Missing In Action…

The party make their way to the Crossed Pikes tavern. Ulrico and Finja head in first, and sit themselves down at a table. The rest go in one by one to not arouse suspicion, although they may have failed in that task. Eckhardt waits outside to keep an eye on the surroundings.

After a few drinks, midnight strikes and the barkeep announces for everyone to leave.

Borri heads over and wants to have a word with him, while flicking the coin that was thrown to him earlier on, between his fingers. He isn’t particularly good at it and drops the coin, to which the barkeep notices it and picks it up.

“So, you’ll be staying with us for a bit longer then Master Dwarf…”

The barkeep asks for everyone else to leave, but Kall Horst makes his way to the door and shuts it forcibly, locks it and takes the key. He gets an odd look from the barkeep who soon cops on that the dwarf is with them.

A secret cellar door is revealed beneath a corner table and the party, with exception to Godfrey and Finja, make their way down.

Crossed Pikes Cellar

There they witness a card game being played, five men are situated round the table. However, a sixth man, is leaning on a table off to the right, currently preening his nails with a dagger. He smiles as the party make their way down and greets them.

Franz Bauman

He introduces himself as Franz Baumann, and Borri wastes no time to question his intention and the location of his father.

Baumann reveals to Borri that his father is dead, having been found by a sewer jack in his employ beneath the streets of Bogenhafen. The body is revealed and Borri see’s Korgan, his father, lying on the ground with a deep wound in his chest. Someone has carved out his heart.

Borri intitially suspects Baumann and goes as far as to say he matches the description of the man seen releasing Korgan – blue eyed young man.

Baumann laughs, saying, “If I had killed Korgan, why would I waste my time inviting you down here? Just cause I am blue-eyed does not mean I’m your man. I invited you down here cause you were seen mingling with this dwarf. Now I know the truth of it, I was hoping you could help me find whoever did this.”

Borri asks why Baumann would care about Korgan and Baumann replies, “I don’t. I care about my town. Korgan here isn’t the first to fall victim to this sort of thing. This has been going on for at least 3 months now. Some never return, others… turn up like poor Korgan here. I was hoping that strangers from outside the town would have better look than I in finding out the cause of these murders.”

Some words of a heated nature are exchanged and Borri is not trustful of Baumann. He gets Baumann to promise him that Korgan will be given a proper burial, before leaving with no clear indication that they would help.

Outside, Eckhardt spots someone spying on him from across the way. He makes his way around the back in an attempt to confront the man, but finds himself wondering where he’d gone. However, turning around he spots the man looking at him, and gives chase. It’s for naught however as the shadowy man quickly escapes, climbing a nearby building.


Liliana is fast asleep, but a sudden crash wakes her up suddenly. She see’s that her window has been broken into, the bars bent back with unnatural strength.

Looking around her room, it is cast in darkness. Yet the moonlight shows some of its secrets…

blue eyes

She spots a deep piercing blue eye staring back at her. Suddenly she hears whispers in the dark, and realizes that the language being spoken is Dark Tongue. She is unable to decipher their meaning, and before she could act, she suddenly started getting sleepy…

Later on, she wakes up. A bag is placed over her head and she hears footsteps approach.

The bag is removed and Liliana finds herself in some dimly lit room. The floor is chilly to her skin and the air is rather damp. She also spies a young woman tied up to a nearby wall, asleep it seems.

She soon looks up at the man responsible for her capture.


Blue eyed with noble features, the young man lets out a dangerous smile as he turns to another individual within the room.

Liliana spies a older man, of considerable girth to his waist and with dark shadowed features under his eyes. The man looks like he has seen better days.


The fat man begins to speak, “You risk too much Gideon. We’ve already got our sacrifice, why do this now when we are so close… I do not intend to grow rich only to get the attention of the Witch Hunters. It will be all for naught.”

The man identified as Gideon replies, “Don’t fret yourself. Nobody will be looking for her… at least not here. After all, the manner in which I conducted my… entrance, will surely have anyone who is after her convinced that it was she who made such a dramatic exit. Besides, she is most worthy of the sacrifice. She has gone through the cleansing ritual, what better sacrifice than that?”

“You still risk too much… And now we have this thief, what of her? You p…-” Gideon cuts him off with a glare, and the man soon backs down, making a hasty exit.

Gideon kneels down in front of Liliana, ever smiling and ever charming.

“My lord will be most pleased with you… After all, I believe you are already acquainted with him.”

He stands back up, and a familiar sight is perched on his shoulder.


Liliana looks on in surprise as Gideon gently rubs the creature fondly. He walks away, laughing to himself…

The party meanwhile make their way back to the stables and manage to get some rest.

The next day they decide on what to do. Kall heads off to a bath house without letting anyone know. Borri/Finja/Ulrico make their way back to the temple to find Liliana, and Eckhardt along with Godfrey help to prepare Belvar for the joust.

