Lil & Wilfred Episode 5: The Bird Woman

The revelations from the previous episode is quite clear; Johann is gone. Johann is dead.

Johann had changed his life, and that of others, when he got sucked into the Orb of Change, or the Orb of Transcendence as Torendil called it. Unknown to him, until Liliana had told him, was that any changes he makes causes a change in reality, but only if he were to leave the orb. And leave it he did, only to never exist up until that fateful encounter with the bandits on the road as he made his way to Altdorf to find his sister, only to miss his chance and ended up heading south to Bogenhafen.

Johann had met the party at Graunberg, originally. There he traveled with them for a time until they got to Altdorf, where he prayed for his sisters recovery and became a follower of Shallya.

That never happened. All that has been erased.

Johann never met the party. Johann never prayed for Liliana. Johann gave his life to save his crew mates in an ambush that happened well before he had ever met up with the party. GM- *This was written in Johann’s background at his conception as a PC. Funny how it would have a prominent part in the story.*

The party in the main campaign will not remember Johann, they will have no recollection of him. Yet Johann’s innocent decision to interfere and change the outcome of that memory haunts his sister, Liliana, who now has to live without the kind and somewhat reassuring influence of her younger step-brother. Yet unbeknownst to her, Johann’s decision to save his crew at the cost of his own life will play a bigger role in things to come, and has set Liliana on a dark path to damnation and ruin…


Wilfred leaves Liliana to rest up, leaving the estate to head out for Marienburg, taking the carriage. Liliana is distraught. She practically destroys her fathers room, leaving it in a mess of torn sheets covered in frost, and helps herself to her father’s half-stocked wine cellar.

Wilfred arrives in Marienburg and makes arranges to get a wooden arm for her crafted and made at a local carpenters shop. After that, he takes a deep breath and heads to Treasureholm destrict, where the family officers are. He plans to find Heinz, Liliana’s step-brother, and Johann’s eldest brother. Heinz has been busy looking after the family estate with her father being confined to ill, and Wilfred plans to break the news to him that Emmerich is missing.

Wilfred arrives at the office and is shown in by one of Heinz hired muscle standing outside. Wilfred see’s Emmerich’s son situated behind a desk, quill in hand.

Lils Big Brother – Heinz de Karling

“Wilfred, this is unexpected. What does my father want now? More coin perhaps?”

“No, sir, I came here to tell you that your father is missing, sir.”

Heinz frowns, “Missing?”

“Yes sir…”

“Tell me Wilfred, how does an elderly man confined to bed, who can barely walk, go… missing?”

Wilfred replies, “I do not know sir, just that he’s missing. He ordered me to retire for the evening and then, the next morning he was gone.”

“Did he take the carriage?”

“No sir.”

“So… let me get this straight. My father, my father… whose legs are buckling under his weight, who can barely stand, vanished from the estate? He didn’t take the carriage, which means he’s on foot? And the estate lies on the outskirts of Marienburg, 2 hours on foot. Wilfred?”

“I cannot explain it sir.”

Wilfred proceeds to tell Heinz about Torendil, but leaves out any mention of the orb or the recent strange activities involving it.

“Torendil you say? I know of him. I was under the assumption my father was looking for some cure, or something to that effect. Do you think Torendil had a hand in my fathers disappearance? Perhaps my mothers as well?”

Wilfred nods. Heinz and Johann’s mother had also been missing for sometime. Wilfred suspects that she was imprisoned in the orb, possibly for knowing too much or getting wind of Emmerich’s plans. Emmerich never had much love for his second wife. That was always reserved for his Cathayian beauty.

“Then I will have to speak to this Torendil. So, Wilfred. Now that you are here. How’s my sister? Is it true?”

“Is what true sir?”

“That she lost her arm.”

“Indeed sir.”

“Pity. What is she up to Wilfred?”

Heinz probes for information, trying to gauge as to Liliana’s motives. Wilfred however remains tight lip, and in truth, he does not know what Liliana plans to do now.

