The Trouble With Wizards

This will be a much shorter than usual blog post on the account that I’ve recorded it, due to the fact that one of my players was absent and wanted the session recorded. I’m not a fan of recording (too much work editing the audio file) so this is hopefully a once-off, and it will be back to write-ups for next games.

A quick summary:

Party continue to investigate. They find out that Foros died ‘Shadowstepping’ a magical conjured flame, which ended up getting teleported inside him, which resulted in a violent combustion of Foros Arfor, killing him. A pile of ash was all that remained, which was gathered up and deposited in an urn.

The party gain access to his study, and find it a mess. Papers and books lie scattered across the floor, as if someone was searching for something. The party begin to search but find no solid leads other than Foros’s diary  and a cryptic message that says:

The blood of the Asur will light the way. Follow the path of Wisdom, let the Mistress take you.

In the adjacent room next to the study, they find a large metal table with 8 symbols representing the eight winds of magic. Interestingly enough, the inner-top part of the table that has the winds on it can spin around. A burnt out empty chest and nothing much else of relevance. Upon the table however, Galdrea spots a intricate carved dagger with blood stains on it. He pockets the dagger.

Upon further examination of the table, Galdrea notes that there are circular indentations on the edges of the table, one for each wind of magic. Within these recesses, there appears to be dried drops of blood, but not all of them contain it.

What happens next is bizarre – A small tiny statue  resembling a wolf-man on the study desk of Foros comes to life. It darts across the room and into the other room with the party chasing it. It props itself up on the metal table with the winds of magic and starts to make the wheel part of it spin, whilst standing on the Lore of Shadow. After an attempt is made to capture it fails, it vanishes.


High Magister and Deputy Janna make their way to the study. The party explain what happened to them, but the notion of a living tiny statue has them perplexed, and wondering if Galdrea took more than just a blow to the head from earlier.

They are politely told to leave the study.


Here are the handouts from the session and the npc photos –

– Erika & Eren. Erika is Big Piet’s Niece.


– Shadowmancer and Master Illusionist, Franz Udolf


– High Magister Albrecht Helseher


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