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Lore Spotlight: Imprisonment

Imprisonment is a relatively new concept in the Old World. A surprising notion, but not surprising when you realize that the most common form of punishment was fines, death or mutilation.

Case in point of the 10th century record showing Count Albertus II “the Sober” of Nuln, who ordered the jailing of town drunks rather than a public beating which would have been the preferred method at the time, because, as he said, “they are often impervious to pain when apprehended, but the suffering they will endure in the morning will be far worse than any whipping.” Today, many towns and villages maintain small lockups to hold drunks or petty criminals who are awaiting the next visit of a traveling magistrate...

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Lore Spotlight: The First Millennium

Source: Sigmar’s Heirs book

“History is not for weaklings, young man. No sir. It’s a profession full of danger and excitement. Just ask anyone who’s had to explain his research to the Witch Hunters.” – Professor Hans Meidecke, University of Altdorf (deceased)

The Empire has a history that spans over 2500 years, much of which has been lost in the annuls of time. War, fire, flood and even conspiracies have helped hide or erase much of the historical record, whether written down or preserved in artifacts. History has a habit of rewriting itself to suit whoever comes into possession of it. It is full of truths, half-truths and fabrications. It is important to separate fact from fiction, truth from myth...

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On The Edge of War: A Timeline

For the earlier timeline (and to help piece together the events unfolding) see the timeline of events that predated the Middenheim campaign –

Year – 2512


  • Events of Power Behind The Throne come to a close. Efforts on rebuilding the Temple of Ulric get stalled for now as the Ulricans seek to appoint a new successor to become the Ar-Ulric.
  • The Bird-Woman of Marienburg continues further north into Nordland. Elector-Count Theoderic Gausser of Nordland sends an envoy to Marienburg to request ‘reparations’ for the plight caused by the mutant...
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A New Ar-Ulric Arises

Over a period of four months, the Ulrican faith has a momentous task ahead of itself; to choose a successor to Emil Valgeir to become the Ar-Ulric. Wolf Lords from all over the empire where there is a major temple of Ulric come to Middenheim to take part in the process. There, should they wish, they can put themselves forward to become the next Ar-Ulric. Once all the candidates have been confirmed, the venerable wolves (who are the senior clergy of the priesthood) vote by standing behind the person they wish to vote for. It is then a simple matter to count which wolf lord has the largest wolf pack.

While it may sound simple in theory, the majority of the process is taken up by evaluating each wolf lord, their strengths, their merits and their weaknesses...

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To Confront A Witch…

*This was a short session in which Gado and two other PC’s (Sib and Michel) journeyed out to confront Ethelka. This was to resolve an arc and potentially close an arc for a PC that remained open, before the start of the new campaign in late January. Due to time constraints, this blog post will be shorter and I’ll be omitting several details in it.*

Ser Gado, Michel Bastide and Sibillia ride out to follow the lead that Gado had been given by the Baron; that Ethelka was last spotted at a coaching inn called the one-legged hound, a days ride north from the city.

The party set out to retrieve Michel’s horse that he was promised as a reward from the Graf. Together, they journeyed south of the city first to retrieve his horse from the stud farm there, owned by the Blackfoots.

The horse in ques...

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