The Arrival…

This will be a much more brief summary of the events than my usual detailed affair.

Protests erupt outside the Temple of Ulric. Helnacht had spent the previous night at the Temple of Sigmar to learn that the priests there were planning a morning march onto the Temple of Ulric. And indeed they did, as they marched out; around 80 priests or so made their way to the Temple of Ulric, while crying “Justice for Arnulf!”

The party arrive to witness this, with exception to Michel who saunters of to scout out the safe house of Alric Eisenhower, not wanting to get caught up in this delaying affair. Jurgen watches on from within.

Then, trumpets flair; signaling the arrival of two horse drawn carriages flanked by Knights Panthers and mounted Sigmar warrior priests.

They witness Volkmar The Grim himself, riding atop his carriage.

Another carriage, caked in gold bearing no heraldry except that of a twin tailed comet on its door, trails behind.

“Make way for the Grand Theogonist! Clear the way!” Captain Marius of the Knights Panther shouts from his steed. Sibillia can see that Captain Marius is injured, his armor caked in dried blood.

They lead the carriages into the temple grounds. Yet Volkmar’s arrival seems to have chilled the anger from the protestors as they cheer on. But Volkmar does not acknowledge them; he’s on a mission, and his focus is elsewhere as he steps into the Temple of Ulric to begin the Einor Concord discussions with the Ar-Ulric.

Captain Marius strides out on his horse into the street as Sister Sibillia runs to him, asking if he needs aid. He falters and falls unconscious. With the help of a fellow Knights Panther, Sister Sibillia and Ser Gado accompany them to the Panther’s chapter house for treatment.

This leaves just Helnacht and Gerhard at the temple. Helnacht comes up with a hairbrained scheme to get into the grounds, by pretending to be some kind of zealot monk. It doesn’t work. Not in the least. Helnacht shows concern for the Grand Theogonist however, fearing an attempt may be made, but he has no way speaking directly to him and has no direct proof of any such present danger.

Meeanwhile, Michel Bastide has been scouting out the safehouse where Alric Eisenhower is.

Oddly enough, the doors to the building is wide open, and he spots a bare footed scruffy man enter the building, only moments later leave with a brand new pair of boots. Hmmm… Michel, growing suspicious, enters the building carefully to find dead bodies everywhere. Sliced and gutted.

In the far back room, he finds Alric Eisenhower. Dead.

His hair changed colors, possibly dyed to help him evade capture, but there was no mistaking it. It was him.

A strange symbol is carved into his chest, but Michel does not recognize it. An open book lays at the table, which Michel takes. Unable to read, he has to rely on the others. He quickly makes his leave, alerting the watch to his find and collecting a measly sum of coin not anywhere near the bounty amount; unfortunately, Michel was very honest in declaring how he found the body, so he could not claim the bounty.

He makes his way back towards the temple of Ulric in hopes of finding the rest of the party.

Sibillia treats Captain Marius, but prescribes him plenty of rest. He thanks her, and that of Ser Gado, for looking after Sister Sibillia.

They take their leave after spending an hour treating him, and make their way back to the temple in hopes of meeting up with Jurgen.

Gerhard has also left on his own for the Jackal, located in the Wolfs Den. He has a meeting with Bertram, the halfling rogue who he paid to do a job for him; break into the Trade Commission and steal some paperwork, specifically, some property ledgers.


They make their way back to the temple of Ulric, and meet up with Jurgen. Along the way, Michel bumps into them and shares his findings, along with Alrics diary to which he hands to Ser Gado.


Not much to go on, other than a name mentioned; Theodore.

They agree to find Gerhard, and believing he went to the Jackal, the party make their way there.

Gerhard has already had his meeting with Bertram by this point. Coin was handed over, in exchange for the books. Kramer grabs the ledgers that he needed and leaves promptly. He bumps into the party on his way out onto the main street, and together, they agree to head to the safe house to discuss their next move.

Back at the safehouse, Gerhard goes through the property ledge in hopes of finding anything new to go on. He is looking for a possible link to the warehouse they checked out early on when Hans was still with them. Hans said it was the warehouse that they kept Ser Gado’s sister in, and where she was murdered.

Gerhard’s knowledge of boring property taxation comes to good use as he finds a link; a man named Theodore Cluckstein owned the warehoouse, and his address is listed as 525 Wagner Street.

