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Finding Truth

The party race towards the city on the back of mounts of the Knights Panthers. They gallop through the west city gate only for the horses to rear up in terror at the sound of explosions coming from the Middenheim temple.

Captain Marius turns and signals for three of his knights to accompany him, while he commands another to bring the rest back to the chapter house.

“Ludolf, take the rest back to the chapter. If they resist, kill them!” he commands as he races off towards the temple. The party, particularly Gado, are not happy at that last part.

Ludolf and the rest of the knights make their way through the streets as people are opening up their window shutters and poking their heads out, wondering what that noise was...

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Faith, Is All That We Have

The stakes are high.

Jurgen Noffein, initiate of Ulric, knows this. As does the Ar-Ulric, for he told the Ar-Ulric everything he knew. With little time to waste, the Ar-Ulric gives his signet ring to Jurgen to warn his brothers of faith of the impending doom that faces them. The Ar-Ulric races off to warn the Grand Theogonist, who has retired for the night to his guest chambers within the temple.

Jurgen back-tracks out of the crypts, there waiting for him, is the White Wolf that escorted him. Jurgen shows the signet ring to the knight, who is perplexed at the sight of a young pup carrying the esteemed ring of the Ar-Ulric. Jurgen tells him that by the Ar-Ulrics command, he is to be shown into the temple to warn the priests.

“I don’t like it… But I’ll not question it,” remarks the White Wol...

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Spotlight: Here Be Daemons

“Daemons are the denizens of the Realm of Chaos. Created by the Dark Gods, they are sent forth to aid their mortal Champions in their campaigns to conquer the lands of civilised men. Some are mindless beings of pure animosity, whilst others are cunning and carefully plot the downfall of those they claim to serve. Daemons can be summoned, bound, compelled, and killed. They are beings of magic given form from our nightmares and fears. They exist only to bring about the end of all there is.” – Viktor Wechsler, Knight of the White Wolf.

Daemons are the stuff of nightmares given form. Serving their dark masters, they spill into the mortal plane to cause chaos, to murder gleefully and to spread their master’s influence...

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Lore Spotlight: Witch Hunters, Templar’s of Sigmar

“The time has come to act and only within this proud and ancient order lies the strength of will, the zeal and the righteous fury required to save us. They call us Witch Hunters, in their fear and ignorance, without even the slightest idea of the monstrous deeds we must commit on their behalf. To be a member of this ancient order is to be feared, shunned and despised. Those who seek glory, or even recognition of their labors should look to another profession, for we must face terrors that would still a lesser man’s heart, but our only thanks is the venomous hatred of all who behold our silver chain of office and a lifetime of blood, flame and fear.” Kasper von Liebenstein, author of the Witch Hunters Handbook.

What is a Witch Hunter?

A Witch Hunter is a Templar, devoted to Sigmar (wit...

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Spotlight: Liebert Baak’s Guide To Knightly Orders: Part One

Authors note, This will be a mix of canon and non canon.

Written by Courtney (Cortez).

On a quite street in the city-state of Nuln, there is a book store called Baak’s Books and scrolls Emporium.

“Welcome friends to Baak’s books and scrolls Emporium, I am of course Liebert Baak at your service!”

“So you’ve come to buy some literature about the Knightly orders have ya.. well I’m sorry to say I’ve not got any books on that topic…now now don’t look so crestfallen, maybe I can still be useful to ya, you see in my youth I was a bit of a scholar and I took a bit of interest in the orders myself so maybe I can help expand you mind.

“So were to start.. well I should probably explain what a knight is...

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Hour of the Wolf: Part 3

When we last left the part, they were in a dire situation.

Blocked from escaping, they had the unbearable task of facing more daemons that wanted to tear their flesh apart. Pink Horrors, summoned by the Bird-Woman of Marienburg, had descended down the well and attacked the party. Only Ser Gado, Michel and Siegfried represented any form of resistance against the three horrors, while Gerhard and Sibillia would be defenseless against these monstrosities.

As they jumped down, they had caught Gerhard by surprise, who was nearer to the well than anyone else. Frozen with fear, they pounced on him, all three of the Horrors.

Gerhard did not stand a chance and was sent crashing to the floor in pain as the Horrors ravaged him.

Ser Gado bravely stepped in at this point, charging as he invoked the bles...

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