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The Written Word – Tafwick Bramwood

The following excerpt is a heavily biased retelling of the fateful events that took place at the Signal Tower that night, from the halfling Tafwick Bramwood. You have been warned. (With some bits from the GM adding in missing parts)

…. So we all moved to the stairs, as quickly as possible. I had an arrow cocked, Durgin was planted at the front and Eckhardt was doing his best to direct us but the rest of us were panicking – this was a Necrach. Some kind of damned Vampire Lord. I had no idea what that meant, nor any inclination what a Necrach was. But our last encounter proved to me it looked like bad news. Serious bad news.

I was on my way to get the one thing we had which could ensure it wouldn’t be seeing the surface again, a barrel of finest dwarven gunpowder...

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Two New Posts Coming Up Soon!

Last Tuesday we had our WFRP game. It proved to be an exciting and deadly affair when a the Necrach decided to show itself at last… but not just that, an old friend appears. The post for the main campaign will go up in a couple of days as its being guest written by Darren and will be written from the perspective of Tafwick.

Another post will soon follow – The mini-Marienburg slash Cathay slash Quantum Leap game is continuing on in a very bizarre fashion, directly contrasting the main campaign. Liliana, and her trusted butler Wilfred who had served her father for many years, find themselves trapped in an orb. At first, they thought they were teleported to Cathay as a result of her father wishing it. Then they discovered they were not teleported, and Liliana suspected they went back in time...

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Welcome To The New Blog!

The new site is up, and barring any technical hiccups, all future WFRP blogs from Periloustales will be posted here.

For convenience sake, a link containing the old blog site will be posted above each future blog.

Note* The categories are still messed up at the moment due to importing over all the blogs.

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Cathay..Dark..Bogenha..Screw it! Liliana & Wilfred Episode 2!

What do you do when you land out of the sky in a foreign land in a big mansion surrounded by peculiar foreigners who are steadily approaching you with spears drawn?

You get down on your motherfucken knees and pray they don’t stick you with the pointy end. That’s what Liliana and Wilfred, her trusted companion and butler did. Well actually, running is also a viable option but when you got a near 20 stone butler and a one-armed frail girl, your not going to get very far…


After stepping out of their now shattered house, and praying they didn’t land on someone, they are approached by a dozen spear-wielding foreigners dressed in fancy regalia and strange armour of a design that they’ve never seen before. They approach, spears lowered and only a few inches away from them.

Liliana shouts out in ...

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Marienburg: Ep1 – We Are Not In Kansas Anymore

The story of Liliana de Karling-Satou continues as she makes her way back to her home; Marienburg.

It’s a 3 month journey on the river to Marienburg. Liliana is on the Berebelli, along with her brother, Johann and Kall’s uncle, Ernst Steurmann.

It’s a rather uneventful journey, but along the way Ernst and Liliana share a few moments to talk. Ernst is concerned about Liliana and how she seems to have ‘changed’ in an unusual way, such as her pale complexion and the cold that now emanates from her. Ernst has no idea that Liliana now possesses ice magic, although he certainly has had suspicions ever since the Maria-borger back on the river reik when Liliana tried to tangle with that vampire, and lost an arm for her efforts.

Ernst is on deck, relaxing and chilling out with a cup of reiklander w...

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