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What Is Dead May Never Die…

The party make their way onwards down river towards Kemperbad. It will be at least 22-24 day journey on the river.

Before they departed the signal tower, the party had opted to burn the corpse of the foul Necrach, turning it into blackened ash, and then carefully putting that ash in a chest. For some bizarre reason, the party decided to bring the ashes onto the barge. Perhaps their plan was to give the ashes to a temple of Morr in Kemperbad. Not a bad idea, if it wasn’t so far away.

Unfortunately, vampires are not so easy to kill. The weaker bloodlines can be sufficiently killed with a stake of hawthorn wood, ash or rosewood, driven into their blackened hearts. Even then, that isn’t enough...

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NPC Spotlight: Ernst Steurmann

So I decided to do a special post going diving into the background of an npc that has been around since the first session, Ernst Steurmann. Ernst has been a prominent npc that has aided the party on more than one occasion since the very start of the campaign. He was there to provide them passage to Bogenhafen, and although largely absent during the events of Bogenhafen, he was able to help them escape the town after things started to heat up for the party. He was directly responsible for getting the party involved in the Graf’s business, which didn’t turn out so well… And he proved quite valuable in lending them further aid with introducing them to the Palisades. Whether or not this is an actual blessing, remains to be seen.

He has also been a companion to Liliana de Karling-Satou, who he ...

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Lil & Wilfred Episode 5: The Bird Woman

The revelations from the previous episode is quite clear; Johann is gone. Johann is dead.

Johann had changed his life, and that of others, when he got sucked into the Orb of Change, or the Orb of Transcendence as Torendil called it. Unknown to him, until Liliana had told him, was that any changes he makes causes a change in reality, but only if he were to leave the orb. And leave it he did, only to never exist up until that fateful encounter with the bandits on the road as he made his way to Altdorf to find his sister, only to miss his chance and ended up heading south to Bogenhafen.

Johann had met the party at Graunberg, originally. There he traveled with them for a time until they got to Altdorf, where he prayed for his sisters recovery and became a follower of Shallya.

That never happen...

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Lil & Wilfred Episode 4: The Sacrifice

Liliana and Wilfred find themselves back in Marienburg.

Stepping into the Fisherman’s tavern, they immediately look around to see if Torendil is also here. Indeed, he is. Liliana spots him leaning over the counter in a rather depressed state.

She heads over to him and drags him outside. He doesn’t resist as he’s pulled into the alleyway with Wilfred in toe.

He’s called all manner of things by Liliana, being a ‘bitch’ is possibly more prominent than anything else, possibly mentioned 32 times in total.  Wilfred does not approve.

However, Wilfred soon loses his cool altogether trying to get the elf to man-up, and threatens him.

“Look!” he shouts as he pushes him against a wall, “I have had enough! All I ever wanted to do was serve my master loyally! And now I find myself trapped reliving a n...

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Lil & Wilfred Episode 3: Knock Knock. Madness Is Here! Hello Insanity!

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When we last left our teleporting, time traveling, imprisoned party, they were stepping through another portal, hoping to find Torendil, the High Elf that Emmerich Karling had betrayed.

They did not find Torendil, but found themselves upon a strange floating island…

The Other Realm

As they take this new scenery in, they hear what can only be described as a thousand thunders all setting off at the same time. They look up into the sky, and see that the clouds are moving extremely fast, racing across the sky. With it, comes a fearsome sight...

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