“Well, tell my sister I will wish. Your excused.”

Wilfred heads out, and prepares to head back to the estate after he collects the wooden arm he had requested to be made.


Arriving at the estate, Wilfred encounters a very drunk and somewhat merry Liliana who indulged into her father’s wine far too much. Wilfred makes a somewhat foul cocktail as a hang over cure, and gives it to her. It’s effect is slow but still effective as she starts to regain some clarity.

Wilfred proceeds to help her up when he hears a horse and carriage pull up outside the manor. Curious, he waits for whoever it is to approach and knock. Whoever it is, knocks fiercely upon the door. Wilfred leaves Liliana to sober up in the guest room and goes to answer the door. He’s surprised when he see’s Heinz.



“I had decided to make my visit earlier than expected,” Heinz brushes past him.

“What is that foul singing?”

“That is your sister sir. I’m afraid the recent disappearance of your father, and the death of your brother, has taken its toll on her.”

“Yes, we all feel for Johann. I would like to see my fathers room.”

Wilfred leads Heinz upstairs and shows him into the master bedroom, or rather, the other way round as Heinz takes the charge and leaves Wilfred trailing behind.

He saunters into the room, looking and prowling for anything unusual.

The room is a mess. The Cathayian painting that hung on the wall is torn and shredded. Bits of glass cover the ground, and the room is cold, chilly, unnaturally so.

Heinz goes to open the window, and raises an eyebrow to Wilfred, “What happened here…”

Wilfred of course was not witnessed to Liliana shredding her fathers’ room, so his denial is honest. Heinz begins to inspect the room when he comes across Emmerich’s journal, detailing his recent affairs. He peruses through it until he finds a part that peaks his interest.

Heinz reads a segment concerning an orb that his father mentions, but Wilfred denies he knows anything about it. Heinz says he wishes to see the cellar. Apparently it was mentioned in the journal…

Wilfred leaves Heinz to his own devices as he makes his way down and sees to Liliana. He helps her up to the bathroom to clean her up.

“Is my brother here? What’s he want?” asks Liliana.

“He’s snooping around ma’am. I think he’s suspicious. We can’t hide the truth from him forever. He will find out.”

“Wilfred, you know how when I used the orb for the first time along with my father? Well… I adopted some of his memories. I can still feel them inside my head. Some of them are not clear but, one of them is. I remember my father’s last council meeting before he was forced to leave it. Bits of it at least. Heinz has been up to no good. It seems he has pissed off our rivals, the Oskenhafen family. Broke into their warehouse, stole their products and then sold them at a mark-up. He’s going to drive this family into ruin if I don’t stop him. Bring me to him. I wish to have a chat with him.”

Wilfred aids Liliana to the kitchen where the trapdoor to the cellar lies. They see Heinz making his way up out of the basement. Wilfred helps Liliana into a chair, and then leaves them to converse in private.



“You have changed.”

“And from what I hear, you haven’t…”

Liliana confesses that she knows about his trouble with the Oskenhafen affair.

“Do you now? You are not even in Marienburg for more than a couple of days and already you have an ear to the ground. You were always full of surprises. I wouldn’t worry yourself about that. I’ve got it well in hand.”

“Do you now brother? Perhaps together we can help one another out.” Liliana approaches him and puts a hand on his shoulder, but he brushes it away.

“I do not need your help sister. What is it that your after? Why come back now?”

Liliana tells him that she’s not after anything, that she only wants to do right by the family. Heinz however touches a sore spot saying, “Like you did right by Johann? Johann who left Marienburg to fetch his sister at the behest of our father? Johann who now lies in the ground, because of you, sister. Why didn’t you stay with the Sisters of Sigmar? If you had, my brother would still be alive, and we would all be happier for it.”

Liliana digs her nails into her palm, knowing that hurt. Heinz continues, “But your back now. I had known you were making your return for sometime, so… I thought I’d arrange a gift for you upon your arrival.”