Arriving at the Temple of Sigmar, they find the gates closed. They spot that one of the top floor windows has been clearly smashed and its bars bent aside. Finja asks around but nobody seems to know anything. However they spot a beggar currently arguing with a watchman. Soon as the watchman finishes, declaring for the beggar to get lost, Finja makes her way over.

The man is reluctant at first to speak, but Finja gets him talking with a bottle of brandy. However he downs a good portion of the bottle in one go and Finja and Ulrico have to force it away from him.

He starts mumbling uncontrollably about something, and the words, “Flying out of the window,” raises their suspicions that something is wrong. The man soon collapses onto the street from his excessive indulgence.

Finja then overhears a witch hunter shouting in the courtyard. Lector Magnus is having an intense conversation with the witch hunter and hears an argument concerning Liliana.

Convinced that Liliana is in trouble and possibly missing from the temple, they make their way back to the stables to inform everyone.

Eventually Finja convinces everyone that Liliana is not only in trouble, but that they need to help her. They come up with a plan to meet with Baumann again at the Cross Pikes tavern and to see if he knows anything that might be of help.

Kall Horst however is missing in action…

HIs fascination with stealing garments from bathhouses continues as he currently soothes away at a rather fancier establishment than the last one he attended.

His patience pays off as two men in richly attire make their way into the bathhouse and undress, climbing in.


Kall gets dressed. His eager greedy eyes spots the garments in the corner and his lust for good quality fabric takes a hold of him as he begins to formulate a daring plan to rescue the garments from their despicable owners. He goes over to one of the latrines and bravely reaches in for the bucket. Now with a bucket full of feces in hand, he lunges it over a wood-framed fence inside the bathhouse.

He quickly makes his way to a nearby private bath cubicle and listens in on the carnage…

“Wha?!? GJa?!?! What in all that is holy!!!”

Completely outraged and fuming, the two men are in complete shock. One of them fetches a towel and makes his way around to see if the culprit is still at large. He heads out to speak to the two guardsmen outside the bathhouse.

The other man makes his way over and begins a tedious process of cleaning himself up, while cursing under his breath.

Kall, seeing that his moment to liberate the garments from their oppressors, makes his move…

He manages to sneak into the bath area and quickly snatches the garments. He then makes his way out, and gets as far as the doorway when he is spotted by one of the men.

“I heard the commotion. What happened? Where is the thief?” Kall quickly says, but his ruse is seen through by the man who spots the bulging sack that contain the now free liberated garments.

“Thief! Thief!” he starts shouting.

Kall runs out of the front entrance and the two guards move in to block him. He manages to push one of them out of the way, but the other is a much sturdier fellow and he grips Kall by the arm. Kall swings around bringing the guardsman with him and a humorous spectacle of two men going around a circle begins to unfold. The guard is having trouble trying to unsheathe his sword and Kall, using his free hand, dips into his satchel to try and procure a bottle of spirits with the intention of throwing it into the face of the guard. Yet fumbling around he fails to reach it under all those lovely garments of liberated cloth, and seeing that the other guard is now up and drawing his sword, he stops, giving himself up.

“Got you now thief.”

“Don’t know what your talking about. Those two men tried to steal my stuff.”

… “What?” one of the guards ask.

“Yeah they tried to steal my stuff so I was running away.”

“And they covered themselves in shit?”

“I was defending myself…”

The guard searches through all the belongings and finds the garments that he had stolen, “You don’t look like the sort to be wearing these…”

Kall shoots a few more excuses at the guard but the guard has none of it, “Enough. Your heading down to the watch barracks. We’ll make sense of this once we interview all involved.”

The two men are explicitly told to clean up before making their way down to file a report.

Once at the watch barracks, Kall spots Captain Reinhold again.

“We meet again Captain,” he says as Reinhold looks up.

The situation is explained, and Reinhold looks flustered, confused and most definitely annoyed at the illogical reasoning that is given to him by Kall Horst. To make matters worse, an additional witness comes in who had overheard some of the events that unfolded. With the evidence mounting up against Kall Horst, the captain orders him to be put into a cell for the time being. Reinhold made it clear that he wasn’t being charged just yet, until he could interview the remaining two witnesses.

After sometime, Reinhold approaches Horst’s cell along with the watch Sergent.

“Your in for it now pal…” he says.

“You’ve made an enemy of Thadeus Stengel, someone with enough influence in this town to see that you’ll hang for this. Normally it be your hands that I’d be taking, but if Stengel has his way it be more than that. The clothes that you snatched also bear his tailors mark, the evidence is quite clear.”

At this point the Watch Sergeant says, “Captain… if the Magistrate hears about this, he may order for his release. After all, he is in the employ of that Bretonnian, what if the Magistrate doesn’t go ahead with a trial?”

Captain Reinhold opened Horst’s cell, “O, I’m well aware of that. I’ve no intention of letting this reach the Magistrates ears. After all, Stengel has made it quite clear that he does not want knowledge of this reaching the courts.”

They march Kall Horst out the back into the watch courtyard. Only 3 of them are present as Captain Reinhold says, “I hope it was worth it, cause you’ll be losing your head.”

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