Two New Posts Coming Up Soon!

Last Tuesday we had our WFRP game. It proved to be an exciting and deadly affair when a the Necrach decided to show itself at last… but not just that, an old friend appears. The post for the main campaign will go up in a couple of days as its being guest written by Darren and will be written from the perspective of Tafwick.

Another post will soon follow – The mini-Marienburg slash Cathay slash Quantum Leap game is continuing on in a very bizarre fashion, directly contrasting the main campaign. Liliana, and her trusted butler Wilfred who had served her father for many years, find themselves trapped in an orb. At first, they thought they were teleported to Cathay as a result of her father wishing it. Then they discovered they were not teleported, and Liliana suspected they went back in time. Yet that proved false also when they discovered they were in fact reliving out the memories of her now dead father, and that of her own memories and the memories of others who have found themselves ensnared in this orb.

In episode 3, they discover more information on the purpose of this orb and its origins. Yet they also find out the means to which to escape.

Both posts should be up soon!

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