Liliana loses the color in her face, “You wouldn’t! I fled because of him! I’ll not return to Bretonnia!”

“Whoever said about returning to Bretonnia? I had brought Bretonnia to you…” Heinz smirks and makes his way past Liliana.

Yet Heinz is caught unaware as Liliana touches him on the back, uttering a word under her breath, casting a spell of shock on him. She casts it successfully as an electrical magical current surges through his body, freezing him in place.

“Wilfred!” Liliana shouts.

Wilfred comes in, completely bemused at the sight.

“Help me get my brother down into the cellar! Tie him up! Get some rope!”

“But… ma’am, what’s going on!”

“He’s trying to sell me to that Bretonnian I was engaged to. I can’t go back! He’ll crucify me!”

Wilfred reluctantly goes to find some rope, still in shock at this turn of events.

They tie Heinz up and lead him down into the cellar, gagging him. Heinz is squirming as Liliana and Wilfred discuss what to do now.

“We might need to get out of the city ma’am. Your brother won’t be so forgiving.”

Liliana concurs. She looks around the cellar. She had swore that this was the area in which the renovation was taking place. Or rather, the digging into the elven ruins beneath Marienburg where Torendil found the orb. Yet there is no sign of such work taking place. She suspects its hidden by magic, but does not have the time to discover its entrance.

A knock, ever faint, is heard on the front door of the manor.

“Wilfred! That might be them… you distract them, I’ll leave through the back-way. We’ll meet up later, ok?”

Wilfred nods and heads upstairs, leaving Liliana alone with Heinz.

Yet Wilfred is unaware that Liliana has a darker motive in mind…

She uses all her strength and ice magic to freeze Heinz, chilling him to the spot, casting him into pure ice. She feels drained and weak after it.

Then, she does the unthinkable. With as much force as she can muster she kicks the frozen Heinz, shattering him into a dozen tiny pieces.


Upstairs, Wilfred is at the front entrance and is greeted by a man dressed in Bretonnian fashion attire.

Morty Moussan

“Yes?” Wilfred asks.

“I am Morty Moussan, where is my beloved!”

Wilfred tries to stall him, but the Bretonnian brushes past him.

“Outta my way peasant! Where is she! Where is Heinz! He promised me her!”

The man is arrogant and full of himself as he doesn’t pay Wilfred any attention as she searches the place. He then makes his way to the cellar, and see’s the trap door open. Wilfred, not wanting to get caught into an awkward situation, makes his leave. Morty doesn’t even notice as the butler rushes out the back way and makes a run for it.

After a few minutes Wilfred spots Liliana, and catches up to her.

They discuss what to do now as they make the long walk back to Marienburg, making sure to keep off the road and stay within the tree line.

Liliana hides the truth about Heinz from Wilfred, and he still thinks Heinz is tied up in the cellar beneath the estate.

“We should go and have a look in the family office before we leave Marienburg.”

“Where will we go miss?”

“Kislev…” replies Liliana, remembering what Gertrude told her about the ice witches of Kislev, and how they might be able to help her harness her power.

It’s more than a 2 hour journey back to Marienburg. When they get back they are tired and weary, and they seek a room at one of the inns.

It is the following day. Wilfred was up earlier and had made arrangements at a barber-surgeons for Liliana to receive a cut, and to have her hair dyed black so that she wouldn’t be as recognisable, fearing the Bretonnian might seek her out.

They head to the surgeons and Wilfred pays whats left out of his ever dwindling last pay he received from Emmerich.

The cut and trim is cheap enough, but dye is not so cheap, and it costs him 5 crowns to have Liliana’s hair dyed black. As she sits and is attended to by the surgeon, Liliana notices something odd in the mirror facing her. Behind her sitting down on the bench, is a shadow of a man. A voice comes out of it, that of her brother, Heinz.

