The Enemy Within: Dark Times Ahead


A new campaign with fresh new character faces (and 1 additional new player, bringing the total to 7 players) is set to begin in late January. Enough time to recover from my New Years hangover…

So to prepare for the upcoming game, and to provide some relevant background information, here’s a timeline of events that have transpired for both the party and stuff that has transpired in the background that the party may or may not have heard during their adventures.

Year – 2512

Early Spring

  • Crown Prince Hergard von Tasseninck of Ostland leaves for Altdorf accompanied by his retinue of men after receiving rumors that were born out of Talabecland that a preacher in the Grey Mountains is heralding the return of Sigmar. Such heresy will not go unpunished, and Hergard’s father, Hals von Tasseninck, has given his son permission to go.
  • The party arrive in Altdorf and meet with Karl Horst’s uncle, Ernst Steurmann. Together they journey to Bogenhafen.
  • New Empire wide tax’s are issued from the Imperial Palace – They target river tolls, a new levy is placed for importing luxury goods and tollgate fees rise. The guilds protest as do many burghers and business owners. Commoners are largely unaffected but are giving out about the price of beer and ale in Altdorf.
  • Party arrive in Weissbruck, and subsequently leave after dealing with an ambush by a bounty hunter looking for Kaster Leiberung.
  • Johann Karling, Liliana’s younger brother, leaves Marienburg on a journey to Altdorf to track down his sister, who is currently with Ernst Steurmann. Unbeknownst to Liliana, Ernst is working for her father, and plans to hand her over for payment.

Middle Spring

  • Johann never arrives in Altdorf. Due to the Orb of Change events that happen much later, time is warped… and Johann’s fate takes a turn for the worse. He dies on the road to Altdorf in an ambush, sacrificing himself to save his friends who accompanied him.
  • Party arrive in Bogenhafen to attend the annual 3-day Schaffenfest. The party remain in Bogenhafen for 4 days in total, leaving on the 4th day under the cover of darkness after dealing with Gideon.
  • Mutant Edict is issued by the Emperor; all mutants are now legal citizens of the Empire and are given full rights and protection. Many consider the edict as a joke issued by anti-imperialistic cultists. As the days go by, the authenticity of the edict is no longer in doubt, and many now regard the Emperor as raving mad. Noble courts and the Elector Counts from the other provinces demand an answer. The Emperor is inundated with demands for an audience and a summon of the Inner Council. These demands fall on deaf ears… The Imperial Palace falls silent, and Grand Theogonist Volkmar the Grim is left to deal with the raging storm of protests.
  • Middenland towns suffer from riots as Sigmarites rebel against persecutions from Ulrican templars after the edict is issued. Calm is called for, but it mostly falls on deaf ears.
  • The party leave Bogenhafen and head for Graf Wilhelm von Saponatheim after Ernst reveals he received an urgent letter requesting his aid by the Graf, and informs the party that he and the Graf are close friends. The party make for the Graf’s castle in hopes that it will deter the Witch Hunters who are after them.
  • Along the way, they encounter the Maria Borger barge, and on it… a deadly vampire. Liliana loses her arm, and Godfrey is bitten.
  • The visit to the Graf doesn’t go to well as a result of Kall Horst’s early visit to the Graf. The party are seized and arrested. Ernst speaks with the Graf and informs the party that they are now indented servants to his cause; helping him to find his daughter who has recently resurfaced after many years of being presumed dead.
  • The party do not get an audience with the Graf but meet with Countess Frieda Neufrau von Saponatheim, his second wife. The party get a very bad vibe from her. They make for Weissbruck in search of the Graf’s daughter.

Late Spring

  • The party leave Weissbruck after receiving a lead that the Graf’s missing daughter may be in the town of Reichtlich. However, Liliana’s condition continues to get worse, and the party make their way to Altdorf instead as a priority to get her help.
  • Ernst Steurmann is escorted by the Countess’s men on an apparent mission to hunt whatever took out the camp of bandits the party had discovered earlier on. Steurmann slits their throats during the night after getting a confession from one of them, and journeys north to find the party.
  • Graf Wilhelm’s condition continues to get worse as his illness is now made publicly known.
  • Franz Baumann, the leader of the Bogenhafen thieves guild is seized and arrested by the Witch Hunters. He is brought to Altdorf for interrogation. Franz sister however survives and now takes charge of the guild.
  • The Ruggbroder’s and Haagen, two minor merchant houses in Bogenhafen now take a slice of the pie from the dismantled houses of Steinhager and Teugen. Steinhager remains relatively intact although have lost much face and business. Teugen house is completely dismantled, its businesses and finances are distributed between Haagen and Ruggbroder. Karl Teugen, Johann Teugen’s brother who was presumed long dead, is set free by the local watch after Gideon’s curse ends, revealing his true identity. He goes underground with the help of thieves guild.
  • The party arrive in Altdorf. Liliana departs for Marienburg with Ernst, while the rest meet with a Palisade agent and are given an opportunity. They make way to the Wittgenstein barony. Finja Dietrich leaves the party of her own accord. A mistake paid with her life.
  • Ernst reveals to the party before his departure that Graf Wilhelm is dead, and the Countess has full power now. He believes she is a Purple Hand agent and has considerable influence as a result of the Graf’s death. The Palisades are informed of this and begin to make ‘plans’.
  • Crown Prince Hergard von Tasseninck of Ostland is believed to be dead. His retinue and hired help suffered an ambush somewhere within the Grey Mountains. His father Hals, Elector-Count of Ostland is blaming Talabecland as they originated the rumor concerning the Herald, and believes there is a conspiracy against his province.
  • Rumors continue to circulate about the Emperor’s health. His heir apparent, Luitpold Holswig-Abenauer is rumored to live in virtual isolation at Castle Reiksguard. Prince Wolfgang, the Emperors nephew, has arrived in Altdorf seeking an audience with his uncle but is refused.
  • The town of Kohlizt in Ostermark is mysteriously razed. Nobody is held to account and no official word as to what happened. Some believe bandits, others, Norscan raiders coming in from the north.

