Special Post: Who’s Who?

Due to the nature of the past few sessions, there have been quite a few new ‘faces’ of npcs popping up.

So I decided to create a post detailing all the major (and some minor) characters that have been met so far, their role and their current status. All this information has been gathered in-character, and some of the stuff mentioned here will be appearing in an upcoming blog.

magistrate heinzMagistrate Heinz Ricther

With deep piercing blue eyes, a well groomed beard and the look of a distinguished statesman, Magistrate Heinz Richter looks like the sort of gentleman who can be charming and courteous at social gatherings, and fierce and resolute within the courtroom. Magistrate Heinz Richter was met fairly early on, in fact, the first day in Bogenhafen. He serves the towns justice, and had dealings with Godfrey de Montfort, Kall Horst, and Borri. He is first introduced when Borri discovers his father is in the stockades, and Borri sought him out at the Magistrates tent to find out the reason for this. He is next seen having dealings with Godfrey, after the incident concerning his arrest. Magistrate Heinz Richter seemed like a fair and just man, and one who understands politics… he felt that the very notion of a Bretonnian poisoning his own horse on mere circumstantial evidence was highly unlikely and decided not to prosecute. No further dealings has been made with him, and his status is unknown, but it is safe to assume that he has his hands full due to ‘recent events’…

Kalls UncleErnst Steurmann, former Outrider, now Barge Captain.

Ernst Steurmann is the uncle of Kall Horst, and the barge captain of the Berebelli. A stern looking fellow with a deep natural frown and narrow eyes. He has a few grey strands in his hair which show that he may be maturing into his forties or late forties. Despite this, he has kept himself well and physically fit, although recent events has him drinking more than usual. He is first met in Altdorf when the party arrive late at night. He introduces them to Liliana and says that he has business down in Bogenhafen with the Ruggbroder family. The party arrive in Bogenhafen on his barge, and he hasn’t been seen since, although has recently made an appearance after running into Ulrico. Ulrico has told him what has happened, filling him in on everything that has happened over the past 3 days. Ernst has rather inadvertently thrown himself into the mess when he assists Finja in a matter concerning Magirius.

Strigany Old Woman Yena

Yena is the mother of Lothar, a strigany woman. Not much is known of her, even Finja knows very little as Lothar rarely spoke of his mother. She appears to be ancient in her years, her skin cracked from the endless beating of the sun, and her eyes are white as milk, a sign of severe blindness. She is first introduced on the 2nd day in Bogenhafen, after Yena’s granddaughter runs into Finja. Finja goes to meet Yena, and the events of that is told in a previous blog entry. Suffice to say, Yena was sucked into the realm of chaos, leaving a chilled and shaken Finja to try and cope with what just happened. Yet her sacrifice was not in vain… Yena was a strigany mystic, and had passed some vital clues onto Finja that Finja was able to interpret, and ultimately, lead her to the mask of ranald. Status: Presumed Dead

Franz Bauman – Franz Baumann

Franz Baumann is a man who likes to smile. And when he’s not smiling, then you should be worrying…  He is somewhat of a cold charmer. His words are often mixed with warmth, followed up by subtle threats. He looks to be in his late thirties, perhaps entering his early forties. The man has got charcoal hair and he retains his rather young complexion as he’s entering a mature age. He is first introduced shortly after the incident concerning Godfrey’s horse. He had news regarding Borri’s father, Korgan Rognisson. When the party meet him, they learn that Borri’s father had perished, his heart removed from his chest, and the body dumped into the sewers. Baumann had learned that Borri was indeed the son of Korgan, and that a ‘young, handsome well dressed man’ had paid for Korgan’s release. Clearly for sinister means. It is later revealed that Baumann seeks their aid in finding out whats going on within the town concerning the ongoing disappearances and murders taking place, and he hopes to use the party to aid him in this to a mutual benefit. His sister, Brinda Baumann, is also missing, and this is his main motivation, holding on thin hope that she may be alive. Baumann is also the owner of the mask of ranald, and has ‘loaned’ it out to Finja so that she may use it. Not that he has much of a choice, as the mask only works for her…
Nobleman_TownsmanThadeus Stengel

Very little is known about Thadeus Stengel. He one of two noblemen who Kall Horst poured a bucket of feces over. Unfortunately for Kall, Herr Stengel happens to be the 3rd cousin of Wilhem von Sapnotheim, the Graf of Bogenhafen. The man has powerful friends, and so far he has made life very difficult for Kall Horst, and may continue to do so. However, lucky for Kall, Stengel is a man of great pride. So much so that he spent a lot of coin for the incident at the baths to be hushed up. I mean, who wants to hear that you got covered in feces? As a result of this, the incident never went to the courts, although he nearly lost his head regardless.

HBO's  – Gotrin Reinhold

A rather small man in stature and plump around the waist, and a bald shiny top. Reinhold is first introduced when Godfrey’s horse gets poisoned. He has it in for the Bretonnian and would want nothing more than to put him behind bars, and have him swinging by the end of the rope come tomorrow. However, Magistrate Heinz Richter interferred, and Reinhold didn’t get his way. He’s next seen when Kall Horst is arrested for his attempt to liberate some garments from a pair of nobles. Not a hanging offense. A hand at least. But pouring shit onto nobles is certainly enough for a hanging. Reinhold was apparently paid by Thadeus Stengel to ensure that Mr Horst didn’t meet the Magistrate or for it to go through the courts. However, he didn’t get his way, and Kall Horst escaped. He was demoted from Captain, and he soon went underground shortly after a summons was issued for him. He hasn’t been seen since, but no doubt he has it in for Mr Horst.

ePicGenerator2015_6_14_13_6_32 – Kristoff Kohl

Kristoff Kohl is a bit of an enigma. Originally one of Baumann’s men who had been fast tracked to Captain of the Watch courtesy of Kall Horst’s actions creating a domino effect, which benefited Baumann, or at least so he thought. Baumann later learns that the new Captain of the Watch is on the payroll of Thadeus Stengel, and was responsible for arranging the fight at the Crosspike. Baumann’s interrogation of one of the survivors had revealed that Kohl was quickly offered a handsome sum to turn against Baumann, kill his men and to take care of Horst and his companions. He nearly got the job done too, but luck was on the party’s side that day during the fight, and they managed to survive, but not without some severe injuries. His whereabouts place him somewhere in town, and he was last seen at the Teugen residence, interviewing the survivors.