“So you thought you could kill me sister? You thought it would be that easy?” *GM – It is in fact not her brother, but rather Liliana had picked up enough insanity points to incur a random insanity. Fittingly enough, the insanity that she got was that of a shadow following her. This shadow happens to be the manifestation of her guilty conscious playing on her mind as a result of her cold brutal murder of her brother, Heinz.*

Liliana clenches her fists and digs into the chair as it continues to speak.

“Are you happy dear sister? Is that what you came back to do? To kill off your family, so that you would be the only remaining Satou left? Was it revenge? You just couldn’t stay away could you. You got our brother killed. You got our father killed. You murdered me. You should have stayed in that wretched city of Mordheim. A monster like you belongs there.”

Liliana does her best to block it out as the shadow begins to fade.

Her cut and dye is finished, and now she looks like a scruffy black haired peasant. They take their leave from the shop.

“What now ma’am?”

“Now we head to my brothers offices. I want to see what Heinz has been up to.”

“What happens if your brother shows up?”

“We’ll be careful. I need to know Wilfred. I need to know.”

The shadow whispers into her ear, “Why don’t you tell him sister? Why don’t you tell him how you murdered me. How you shattered me into a thousand pieces. Why don’t you tell him? What are you afraid of? That he might see what you have become? How far you have fallen?”

Liliana loses her cool, “Shut up Heinz!”

Wilfred looks around and then asks whats wrong, but Liliana waves it away as stress. Wilfred concurs.

They head to the family office which lies in a shared building occupied by a residence and other offices belonging to several merchant families.

They scout the place first, and when it looks quiet, Liliana goes in alone. She still has the key to Heinz office, which she snatched from his body before she froze him. Wilfred is left outside to keep sketch.

Liliana heads up and opens the door with the key, no sign of anyone nor of any of Heinz’s usual muscle.

The office is rather bare, and unremarkable. A simple oak desk with several parchments lie atop of it. A large safe however takes Liliana’s interest, which is situated in the corner of the office.


Liliana tries the safe briefly, using her brothers birthday, thinking Heinz to be a simple dim man. Yet it seems it isn’t the combination. *GM – Although never revealed, the combination is that of his mothers birthday, Emmerich’s second wife.*

Unable to open the safe, she resorts to looting through the desk. She finds a lodge book detailing the family’s recent business affairs and also a very small tiny locked chest, which she takes.

She makes her way out of the office, but stops short of leaving the building when she hears a conversation taking place between Wilfred and some woman.

While waiting outside, Wilfred had stopped a heavily pregnant woman from entering the building. The two knew each other, and had not realized until they had conversed.

“Wilfred is it not?”

“Ah, yes. I remember you. Heinz brought you to the manor briefly.”

The young woman smiles, “Yes, I’m his wife-to-be. It has been a long time since I’ve seen you. How is Emmerich?”

Wilfred avoids the question as best as he could, “Err, he’s not doing great miss.”

“That is terrible to hear. You have my sympathies. Are you here to see Heinz?”

“Heinz stepped out for a bit. I’m afraid there’s a bit of a problem. You see, the building is infested with rats. There’s a rat catcher right now inside dealing with the problem. It might be best if you refrain from going in.”

The story sells and Wilfred manages to dissuade her from heading up to the office.

“Horrid creatures. Well, I’ll not be sticking around to catch a glimpse of that rat catcher. Perhaps we should meet up again soon. I’ll suggest to Heinz we should make arrangements for dinner. It has been so long… and he could use a distraction. He has not been taking the death of his brother Johann well.”

“That would be good miss. I think I would like that.”

“You should tell Emmerich this, it might please him to know that we suspect its a boy,” she says, rubbing her belly gently, “if so, we’ll name him Johann…”

“I think he would appreciate that, miss.”

They bid their farewell, and once out of sight, Liliana who had been listening, steps out.

Trying to fight back emotion, she says, “We should head to the docks, see if we can arrange transport.”

They make their way to the docks.

