Preludes: The Game Is Afoot!

Several preludes have been done featuring those who are set to take part in the next part of the Enemy Within campaign. These preludes are designed to give everyone’s character a stepping stone into what will become the main party and to give them motivations to join up.

Due to the diverse and racial backgrounds of all the PC’s, trying to get everyone united under one roof is no easy task. This isn’t a simple case of saying “You all arrive at the inn together. Yay! Your a party!”… No, that doesn’t happen here.

Everyone has been brought together into separate groups according to their background and what makes the most sense.

To summarize:

Ser Gado, knight errant  has joined up with Galdrea Shadowstar and Eldril, wood elf kithband warrior.

  • Ser Gado had journeyed from Bretonnia to Middenheim with a purpose; a Bretonnian Damsel has been abducted. This isn’t just any Damsel however… his sister! Visited by a Prophetess – powerful sorceress’s governed by The Lady – he was given a vision, and shown a symbol;  a Purple Hand. He must seek this ‘hand’ out for they have taken his sister, and for what purpose, remains unclear.  Ser Gado traveled across the Grey Mountains and into Marienburg. There, he met a kislevian barge captain who gave him crucial information which has led him to believe that his sister may be headed for Middenheim! He takes the Great Northern Road to Middenheim, heading from Marienburg.
  • Galdrea Shadowstar is a young naive apprentice mage from Ulthuan. It is his first time away from his homeland, and he is rather excited about learning all manner of things. But he too is on an important mission; Ulthuan received word from the Guild of Wizards and Alchemists that a very powerful and respected High Elf wizard (Foros Arfor) at the guild was killed in a rather unfortunate accident. Ulthuan is not convinced, and suspicion is cast as to the manner of Foros’s death.To investigate this, they have said P.I (Poet of Importance… yep) Galdrea Shadowstar to Middenheim to find out just how Foros managed to die. Truth of the matter however is much more simple; Galdrea’s  instructor, Gilgalion of House Gloran, dislikes Galdrea greatly, for many reasons for which I’m sure the party will soon find out.
  • Eldril, a female wood elf from the forest of Laurelorn in Nordland. Eldril too has a vested interest in finding out what happened to Foros after learning of his death. But why? Well… that part is a secret (which inadvertently got blurted out on TS by the PC, but you dear readers shall not know… yet!)

Unfortunate circumstances have brought these three together. Galdrea Shadowstar’s carriage from Marienburg got ambushed on the road by beastmen! Worse, they had mistaken Galdrea for a she-elf, and were in the process of doing unmentionable torment and horror to poor Galdrea when Ser Gado and Eldril showed up to prevent such a horror from unfolding. Eldril had prior knowledge of Galdrea’s arrival and after dispatching the foul beasts with the help and aid of Ser Gado, introductions was had. Galdrea was very thankful to the young knight errant, and having learned that the knight is traveling to Middenheim together, they agree to take the same path and journey there in company.

As for the others…

  • Jurgen Noffein is a Ulrican initiate who has just passed his training at the Temple of Ulric. He also has a vested interest in finding out about Foros, for his teacher and mentor was found on the temple grounds with his wrists slit, and a dagger lay upon his lap. Jurgen does not believe that his mentor, Klemet, would kill himself and dishonor the Ulrican faith by doing so. He suspects foul play… After finding his teacher’s memoirs, he is right to be suspicious. Klemet was meant to meet Foros Arfor at the stroke of midnight on the temple grounds. By next morning, he was found dead. When Jurgen investigated, he had been told that Foros had been killed in a magical accident, but would say no more on the matter to an outsider. However the guild clerk told him that a Bretonnian wearing an eye patch was asking after Foros also. A lead which Jurgen followed up…
  • Michel Bastide is a Bretonnian bounty hunter in Middenheim, on the trail of Alric Eisenhower. Bastide however believes there’s a connection between Eisenhower and Foros Arfor, and was hoping to meet him. Unfortunately, Foros had met his demise before that meeting could be arranged. It wasn’t all for nothing; Michel met a student of Foros’s, Aerondight, a young impressionable woman who shared some information with Michel after learning that he was investigating Foros’s death.
  • Pieter Johann (Big Piet) is a rather tall intimidating thug-for-hire. He had journeyed to Middenheim as a bodyguard for one Otmar Pfrommer. That relationship met a deadly end when Otmar had sold out Piet to some thugs. Piet would have likely met a grisly fate if it wasn’t for Foros Arfor, who easily dispatched Piet’s captors and freed him from captivity. Foros told him that he wished to question Piet and that he may have a proposition. Piet agreed to meet him the next day. Foros never showed… Instead, Michel Bastide turned up with some questions, and Piet had learned that Foros had met his demise in an accident.

All three have now met up. Pieter and Michel have come to a mutual arrangement; in exchange for helping him track down Alric Eisenhower, they would share the bounty reward. Otmar Pfrommer also coughed up some interesting information before he met his demise, and spurted out a name; The Purple Hand. Michel seemed to take great interest in this, as if he had some prior knowledge that he wasn’t sharing… Jurgen had met the two while he was trying to track down Foros and find out the connection between his teacher’s death, and that of Foros, for it seemed they knew each other. They all agreed that they were looking into the same person, and that they could pool their resources together to find out whats going on. Michel had also shared some new information with them that he learned from the Temple of Verena… A high elf was en-route to the city who has been sent to investigate the death of Foros Arfor. He may be the key to getting the information they need from the guild, as they do not have the means or the access to gain entry.

The Odd man out:

Gerhard Kramer is a Burgher to the Merchants Guild, as are many others. He has many responsibilities to the guild, but one that takes of utmost importance is the auditing of the various business ledgers; ensuring that the Merchant Guild gets its fee’s, taxes and all outstanding dues are paid. Yet something is amiss… The books don’t add up. Kramer stumbles upon information he may have wished he never gained, and now his life is in danger. Gerhard Kramer will soon be having a meet-up with Big Piet, for better or for worse, and will find himself drawn into the conspiracy that is… The Enemy Within!

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