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Lore Spotlight: The Skaven Conspiracy – Do Skaven Exist?

No, they don’t. What you talking about? Giant rats? Are you soft in the head?!? Away with ya!

Move along, move along! Nothing to see here!

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Preludes: The Game Is Afoot!

Several preludes have been done featuring those who are set to take part in the next part of the Enemy Within campaign. These preludes are designed to give everyone’s character a stepping stone into what will become the main party and to give them motivations to join up.

Due to the diverse and racial backgrounds of all the PC’s, trying to get everyone united under one roof is no easy task. This isn’t a simple case of saying “You all arrive at the inn together. Yay! Your a party!”… No, that doesn’t happen here.

Everyone has been brought together into separate groups according to their background and what makes the most sense.

To summarize:

Ser Gado, knight errant  has joined up with Galdrea Shadowstar and Eldril, wood elf kithband warrior.

  • Ser Gado had journeyed from Bretonnia to Middenhe...
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Norsca – Men of the North

In the cold north of the Old World, across the stormy Sea of Claws, lies the frigid land of Norsca. This is a harsh realm of snow, where deadly forests of ice and mountains of frost reach skywards to the heavens, marching down to its impregnable coast.

The northern regions of the Old World suffer from extremes of climate and geography unlike anywhere
else. The dense dark forests, high barren mountains, icy seas and long winter nights conspire to make life here both hard and short. Cold and forbidding, it would seem unlikely that people could live there in any
significant numbers. This cruel land is home to the Norse – a race of men that are as fierce, brutal and
unforgiving as the landscape itself. The Norse are a populous race and their settlements reach towards the
pole to the very bord...

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