Next Part Coming Up In February

The next part of the campaign will be coming up in February.

It will see all 6 party members (touch wood) return to new roles in addition to one new player:

Adriel will be playing a Wood Elf, Kithband Warrior. He formally played Borri, the dwarfen smith.

Cortez will be playing a Thug. He formally played Durgin, the dwarf slayer.

Hugh will be playing a High Elf apprentice mage. He formally played Eckhardt/Kaster, the man-at-arms.

Kieran wil be playing a burgher, a wealthy resident of Middenheim. He formally played Kall Horst, the outrider/highwayman.

Ricky will be playing a Bretonnian bounty hunter. He formally played Ulrico, the physician that threw the party under the bus!

Darren will be playing a initiate of Ulric. He formally played Liliana, Johann and then Tafwick.

Kurt will be playing a Bretonnian knight errant.


That’s our lineup for next year, should be a cracker!

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