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GM Thoughts: Creative Brushing

Putting up with Cortez’s desire for multiple backups, or Darren’s excessive wrestling puns. Putting up with attempts by the party to burn down whole towns for lulz or dealing with situations like Drop… Drop… Drop… AKA, a complete and rather successful attempt at plot derailment, if temporary.

I ask myself; why do I do this. Why do I do this when retirement is so tempting.

Well, creativity, is what keeps me going. Ok, that’s a lie… creativity and the fact that I do enjoy gming, but being able to craft stories and watch as my players stumble through them like a bunch of moronic goats tumbling down a mountain without hope.

It’s fun.

Most people who gm will do it for various reasons. I do it cause I like the creative challenges it brings. Which leads me to what I call creative brushing.

Gming ...

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GM Thoughts: Learning To GM

I’ve not been a gamemaster for long. In fact I think its roughly 4/5 years now.  Probably closer to 4. In all that time, I’ve learned a lot. My original foray into gming came about as a desire to play more of Warhammer, having only experienced it as a player, and was left wanting when the campaign ended early. Finding Warhammer groups was hard, so hard that I found none in my searches. So I decided to ask some people, and get a group going. That’s not this ‘group’, but another group that I gm’ed with for upwards of a year.

I like to call that group my ‘beta’ group, for it served as a beta and a stepping stone as to the do’s and donts of gming. That isn’t a disservice to the original group, cause without that beginning I’d certainly be making the same mistakes I made back then now.

After t...

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Lore Spotlight: Godly Relations

It may come as a surprise to some to learn that the Gods of the Old World Pantheon are related, well, most of them. For example, did you know that Ulric, God of Winter and Wolves is the younger brother to Taal, the God of the Wilds? And that Taal is married to Rhya, Goddess of Agriculture, Birth and Fertility?

If that did not come as a surprise, then perhaps the knowledge (although disputed) that Morr has a black sheep in his family might surprise you… Khaine, the God of Murder and Cruelty, is Morr’s younger brother. I bet he’s a hoot at parties! It’s a bit of an odd coincidence isn’t it, that the God of Death, Dreams and Prophecy, is related to the God of Murder...

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Lore Spotlight: The Ulrican Cult

The purpose of this lore spotlight is not to go over every detail concerning the Ulrican cult. There are plenty of source materials out there that go into greater detail, and not everything will be covered in this post, as that would require far too much time; however this post is designed to summarize the most important aspects of the Ulrican faith, and to flesh it out in parts.

Origins of Ulric

According to the Liber Lupus (Book of the Wolf), the Cult of Ulric is one of the oldest human religions in the world. Millennia ago, Ulric is said to have led a tribe of humans to a boundless, forested land. The tribe, called the Teutogens, was wild and savage, and took to slaughtering the indigenous forest people to prove their worth.

Legend holds that after uncounted years of tribal warfare...

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Lore Spotlight: Origins of Chaos

Dark. Unfathomable. Unknowing. Great, and Powerful. Answerable to no-one. These are the dark gods. Their reach knows no limits. Their presence is felt far and wide. They bestow great gifts upon mortals and immortals alike, who pray to them, promising to serve the dark gods for an eternity if need be.

Each of them has a number. Each of them has a name.

But what of their origins? How did they come into being? Did they always exist?

The Old Ones

There are many myths and legends as to the origin of Chaos. There are many tales told of the early days of the World. One thing that seems to remain constant with all these tales is that a great calamity befell the world in its early days...

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A Twister of Lies: Part 2

Continuing on from part 1…

Morning comes. Michel Bastide wakes up to find himself in the promised safe house. It’s a simple affair; a two mattresses lay on the floor, along with other rough sleeping spots scattered about. The windows are covered, dirty and mud-struck. It’s a shack than an actual house by any standard. Michel finds himself near the merchant quarter. Gathering his belongings, and feeling the need for a stiff drink, he makes his way through the streets towards the Blazing Hearth.

Ser Gado is also up, having at least gained a somewhat decent nights rest despite his odd dream. After gearing up, he heads downstairs to be met with a friendly face.

Sibilla Di Cosola, the young priestess of Shallya that had accompanied Luigi Pavarotti...

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A Twister of Lies: Part 1

Michel Bastide wakes up. He finds himself tied to a chair. Two sets of candelabras surround him. He can see no more than 5 feet in front of him. His head still hurts from the thump he got on the back of the head.

A voice from the shadows speaks out, “Michel Bastide. Born and raised in the Dukedom of Gisoreux. Parents were Harcourt Bastide and Juliet Bastide. Your father committed treason against your liege lord, and was hanged for his crimes. You fled Bretonnia with a band of outlaws. Crossed the Grey Mountains and found a new purpose as a tracker, a hunter of men. How’s that trade working out for you then?”

“Pretty good,” Michel replies. The voice returns, “Really? Any good catches lately? Don’t bother, we both know the answer to that...

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Lore Spotlight: The Skaven Conspiracy Re-visited

I had previously made a post concerning the skaven conspiracy. Well… you could hardly call it a post. It was more of a jokey lore post. But as part of a request to fill in a lore inconsistency (of which there is many when your dealing with GW, but in this case, there is none) I thought I’d re-visit this topic.

The apparent inconsistency in the lore is this: At one stage in the Empire’s history, the skaven invaded the entire Empire. Towns were wiped out, ransacked or enslaved to giant ratmen. Cities were ravaged, some more than others. Nuln did not fare well, as did Altdorf. The Empire was on its knees, about to collapse...

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