Muntz from Middenheim is pitted against Sir Klause von Stirner from Averheim.

joustingknight1  – von Stirner

Edgar von Muntz2 – von Muntz

The joust is a quick one – von Muntz makes quick work ...

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On The Wrong Side Of The Law…

Kall Horst is marched into the watch courtyard and led to a bloody stained stump.

Watch Courtyard

“May I pray to my gods in peace?” Kall asks.

“You don’t look like a godly man?” Reinhold says, but gives in, forcing Kall on his knees.

“Can I pray over near that well there?” Kall asks…


“Cause from where I am, its a tradition to pray into a well…”

Captain Reinhold isn’t having any of it, “You can pray into the well all you like when I throw your headless body down it…”

The Watch Sergent pushes Kall Horst towards the stump and Reinhold readies his axe, raising it.

“Got any last words thief?”

Kall Horst says something snappy, and lashes out with his elbow as hard as he could, catching the man in the crotch...

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Missing In Action…

The party make their way to the Crossed Pikes tavern. Ulrico and Finja head in first, and sit themselves down at a table. The rest go in one by one to not arouse suspicion, although they may have failed in that task. Eckhardt waits outside to keep an eye on the surroundings.

After a few drinks, midnight strikes and the barkeep announces for everyone to leave.

Borri heads over and wants to have a word with him, while flicking the coin that was thrown to him earlier on, between his fingers. He isn’t particularly good at it and drops the coin, to which the barkeep notices it and picks it up.

“So, you’ll be staying with us for a bit longer then Master Dwarf…”

The barkeep asks for everyone else to leave, but Kall Horst makes his way to the door and shuts it forcibly, locks it and takes the key...

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