Liliana and Wilfred meet up with Knives who is tending to her boat, The Silk Runner. They get her attention and it takes a few moments for Knives to realize that its Liliana.

“Liliana?” asks Knives.

“Yanna,” replies Liliana.

“No, its Liliana…”

She sighs, “Yes, but I think it be best if you refer to me as Yanna. We need transport. It looks like however you picked up a commission.”

Knives looks at her suspiciously, “What are you running from?”

“My fiance…”

Liliana is up front about it, and tells Knives that Heinz was planning to sell her off to the Bretonnian, although she leaves out the part where she subdued him, and of course, no mention of murdering him.

Knives however has an interesting tale to tell. She tells Liliana that she is in the employ of Heinz, now that Johann is gone. That Heinz had commissioned them to go to Bretonnia with her in tow along with her fiance. Liliana is taken back by this.

“He only wants the best for you, your brother wouldn’t see you come to any harm. I’ve heard him tell that Bretonnian that if he should harm you in any way he’ll have to answer to Heinz.”

“Can you excuse us for a moment?” Wilfred asks Knives.

Wilfred speaks to Liliana out of earshot of Knives, “Ma’am, maybe we got off the wrong foot here with Heinz. Maybe we should discuss this with him, and perhaps sort something out?”

A voice, a shadow, whispers into her ear, “Yes sister. Lets discuss it. Lets discuss how you murdered me in cold blood. How long do you think you can keep your secret?”

“There’s nothing to discuss. Something is not right here. Something smells. Heinz was trying to sell me off, its that simple.”

Knives comes back, and Liliana asks her if she’s willing to take them to Kislev.

“Afraid not. I’d be betraying your brother.”

“Do you know of anyone who might help us?”

“What about that fellow you came in with? Ernst? I met him last night at the Seething Mermaid, he’s in-between jobs at the moment, he might help you.”

She thanks Knives and makes her way to the Seething Mermaid.

Knives – Knives


Once at the Seething Mermaid, Liliana spots Ernst in a corner, having a chat with an old man who looks like he might’ve been a sailor in his past days. She orders a round of Reiklander wine, knowing that its Ernst’s favorite, and heads over, plopping the Stein down onto the table abruptly, startling him.

“What do ya think your doin… O.”

Ernst looks at her, bemused. He then excuses the old man from the table.

“Liliana? You look… different.”

Wilfred sits down beside her.

The conversation is snappy and quick. “Let me guess. Dyed hair. New clothes. And your looking for transport. Who did you piss off this time?”

Liliana leaves out most of the details, except that of her brother attempting to sell her off to the Bretonnian that she was promised too in her younger years.

“Looking at you now, I know only Stromfel awaits for me on the open sea, and I’m not all that keen on storms. But… I’ll do this. Cause boredom has never suited me.”

Ernst agrees to help her get to Kislev. Originally Wilfred had suggested they travel to Nordland, and make the rest of the way via road. However, Ernst says that he can get them closer, by going to Erengard, a huge Kislevian port city.

Ernst says he will need at least a day to prepare, and will be ready by the afternoon. Before they depart, Liliana hands him a small chest, the chest that she found in Heinz’s office. She lies to Ernst saying her father gave it to her, and Liliana gives it to Ernst as a gift, not knowing or seemingly caring what it might contain.

It’s a fairly simple lock and one that, if Liliana had even bothered to look at it, she or Wilfred could have opened it. It’s no trouble for Ernst as he pricks it open with a small thin dagger. He opens it up and finds a parchment. After reading it, he hands it to her.

“I don’t think this was meant for you…”

Heinz Contract

It seems Heinz was planning to sell the entire family assets to Jaan van Kuyper. Liliana reads it, and recognizes that name.

Surprising Liliana is Wilfred’s signature on that, except Wilfred doesn’t recall ever signing it, and suspects it is a forgery.

“We need to leave, more so than ever.”

“Problems?” Ernst says, knowing full well the answer despite asking the question.

“Jaan van Kuyper owns this city, and more. He’s not someone you want to cross.”

