Downtime Activities

So, what has the party been up?

Well, not much time has passed, but I can give a brief rundown of what their plans are, what they’ll likely be doing and what they’ve done. This is based on feedback I received from my group.

(Incidentally, Cortez renamed his character Sibillia to Sibilla… So now I’ll have to get into the habit of spelling it as Sibilla… sigh)

Sibilla Di Cosola – The Blooded Dove

Vampire Sib.. I mean, Priestess of Shallya, Sibilla Di Cosola, has been hard at work. Rumors of her ‘resurrection’ has spread through the city. Many have come to calling her the Blooded Dove. Her devotion to Shallya and selfless work is to be expected of any Sister of Shallya, but Sibilla has been at the forefront of it all, and it has not gone unnoticed.

She has evolved from an initiate to a priestess of her order, and now she has to deal with the reputation that comes from having a miracle bestowed upon her.

Many flock to the Temple of Shallya to see her, some even feigning illness or injury just to be treated by her. Indeed, Sibilla has grown tired of the endless attention, and looks forward to leaving the city soon.

Matriarch Isolde Begegnen of the Temple of Shallya has not afforded Sibilla any special treatment, and treats her the same as any one of her flock, but she has shown a greater amount of respect, allowing Sibilla far more access to the temple than before.


Gado Duvall

Gado has, for the time being, turned down the offer of Knight Eternal, graciously offered to him by Baron Todbringer. He intends to ride out at once following the lead that was given to him on Ethelka Hearson, who has the soul of his sister. That will be detailed in a future post when the session takes place, which should happen this month.


Michel Bastide

Michel plans to piggy back on Gado’s horse, and hopefully learn a few things about riding on the way. He was gifted a fine mount, but he needs to learn to ride first, otherwise it would only slow Gado down. Gado has offered to bring Michel along, to ride with him. So peasant and knight ride out together in search for Ethelka.


Gerhard Kramer – Now Gerhard von Kramer

Gerhard has been perhaps the busiest one out of the lot, aside from Sibilla. Not easy going from burgher to minor noble. The Hattendorf family had met an untimely end during the course of the adventure. They were indentured servants of the Purple Hand, marked by a curse put upon them by Ethelka, and obliged to do the Hands bidding. Erika had originally discovered their bodies after following Arendight, Ethelka’s daughter, to their family estate only to see that they were all murdered by the cursed mark of the Eye. Gerhard had discovered from reading the book that was given to him by a servant of Lord Hattendorf, that he was the last living relative of the Hattendorfs. Within the book also detailed an account of how the family became servants to the Purple Hand.

Lord Hattendorf’s son, Riddick, had rocked the boat… which ultimately led to the family’s demise. Gerhard had always known about the family connection, and how his family was left to destitute due to a falling out with the Hattendorfs. It would seem the tide of fortune has changed into his favor.

Making his way to the legalists guild, Gerhard began a long, long process of bureaucracy that would eventually, although not without a struggle, see him be declared as the sole benefactor of the Hattendorf estate. The grueling legal process was not without its positives; Gerhard had a new understanding for law and appreciation for it, and became a respected litigant (2nd Ed Career) in his own right. But there are challenges ahead – the Hattendorf family were not wealthy by any means, with most of the wealth haven been taken by the Purple Hand. With no way to reliably claim that wealth back, Gerhard will have to look at bringing in earnings. Owning a wealthy town house has its own burdens, as does taking on the responsibilities and debts of the Hattendorf estate…


Jurgen Noffein

Jurgen spends most of his time recuperating from his injuries. Once recovered, he plans to train with his new greatsword that is being forged for him. He also plans to write to his sigmarite brother, in an attempt to repair the rift that torn them apart, with Jurgen having a different perspective on sigmarites after all that has happened.

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