Early Summer

  • The party have an encounter with a Necrach, a dangerous and rare breed of vampire.
  • The party arrive in Kemperbad.
  • Grand Theogonist Volkmar the Grim repeals the mutant edict and refers to it as a ‘regrettable’ but does not elaborate further than that. No further explanation is provided, which only causes further fury with the nobles. Boris Todbringer demands an audience and a summoning of the council. Ar-Ulric does not hid his contempt for the Grand Theogonist and his religion, only fueling further hatred against Sigmarites. Tensions increase.
  • The Emperor remains unseen. Some have speculated that a coup is underway. Many rumors surface with their own theory as to what is happening.
  • Reikmarshal Kurt Helborg journeys from Castle Reiksguard with a large retinue of armed knights to oversee imperial exercises and cavalry movements which are on the increase.
  • Imperial garrison strength is increased around Sigmarite temples to protect them from angry peasants and anti-sigmarite religious stigma that has surfaced as a result of the recent edict.
  • The party leave Kemperbad and make way for Wittgenstein.
  • Soon after, Wittgenstein and Wittgendorf are overrun by skaven and the undead. The party leave quickly. Durgin and Tafwick do not, and meet their demise.

Middle Summer

  • The party make their way to Altdorf.
  • The events of Marienburg begin to transpire as Liliana de Karling-Satou along with her father discover a powerful Tzeentch artifact; Orb of Change. After escaping the imprisonment of the orb, and destroying it, Liliana comes out of it worse for wear. She murders her oldest brother, Heinrich. With the death of her entire family now (largely part of her own actions) she succumbs to madness and beseeches Tzeentch for salvation. Her salvation comes in the form of many blessed mutations, and she mutates into a bird-like creature. After a narrow escape from Marienburg, the mutant Liliana journeys north-east towards Middenland.
  • The party arrive in Altdorf. Only Borri and Kall Horst escape. Borri is given a repeal, but is banished from ever entering Reikland again. He journeys south with his Guild Master on an escort to return a powerful ring that he had recovered from the box that Tafwick left behind. The box was originally found in the tomb beneath the Signal Tower. The rest of the party meet their demise one way or another. Kall journeys to the Borderprinces. His fate is unknown.
  • A Sigmarite temple is burned to the ground in a small village in Middenland, with the death of its head priest and two Sigmarite initiates. Boris Todbringer calls for calm. Ar-Ulric, the head of the Ulrican religion, praises the burning and calls for the false believers to be banished from the lands of Ulric.¬† Tensions simmer between the Graf and Ar-Ulric.
  • Hals von Tasseninck sends a blunt and harshly worded reprimand to Middenheim to request that they prevent any more Sigmarite temple burnings as Sigmarians journey across the border into Ostland for safe haven, as Ostland is known for its devout believers of Sigmar. Todbringer does not reply personally but his son, Heinrich Todbringer, replies on his behalf and apologies.
  • Hals von Tasseninck blames the recent pillaging and sacking of two farming communities on the border between Ostland and Talabecland on the Graf of Talabecland. Tensions mount between the two states.
  • Bands of greenskins are spotted pillaging east of Bechafen.

Late Summer

  • Crown Prince Hergard von Tasseninck of Ostland, who was previously considered dead, arrives in Ostland to his fathers court, much to the surprise of everyone included his father. Hergard appears worse for wear and tells the story of how his men were ambushed and butchered, with him barely escaping and having to survive on the Grey Mountains for weeks on end. Hergard informs everyone in a public speech that rangers from Talabecland had ambushed his men and tried to kill him in an attempt to weaken the Crown of Ostland. Graf Hals von Tasseninck informs his marshal and generals to prepare for war.
  • Grand Theogonist Volkmar the Grim calls for collective calm and sends an Arch-Lector to Ostland to try and mediate between the two states of Ostland and Talabecland.
  • Rumors of a heavy presence of Nordland state troops on the border of Ostland gives Hals von Tasseninck pause. Graf Gustav von Krieglitz of Talabecland strengthens the border on Ostland with extra troops but is willing to wait for the Arch-Lector’s arrival to calm the situation.
  • A High Elf expedition from Ulthuan begins the long journey to Middenheim after receiving news that Foros of House Arfor, a High Elven Mage who was stationed at the College of Wizards and Alchemists in Middenheim, died in a magical accident.

Early Fall

  • Grand Theogonist Volkmar the Grim calls for a high level conference in Altdorf to address the growing discord with Ulricans. An argument unfolds as the Ar-Ulric refuses to step foot in Altdorf, and wants the conference to take place in Middenheim.
  • Tensions between Ostland and Talabecland are on a knife edge. The Arch-Lector arrives to discuss and mediate between the two states. The Arch-Lector requests that Hochland gets involved in an attempt to calm the situation, but is met by silence. Tensions are eased… for now.
  • Elector-Count of Ostland sends a letter by courier to Nordland to request an explanation for the recent rumors concerning a march on the Ostland/Nordland border, but no reply returned.

Middle of Fall

  • Religious leaders agree to hold the conference to discuss the Eimar Concord Draft, but it will be held in Middenheim rather than Altdorf.
  • Game Start

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