A Storm Is Brewing… Dark Times Ahead…


A conspiracy is at play. Hooded figures creep amidst the shadows, continuing with their insidious schemes. A cult that calls itself the Purple Hand is making a move upon the chessboard that is the Empire. Already it has claimed a victory; the removal of Graf Wilhelm von Sapnatheim, and in his place, a powerful ally. It may have claimed many other unseen victories that have yet to bear fruits… Yet it has also suffered a defeat; the loss of the Red Crown cult who served them doppelgangers for some unknown purpose has been wiped off the map.

While indeed a setback for the Purple Hand, it does not mean defeat, and is merely a hitch in a grand conspiracy. New plans are being drawn up, and the Purple Hand intends to carry them out… But what is their aim? Their purpose? Who do they truly serve? Is it truly Tzeentch? And who is this Arch-Lumen?

Nobody knows. Only pieces of the puzzle are slowly being unraveled. The old party has laid the foundation upon which a new group of brave adventurers must step forward and continue the fight. And Lest not forget Godfrey de Montfort’s vision…

A vision that he shared with the old party upon their first meeting, “The lady gave me a vision… in it, I saw a great city, walls as high as mountains, covered in brothers-in-arms, fighting among-st one another as their blood filled the streets.” A vision that has yet to pass, but one that may be a dark omen for things to come…

And what of the Empire? What of the Emperor?

Nobles wait day and night with pressing matters in hand, seeking for an audience with the Emperor. Most were seeking to argue with the Emperor over the abrupt raising of taxes. Toll gates went up, and word that a new ‘dwarf’ tax was in the works soon reached the ears of the dwarven district. Yet each passing day they’re told no such audience will be granted, that the Emperor is ill and will receive no one. Karl-Franz has not been seen for months. In fact, nobody can recall the last time they saw Karl-Franz. Some say it was four months ago, others, longer, some, less. His absence has already fueled many rumors… The common word on the street was that the Emperor was merely taking a break from the affairs of the court. Others said that his sickness is much worse than the official word is stating. Luitpold Schliestein, the Emperor’s heir apparent is rumored to be staying at Castle Reiksguard, and has also not been seen, only increasing the circulation of rumors against him further.

Then the edict came… and that changed everything.

A very official looking edict came out of the imperial palace and swept across the land as couriers did their best to deliver them to all corners of the Empire. At first, everyone thought it was some ‘grand’ joke being played by anti-imperialists who loathed the Empire and the Emperor. Some still hold true to that thought, refusing to believe that their beloved Emperor would go so far as to admit insanity. Others saw it as an opportunity…

As was the case with Boris Todbringer, who spoke harshly and ‘true’ and made no qualms about his anger towards the throne about this ludicrous edict. In fact, word is that Boris Todbringer keeps that very same edict pinned on his seat of office as a ‘reminder’ of the madness of Karl-Franz, despite it being repealed. The other Elector Counts are not pleased either. All are demanding for an audience with the Emperor, and all they get in return is… silence. Well, except that of Volkmar the Grim, who has repealed the edict and called for ‘collective calm’ among-st the Electors. Only now are the other Electors suspecting that something is seriously wrong, and like vultures circulating over a corpse, are ready to dive in for the feast.

Tensions high. Ar-Ulric, Ulric’s representative in Middenheim and rival to the Grand Theogonist, has made it quite clear and is only fueling anti-sigmar prejudice with his daily proclamations that he shouts out from the confines of his temple. If rumor is to be believed, some are saying that Sigmarites are being ‘banished’ from Middenheim which is certainly only going to make matters worse.

There is also talk of Ostland becoming bolder by the minute – Elector Hals von Tasseninck, the ruler of Ostland, is in a foul mood… His son, Crown Prince Hergard von Tasseninck was recently slain on a trek to the Grey Mountains in search for this ‘Herald of Sigmar’ that was rumored to have exist. He had set off from Altdorf after temporarily staying there to recruit a large retinue, and was set upon in the Grey Mountains that everyone is now saying was a trap. But a trap set by whom? Nobody knows, as there was no survivors, and the Crown Prince’s body was not found, but hopes for him returning are growing slimmer with each passing day. Elector Tasseninck is blaming Elector of Talabecland, Gustav von Krieglitz. Despite lacking any evidence of this bold claim, the nobility of Talabecland and Ostland have rarely ever needed an excuse and tensions have always been high between the two. Yet now there are unconfirmed reports of skirmishes taking place on the border, small skirmishes, but an explosive situation that calls for cool heads.

Yet Volkmar the Grim does not possess the Emperor’s diplomatic suave or talent for keeping the infighting to a minimum, and with his continued absence, one can only observe that the situation is going to get worse.


One thing is clear, however…

A storm is brewing.















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