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Never Trust An Elf… (Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop)

GM Note* Been a busy week for me, so this blog is rather late since we had a game on the 16th. There’s also another game tomorrow. Also, sadly one of our players has had to drop out due to real life obligations; Idrael who plays Eladril. He will be missed. This will be bringing the player count to 6 current players.

A LOT has happened since the 16th game… A lot. Two separate one-off trial sessions were held for two certain characters who got on the wrong side of the law! So lets get this rolling…

When we last left the party, they were outside the Blazing Hearth, making their way into the inner-city to enjoy the spoils and delights provided by festival week; Middenland’s greatest carnival which happens every 2 years.

As the party made their way further into the city, a certain priest is o...

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Seven Bodies Walk Into A Study… Six come out

Galdrea and Eladril are shown their accommodations at the guild of Wizards and Alchemy. During which, the party discuss their options and what to do. It’s still early in the day, and some of the party want to venture out in the city and experience some of the activities of the carnival.

Eladril however wishes to continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding Foros, not satisfied after leaving the study. The party agree to head back to the study. Before they do, Michel spots a familiar face…

– Arendight

Arendight, the mysterious grey wizard Michel met on his first trip to the guild, and whom expressed an interest in learning about Foros’s death, has approached Michel. She asks him privately as to the nature of his companions. Michel says they are also investigating this link.

She sa...

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