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The Trouble With Wizards

This will be a much shorter than usual blog post on the account that I’ve recorded it, due to the fact that one of my players was absent and wanted the session recorded. I’m not a fan of recording (too much work editing the audio file) so this is hopefully a once-off, and it will be back to write-ups for next games.

A quick summary:

Party continue to investigate. They find out that Foros died ‘Shadowstepping’ a magical conjured flame, which ended up getting teleported inside him, which resulted in a violent combustion of Foros Arfor, killing him. A pile of ash was all that remained, which was gathered up and deposited in an urn.

The party gain access to his study, and find it a mess. Papers and books lie scattered across the floor, as if someone was searching for something...

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So It Begins….

It has begun – The first game of the year, and the next part of the grand campaign that is, The Enemy Within. The game will be run bi-weekly on Thursdays, so the next game won’t be till the 16th.

Middenland, the great northern province of the empire. A vast forested region with a mild chill during the summer and a deep winters breeze that could chill your bones during the cold season. The inhabitants of this land are referred to as Middenlanders. Like all Northerners, Middenlanders are famed for their stubborn ways. This, their Teutogen blood and their “firebrand” tempers has given them a reputation as uncontrollable traditionalists. They hate change of all types, and defend what they see as “tradition” at all cost...

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