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The Arrival…

This will be a much more brief summary of the events than my usual detailed affair.

Protests erupt outside the Temple of Ulric. Helnacht had spent the previous night at the Temple of Sigmar to learn that the priests there were planning a morning march onto the Temple of Ulric. And indeed they did, as they marched out; around 80 priests or so made their way to the Temple of Ulric, while crying “Justice for Arnulf!”

The party arrive to witness this, with exception to Michel who saunters of to scout out the safe house of Alric Eisenhower, not wanting to get caught up in this delaying affair. Jurgen watches on from within.

Then, trumpets flair; signaling the arrival of two horse drawn carriages flanked by Knights Panthers and mounted Sigmar warrior priests.

They witness Volkmar The Grim himsel...

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So, A Sigmarite Walks Into An Ulrican Temple…

It’s just going past 10pm as Mannslieb makes its way across the nightly sky. A light snow has started to drift in from the north.

It has been over an hour since Prunkvoll left for the estate of Law Lord Reiner Ehrlich. Helnacht has left, stating that he wishes to check in with the sigmarites at the Temple of Sigmar to see if he can learn or gauge the ‘temperament’ of the city. He bids them farewell, for now at least.

Rhea is in the living room, falling asleep by the side of Praga, Prunkvoll’s mother. Not long after Helnacht made his departure, a heavy thud is heard at the front door. Gado goes to see what it might be, ready to draw his sword at any moment. Looking from a side window, he spots a plain dagger, pierced through a parchment and stuck into the door.

He opens the door and quickly...

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A Knight To The Rescue…

Gerhard, Jurgen, Michel Bastide, Big Piet and the Norscan are heading off to meet with Nickel Kess, the corrupt bailiff that has been hounding after Gerhard.

Along the way there, the watch have intercepted the party to take the Norscan into custody over an incident at the Drowned Rat. Not wanting to tangle with 8 watchmen nor wanting to make matters worse, Hans agrees to go with them.

Now the party is missing their muscle, but they decide to go on and meet with Kess regardless.

Back over to Ser Gado and Sibillia who are trying to lead Rhea to safety; they find themselves at the rear of the temple faced with adversaries wishing to do them harm. Ser Gado calls for a retreat back into the temple and they frantically run as the cloaked men chase after them.

Ser Gado braces a candelabra again...

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