Gerhard shares this with the party and they decide their next move is to stake out this Theodore Cluckstein. Ser Gado also makes mention that a ‘Theodore’ was mentioned in Alrics book, and that this might be the same man.

They leave at once and head towards Wagner Street, on the upper north street of Westgate district. There, they see a two floor red-bricked house, and take up positions. Except Helnacht… Helnacht, heads straight over and knocks on the door. The door is answered by a well dressed yet scruffy haired man wearing gold spectacles.

Helnacht tries to get some coin from him as a donation to the temple of Sigmar, but all he gets is a closed door in his face.

He then tries his luck with the next house…

The party, watching this unfold, witness moments later the same scruffy haired man leave the house and head south. They follow, with Gerhard staying behind to keep watch on the house. Sure enough, not long after, a very attractive slim blond woman leaves the house, fixing her blouse and straightening her hair. Gerhard follows her to a brothel; The Goddess.

The other party remain out of sight as they follow Cluckstein to the Wind Haulage Coach company, as the sign says outside on the warehouse that Cluckstein heads in. They stand back and wait, watching as a coach drives off after dropping off some crates, which are brought inside.

After an hour of watching. they see a unusual sight. A large brute of a man, about 7 foot and with a halfling attached to him, saunter inside the company warehouse.

Helnacht decides to head on up and knock on some businesses nearby for some donations. Eventually he knocks on the Wind Haulage company warehouse door, only to be answered by the 7 foot tall brute they saw earlier. He quickly slams the door in Helnacht’s face when he tries to sell him his pitch.

The party decide what to do next after Helnacht returns to them; then they see a worker exit the building, putting some chains up on the door and locking it with a padlock.

The party decide then to head back into town and get something to eat and drink and ponder what to do. They also encounter a sausage salesman along the way who passes on a message that a ‘mutual friend of Michel’s wishes to meet them at midnight at the Great Park tonight’.

Helnacht departs, and opts to make his way to the Temple of Sigmar instead. Alone. Bad idea…

As he’s making his way across the street, a carriage pulls up beside him. The door opens and a huge meaty hand comes out trying to grab him. Helnacht reacts immediately, pulling away, only to see the 7 foot brute step out of the carriage, with the halfling strapped to his chest. “Come here ya nosy priest!” he shouts as Helnacht legs it, running towards the temple.

The chase is on as the brute charges past the crowds, pushing his way through by sheer force as the priest tries to dart across a busy road and make a beeline for the temple. “Stop him! He’s a thieving sigmarite!” the halfling shouts.

This has an effect as a passerby sticks out their leg and trips him up. Luckily for Helnacht, his ‘rolls’ were amazingly lucky… and although he tripped he quickly got back on his feet and made a mad dash as he could see the temple gates now in front of him.

But the brute was closing in, and Helnacht’s stamina was not going to last. But one last desperate dash across the street and into the temple grounds, Helnacht had made it. (GM Note- He rolled a 15. He needed 16 or lower to pass on his agility.)

He makes a sign of the hammer towards the big brute, who quickly stopped and decided to make haste away from the temple and back towards his waiting carriage.

“I didn’t think you Altdorfians loved us that much,” a fellow priest of sigmar remarked to an exhausted Helnacht.


Somewhere, a secret meeting is taking place…

Voice 3: Have you heard?

Voice 1: Yes. He’s here. A day early. The sons were meant to delay. They were useless.

Voice 2: They served their purpose. If it wasn’t for the Knights Panthers, perhaps we would have had our delay.

Voice 1: Someone tipped off the Captain, you wouldn’t know who that might be, would you…

Voice 2: Course not. But Volkmar is here now, so lets focus on that. I think its about time you let me in on your plan.

Voice 1: If I deem it necessary. Leave now, you will receive your assigned orders tonight.

Voice 2: As you wish… *sound of someone walking off, a door closing*

Voice 3: You are right not to trust her.

Voice 1: She’s had her uses. Pity. Such a waste of power. Have Smiles deal with her.

Voice 3: At once. As for…

Voice 1: Volkmar. We accelerate our plans at once, put them into motion. Get the word out.

Voice 3: As for the miscreants?

Voice 1: No longer a problem. I’m attending to it myself.

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