Ernst suddenly snatches the parchment and puts it back in the chest, “Then we won’t cross him. I’ll put this somewhere for him to find, without getting close. We’ll leave on the morrow.”

Liliana and Wilfred make arrangements to stay at the Seething Mermaid, having enjoyed the food here. They spend the night, and soon morning comes.

They get up and make some final arrangements to leave. Liliana suggests visiting a bookshop nearby that she knows of, and make their way there.

Along the way, a scruffy looking urchin approaches them, walking alongside them.

“Hey mister, a penny for the news of the day?”

“Go away,” Wilfred says, but Liliana tosses him a penny.

“So, err, what ya want to hear.”

They ask for any recent news.

“Some fella in that big city in the Empire did something about that silly law,” the urchin spits out.

“What? Who? What law?”

“The funny one? You know, the one about the mutants and that.”

Wilfred asks, “What about it?”

“O it got repealed. Grim was his name or something.”

Wilfred catches on, “Volkmar the Grim?”

“Yes that’s the one. He repealed it.”

“Anything else?” asks Liliana.

“O there’s talk about some grisly findings. Possibly a murder up at that old manor. Some fleshy remains were found in the basement.”

Wilfred raises an eyebrow, “What manor?”

“Can’t rightly recall.”

“Satou manor?”

“Yea something like that…”

Liliana bites her lip and Wilfred sends the lad along. He turns to her, raising an eyebrow.

“Kuyper…” Liliana says before Wilfred could even ask her the question. “Kuyper did this… he must’ve found Heinz tied up in the cellar and took advantage of the situation. He wants my family property, and what better way than to do away with him.”

Wilfred is suspicious, but seems to follow this line of thought and buys into the notion that Jaan van Kuyper may have killed Heinz.

A shadow whispers into her ear again, “A petty lie that won’t hold up to scrutiny. He knows… what will you do sister? Will you butcher him like you did to me? Will you carve a knife through anyone who gets in your way?”

She does her best to ignore it as they make their way to the bookstore.

Liliana buys a book titled ‘Pirate of Morr’ one of Johann’s favorite reads, and the two of them leave.

Upon leaving the shop, the two pick up a town crier shouting out the daily news. Among them is the grisly foretelling of some human remains found at the Satou estate, and that cultist activities are suspected.

They both agree that they need to leave. Now.

They head to the docks and make their way to the Berebelli. They see Ernst there, waiting.

“Good to go?” Liliana asks.

“Yes,” Ernst’s voice is stern and not as kind as it was last night.

Liliana guesses he already knows, “Jaan van Kuyper is out to get my family it seems.”

“So I’ve heard. Best you board now.”

Liliana boards, but Ernst stops Wilfred, “Do you mind if I speak to Wilfred alone for a moment?”

Liliana agrees to it and heads down to the cabin, happy and content in familiar surroundings, and ready for the long voyage ahead.

“Wil, we need to talk. I’m not one for manners, so I’ll spit it out. You’ve heard the talk? About what was found at the Satou estate? Can you tell me what happened?”

Wilfred gives the truth. He tells him how Heinz arrived at the estate, and how he arrived with the Bretonnian. That then Liliana had subdued her big brother, which perplexed Ernst as how a one-armed woman can subdue a 6’4 man. Wilfred then says they tied him up and left him down in the cellar, and suspect Kuyper came across him and killed him, taking advantage of it.

But Ernst is not entirely convinced.

“I see. Can I ask you something? Are you aware of her… gift?”

“You mean… that she has magic?”

Ernst nods. “I’ve not seen it myself. I’ve felt the cold though, the unnaturalness of it. Me and Liliana, we grew… close, during our trip to Marienburg. There’s something very different about her, and she confessed to me that she possesses magic.”

“I know…” Wilfred replies.

“I have not been entirely honest with you.”

“What do you mean?”

Ernst nods to something over Wilfreds shoulder, “Look behind you.”

