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Secret Society Spotlight: The Brotherhood of Clockmakers

Canon Status: Official, derived from Liber Ecstatica

One might be mistaken to assume that the Brotherhood of Clockmakers is some sort of society that revolves around making clocks. Far from it.

Once a tiny society focused around Nuln, The Brotherhood now has chapter houses in several other cities throughout the Empire. While the chapter houses are often large, impressive buildings, the society is very secretive, especially about its membership.

Those that wish to join must go through a lengthy initiation procedure, make several proclamations to other members, and finally, learn various secret gestures and keywords so that they can be identifiable to other members of the society.

The chapter house is not just a place to relax and converse with like-minded citizens, however...

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Lore Spotlight: Boris Todbringer

– Boris Todbringer (Before the infamous Khazrak duel in which he lost his eye)

Age: 57 (As of 2512)

Description: 6’1, medium strong build. Thinning brown hair with a great bushy yet groomed beard.

Title: Elector Count Boris Todbringer, Graf of Middenheim, Grand Duke of Middenland, Prince of Carroburg, Protector of the Drakwald, Warden of the Middle Mountains, and Beloved of Ulric.

Nicknames: Boris the Stern; Boris the Red (on account of his fierce temper, ‘Seeing Red’)

Father: Bertholdt Todbringer (deceased)

Mother: Birgit Nikse (Nordland family) (deceased)

First Wife: Maria von Richthofen, died in childbirth (Stefan Todbringers mother)

Second Wife: Anika-Elise Nikse, died in the first half of 2512.

Children: Heinrich Todbringer (Eldest, born to a ex lady-at-court), Katarina Todbringer...

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Secret Society Spotlight: The Bootstrapper’s Guild

I will be doing a series of lore posts going over some of the secret society’s in the Old World. Most of these will be canon, derived from official sources. I will make mention whether or not a spotlight is canon (official) or not. The purpose of this as well is to educate that not all secret societies are chaos worshiping cults. Some pursue noble agendas, others much darker desires.

First up, the Bootstrapper’s Guild.

Canon Status: Official (derived from WFRP 3rd Ed, Liber Ecstatica) –

In the Empire, class is everything – or at least it is to the upper classes. In nearly all cases, a man born a peasant will die a peasant. A man born to a cobbler will die a cobbler...

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GM Thoughts: Letting Choice & Consequence Play Out

From a player perspective, when I jump into a roleplaying game and into a character, into another realm, another universe; I like to be immersed. I like to believe that choices I make, and others make, matter and have an effect. Nothing stops that sooner than finding out or getting the impression that a choice you made that should, in theory, have a profound effect, was stamped out so that the story/plot could continue on its course.

It’s happened to me as a player. And when it hasn’t happened to me, I see it happen to others...

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The Hour of the Wolf: Part 2

Jurgen rushes out to track Lupos, one pair of the Ar-Ulric’s wolves. Spotting a set of muddy tracks out in the courtyard, he follows it, hoping it might be Lupos.

His pace quickens as he spots senior priests heading into the main temple as the bells toll. He could perhaps try and warn them, but would they believe him? With little time remaining, he puts his faith in the tracks and finds it leads to The Winter Gardens.

The Winter Gardens are an important landmark within the confines of the Temple property. It is considered a holy place of respite and contemplation for the Ar-Ulric; only he may enter them, and anyone else dare not too unless invited by the Ar-Ulric...

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The Unseen Agenda

7 Months Before Current Events:

Voice 1: So you have failed then?

Voice 2: Not without trying. He has spurned my advances. I suspect I’ll not be able to see him again.

Voice 1: The Ar-Ulric is a hard man to appease.

Voice 2: If you want me to try again to get his affection, I’m going to need more than what was offered.

Voice 1: We have offered more than what is reasonable. It is paramount you succeed before the upcoming vote.

Voice 2: Frau Kenner, I don’t think you understand. The Ar-Ulric takes his vow very seriously, he’ll not break it, not for me or for any woman in Middenheim.

Frau Kenner: Agreed. A misjudgement on our part. The last Ar-Ulric was a much weaker man. We would need to take a different approach. Take this. It will aid you, but do not squander it. It is potent.

Voice 1: Per...

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The Hour of the Wolf

Helnacht finds himself catching his breath within the courtyard of the Temple of Sigmar after being chased by a big brute of a man with a halfling attached to his waist in some sort of contraption. There is no sign of them, but Helnacht isn’t taking any chances and opts to head into the temple to look for the priest, Hadred, who he met earlier at the gates of the Ulrican Temple; the one that advised him to stop trying to enter the grounds of Ulric’s Temple lest he find himself at the mercy of the Ulricans.

Helnacht does indeed find the priest after hearing him shout at a young initiate about finding the courage to stand up to the Ulricans when challenged. He greets Haldred and wonders if that drink that was offered earlier is still on the table...

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