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Round Round We Go, Lets Eat Those Rats!

It’s just past 6pm, and time is running short.

Finja, Ulrico and Ernst Steurmann depart Magirius’s residence with great haste. Only just out the gate they bump into Magirius’s servant, Andrea.

Andrea – Andrea

She notices the blood dripping down the marble steps at the front door of the residence, and seeing that the others seem to be leaving in great haste, she quickly realizes something is dreadfully wrong.

Finja explains to her that she is in danger if she stays, and she needs to go now. Andrea proclaims that she had a message for Magirius, to be delivered only to him, of utmost importance.

She explains that Hieronymus Elster, a member of the Inner Council, had grown concerned about Teugen’s plans. He knew where it was taking place and wanted to inform Magirius, so he sought out Andrea...

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Bad Moon Rising…

Liliana is marched back down to her prison. It’s gotten cold and chilly, she notices, and her escort seems to be shivering. She is led to a different cell this time from before. A set of manacles and chains protrude from the wall. She offers token resistance as Gideon’s thug chains her up onto the wall, causing her to dangle just a few inches from the ground.

The guard leaves her. After a few moments of silence, Liliana hears a woman screaming out. She recognizes it as her cell companion from earlier. It sounds like Gideon may wish to play a similar game with her as Liliana can hear her being led through.

Meanwhile, Kall Horst and Eckhardt are galloping away from the watch. It’s a frantic gallop through the town as Kall tries his best to avoid bumping into others...

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Special Post: Who’s Who?

Due to the nature of the past few sessions, there have been quite a few new ‘faces’ of npcs popping up.

So I decided to create a post detailing all the major (and some minor) characters that have been met so far, their role and their current status. All this information has been gathered in-character, and some of the stuff mentioned here will be appearing in an upcoming blog.

magistrate heinzMagistrate Heinz Ricther

With deep piercing blue eyes, a well groomed beard and the look of a distinguished statesman, Magistrate Heinz Richter looks like the sort of gentleman who can be charming and courteous at social gatherings, and fierce and resolute within the courtroom. Magistrate Heinz Richter was met fairly early on, in fact, the first day in Bogenhafen...

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The Necropolis Gazebo…

The Golden Trout…

The Golden Trout

Finja and Ulrico continue to wait for Friedrich Magirius while Kall and Godfrey randomly order from the menu.

Some time passes, and eventually Magirius shows up, making his apologies.

“Now tell me. I must confess, that this meeting had a sense of urgency about it. I presume everything is good, is it not?” Magirius asks.

Finja begins telling Magirius about how she arrived in Bogenhafen, and how she isn’t really a noble from a minor house. She tells him about how her mother was brutally murdered, and that her brother and sister were missing. She goes on to say that she feels that there is a grave threat throughout the Empire, and here in Bogenhafen, and begins to tell him of the Strigany mystic’s vision.

Magirius meets this with much skepticism however, until Finja mention...

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The Double Cross At The Crosspike…

While the rest of the part are up top in the Crosspike tavern, enjoying a free round of drinks on Kall Horst, Finja and Baumann have been down in the cellar for the past hour, having a frank discussion about Ranald. Franz Baumann is no scholar, so what he tells FInja about Ranald is grounded in layman’s terms, but he knows enough about Ranald and his four aspects that Finja learns all she needs regarding Ranald, the patron deity of thieves.

Finja learns that Ranald is often associated with thieves, gamblers and charlatans. Beggar’s also along with the unlucky and downtrodden often worship Ranald as one of Ranald’s aspects, The Protector, is said to protect those from tyranny.

Baumann believes that the Mask of Ranald derives its power from the aspect of Ranald known as The Deceiver.

Once Ba...

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