Wilfred turns. Across the street, looking back, he sees Knives and her crew, standing by the side, watching… waiting.

“They know Wilfred. They suspect that the body in the cellar is Heinz. And now I’m certain of it from what you told me. They came to me last night, after I had met with you and Liliana. Knives told me they were suspicious, and had rode out towards the manor. They found the parts in the cellar… frozen, with ice. They said the whole place felt like a freezer. She wanted to keep it quiet until she found out the truth, but some of her men have big mouths, and of course it soon spread from tavern to tavern.”

“What do they want?” asked Wilfred.

“They want Liliana. They want the truth. I told them that she wouldn’t do that. She wouldn’t kill Heinz. Not her own blood. So the only thing standing between her and them is me. If I’m convinced this has nothing to do with her, then we needn’t discuss this further, and we can make our way to Erengard. So, I’ll ask you now… have you ever seen her turn things to frost? Have you seen her freeze things with her magic?”

Wilfred nods slowly, “Yes, I have… I can’t believe it. I can’t believe she would do this. I should have seen this coming. I should have known. Did she just come back to Marienburg for revenge? Was it all for revenge? Her father… her brother Johann, all dead, and for what?”

A look of pain is upon Ernst has it dawns on him what this means.

“You should go. This will get ugly.”

Wilfred walks away, and Ernst calls out to him again. He tosses him a bag full of coins, but Wilfred throws it back at him, and tells him he won’t need it. Ernst asks where will he go, and Wilfred says probably back to his family estate, his own family, not the Satou estate.

Ernst nods sadly as Wilfred walks off. Ernst looks up towards Knives across the street, and approaches them with grim tidings.

Down below deck, Liliana has been listening… Not by her own accord, but something else. A dark presence that she has not felt for quite sometime has visited her again in her time of need. An old ‘friend’ she picked up during her time at the Sisters of Sigmar. Dark whispers flood her head, the whispers are that of Ernst and Wilfred. She’s aware of an impending betrayal.

She has been abandoned by those she trusted the most. Wilfred, and now Ernst. A deep filled rage fills her soul as she gets down on her knees and begs for release from this pain. She begs for the power to… Change.

And the dark presence answers her… giving her a gift. Liliana feels a surging pain in her leg as it begins to transform, She can feel taint flow through her veins as her left leg twists and sheds its old skin, and in its place, a birds leg.

Not sure whether to be thankful or cursing, a dark sinister voice whispers in her head, “Sacrifice in my name, and I shall gift you my purest gifts.”

Liliana can hear the cabin door open, and a voice calls out. It’s Knives.

“Liliana… I want to talk. We need to talk about what happened. I want to hear it from you. One on one.”

“I’m in here,” she shouts out from Ernst’s cabin room.

Knives opens the door just as Liliana pounces from behind cover. She casts the same spell she cast on Heinz, and shocks her, stunning her. Knives is unable to move. Liliana wastes no time as she grabs a dagger and drives it into her eye socket, wedging it up to the hilt and into her brain. Then the other eye.

The voice whispers again, “Carve my sacred number onto her chest.”

Liliana carves a 9 on the chest of  Knives, who is now most certainly dead.

Liliana feels the taint flowing through her as the dark power gives her another gift. Her other leg now transforms into that of a birds leg, and any semblance of humanity is lost as her mouth and nose begin to transform into a beak.

She wastes no time as the hatch leading into the cabin is opened, and one of Knives crewman steps inside. He has little time to react as Liliana shocks him to the ground and puts one of her misshapen birds foot onto his throat.

She jabs her old sword into his throat, and as she does, she feels more taint flowing through her. Wings begin to sprout from her back, large veined wings with black blood flowing through them, clearly seen. The process is exceedingly painful and she lets out a high pitched bird-like scream.

“I will dwarf Gideon, my master!” she squawks out to her newfound unseen master.

She then slowly ascends up onto the deck of the Berebelli to meet her fate.


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