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A Night To Remember…

Listen to a very good fantasy rendition of the Firefly song Hero of Canton by Cortez. If you want to know ‘why’ then read on further in the blog.

When we last left our party, they were split up. Erika is down in the crypts beneath the Guild of Alchemy and Magic, about to enter the guild vault. Jurgen is at the Blazing Hearth with Ser Gado, sharing a couple of drinks together. Big Piet and Gerhardt are at the Drowned Rat, a rundown tavern/inn in the Southgate quarter of the city, one of the least patrolled areas of the city. Michel Bastide has left the Guild after talking with Arendight, and made his way to the Temple of Shallya; the wound he received earlier from a crossbow bolt has gotten infected.

It’s just past 9pm, and so we start with Gerhardt and Big Piet...

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Lore Spotlight: The Palisades, continued

As previously discussed here –

I thought I’d go into more detail concerning the Palisades, their ‘moral’ compass if they have one, and the general operation of the organization.


The Palisades operate using cell groups that are scattered throughout the empire. The majority of these cells are located within the Imperial Capital. The compact localization of this allows the Palisades greater efficiency than would assume for a splintered organization that prides itself on secrecy and independent cells that are cut off from one another.

Here’s a diagram showing how the Palisades is structured:

  • Office of the Cullis: The Cullis is the head of the Palisades whose identity is only known by 3 people; t...
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The Chamber of Secrets…

Hooded figures emerge from the shadows. They have been summoned… The following conversation took place shortly after the events that unfolded in Altdorf that led to the demise of the old party.

Voice 2: “Why have you summoned us out of schedule?”

Voice 1: “The Red Crown is no more.”

Voice 3: “How’s that possible?”

Voice 1: “Our absconding Magister Impedimentae, Lieberung, has sought to undermine our operation there.”

Voice 4: “So the rumors are true?”

Voice 1: “Yes. Wittgenstein is no more. The hunters have taken a torch to it. Just as well. Any evidence pointing to us will have been destroyed.”

Voice 2: “And Alric?”

Voice 1: “He escaped unharmed. We have an agent waiting for him. Contact will be made, and he will be brought to Middenheim.”

Voice 3: “He needs to be thoroughly questioned...

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The Showboat Bout

Ser Gado’s trial is over; he has been found innocent! He is escorted out of the State Court by two Knights of the Everlasting Light and has no qualms about leaving. The crowd outside sigh and leave disappointed, dropping their tomatoes, rotten apples, cabbages and perhaps a stone or two when given the news that he has been found not guilty.

Outside he is greeted by Michel Bastide and Jurgen Noffein. Piet is still hiding out somewhere. Gerhard is in his room, and Erika, Piets niece (now played by Harbl) is making her way to the see them.

Gado recalls that Dieter, the Graf’s Champion, had extended out an invitation for a few drinks at the Showboat in the Great Park. Ser Gado, believing that’s not a bad idea, makes his way over there with Jurgen...

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