Lady Isolde – Lady Isolde von Strudeldorf

A relatively minor character. The somewhat beautiful Lady Strudeldorf is introduced during Godfrey’s win at the jousting. She was the ‘fair lady of Bogenhafen’ and had rather reluctantly given a fair kiss to Godfrey. She was last seen walking off with Edgar Muntz, the defeated opponent of Godfrey de Montfot.

Edgar von Muntz2– Edgar von Muntz

Sir Edgar von Muntz is a renowned knight. He has no love for Godfrey, especially suffering a humiliating defeat at the jousting. He attempted to start a duel with Godfrey, but Lady Isolde had stepped in. Whether or not it was Godfrey’s benefit, no one knows. Although it seemed Isolde was more concerned with keeping the peace rather than a public display of blood being spilled.

Lector of Bogenhafen – Lector Magnus

Not much is known about the Lector of Bogenhafen. The sigmarite priest is first introduced when Liliana heads to the Sigmar temple and attempts to seek refuge, only to end up as a prisoner. She eventually convinces him that she is pure of heart and soul, and he releases her. HIs current status is unknown, but the Lector was last seen arguing with a very irate witch hunter.

Witchhunter– Fabagus Grey

Very little is known about Fabagus Grey. He is reportable an infamous witch hunter, possibly a witch hunter captain, and is known throughout the province as a hard unforgiving man. He is last seen in Weissbruck, burning a witch, and he is last heard about at the Crosspike when Ulrico reads a piece of parchment detailing the latest gossip and news. Apparently the incident at the Sigmar temple has alerted his attention and he is on his way to Bogenhafen, his estimated arrival is not known.

Gideon– Gideon

Despite some recent revelations concerning Gideon’s motives, very little is still known about the man. He is apparently a distant cousin of Teugen, but according to Magirius, this is a lie, since Magirius knows the Teugen lineage quite well. He is first introduced at the time of Liliana’s kidnapping, and has been making a regular appearance since then, either disrupting the parties attempts in their rescue of her, or tormenting poor Liliana. He is a peculiar sort, and hints have suggested that there is something very sinister about him. He would be regarded as handsome, and dresses in fine clothes that sets him above the rest when compared to the rest of the Merchants he is associated with, giving him somewhat noble features. His motives are still unclear, but a recent discovery has led some to believe that he may be binded in some way to Johann Teugen, and that his role in the upcoming ritual sacrifice may be a greater one than others are led to believe. One thing is certain; he is dangerous…

johann_teugen– Johann Teugen

Johann Teugen is the elder brother of Karl Teugen. The man inherited the Teugen business and became the head of the family after the mysterious disappearance of Karl Teugen. He is a short fat man with a bushy protruding beard and unattractive features, along with a walrus nose. He looks like he’s seen better days, as his eyes are often shadowed, giving him a perpetual fatigue look. The man’s appearance seems to correspond with his sinister motives. He is looking to free himself from Gideon’s grasp, as his diary hinted. He has fooled the other members of the Ordo Septenarious in believing that they will become rich at the culmination of the ritual. However, Gideon plans on feasting upon their souls, whatever that means… and that Teugen will be free from this ‘binding contract’. The man was last seen being escorted by the watch to somewhere safe, although where he is now, no one knows.

Merchant Guild Leader – Friedrich Magirius, Head of the Merchants Guild

Possibly in his early sixties, the grey haired and somewhat plump Magirius is the towns Merchants Guild leader, responsible for acting as the liaison between the guilds and the towns businesses. He is a wealthy and powerful man in his own right, but compared to the Teugen and the Steinhager houses who control the real wealth, he has little influence when it comes to dealing with them. The man comes across as a caring soul for the unfortunate, and is quick to take Finja in when she faints in front of him. He is desperate to find out about Teugen’s plans who he has long suspected to be behind the disappearance of his good friend, Karl Teugen. He aids Finja and the others in trying to deduce the reasoning of Teugen’s plans. Unfortunately, it seems that Gideon has put a stop to Magirius’s meddling affairs…

franz_steinhager– Franz Steinhager

Compared to Teugen, Steinhager is a man late in his prime and quite healthy by appearances. At 6,2, broad shoulders and while heavyset, he is not overly obese. A powerful influential man within Bogenhafen, possibly considered Teugen’s equal in power. Not much has been gathered on the man as he has only recently made an appearance at the offices of Teugen and at the Inner Council Meeting. He has close ties with Teugen, more so than any other member of the Inner Council. Whether or not he is aware of Gideon’s motives is another thing.

Silhouette-question-mark– Karl Teugen

Karl Teugen is the brother of Johann Teugen who disappeared two years ago, and has not been seen since. Teugen’s diary hints that he may still be alive, as Johann could not bring himself to kill his own brother, but that Gideon had no qualms in ‘removing’ him from the equation. Whether or not he is still alive remains to be seen.

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