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Special: Dungeon Crawl – Mysteries of the Mind

Dungeon Level 1

Because a couple of the party were unable to attend what would no doubt be a climatic ‘scene’ in the regular campaign, I decided to go ahead and do a short one-shot Dungeon Crawl, that ended up spanning 4/5 sessions. It’s finished now, and here’s the tale of woe concerning a party of six…


North (Frederick Robenheim) – Faceless / Played by Darren

Nero Aristides – Knight of the Blazing Sun / Played by Adriel

Ruben van Beek – Journeyman Wizard / Played by Kieran (Zenith Bane)

Dagmar Schonefeld – Explorer / Played by Ellspeth

Napoleon Zara – Warlock / Played by MrDead

Odilia – Champion / Played by Nina

Our tale of woe begins…

His eyes open… gazing around his immediate surroundings, the strange gaunt looking man dressed in rags stands up...

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