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On A Break

The GM (Me) is on a well deserved break, so for anyone who regularly checks out the blog, there will be no game till sometime in October. Or November. Really depends on how much I’m enjoying my time off from gming and prepwork for the next part of the campaign.

Would also like to bring closure to the deaths of Tafwick and Durgin in a quick summary. Unfortunately the two players who were meant to write up their own perspectives of what happened can’t due to time constraints and whatnot (just being lazy if you ask me :P) I’ll give a very quick summary of what happened to them.


Durgin disembarks the barge and intends on dealing with the undead menace that is now rising from the grave in Wittgendorf...

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Lore Spotlight: Grand Theogonist


What exactly Is A Grand Theogonist?

Well, if you ask Ricky (one of my players) then he is the High King of the Dwarfs. Thankfully that’s not the case, and I suggest you avoid asking Ricky anything lore related…

So, serious now – The Grand Theogonist is essentially the Pope of the Old World. He is the head of the Sigmarite church, and he is Sigmar’s chosen representative. He also has a vote on who gets to become the next Emperor, which is worth 3 votes in total. So yes, if you ever plan on putting your fat ass on that imperial throne, then you best get cosy with the Grand Theogonist.

The Grand Theogonist operates out of the capital, which in this case is Altdorf. (For those that don’t know, the capital has been known to ‘move’ around...

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