On The Edge of War: A Timeline

For the earlier timeline (and to help piece together the events unfolding) see the timeline of events that predated the Middenheim campaign – http://periloustales.net/2016/12/31/the-enmy-within-dark-times-ahead/


Year – 2512


  • Events of Power Behind The Throne come to a close. Efforts on rebuilding the Temple of Ulric get stalled for now as the Ulricans seek to appoint a new successor to become the Ar-Ulric.
  • The Bird-Woman of Marienburg continues further north into Nordland. Elector-Count Theoderic Gausser of Nordland sends an envoy to Marienburg to request ‘reparations’ for the plight caused by the mutant. Marienburg politely refuses to pay any sort of reparations for it denies responsibility, but it understands the importance of the trading relationship between the Nordland port cities and its traders in addition to maintaining good relations considering the history between the two. The envoy is given a rather large ‘gift basket’ to return to Count Gausser.
  • Famed Witch-Hunter Mathias Thulmann is dispatched to hunt the foul abomination. Rumors circulate that the Witch-Finder General did so at the behest of the Grand Theogonist, possibly as a means to further improve relations between the Sigmarites and the Ulricans.
  • The funeral for Emil Valgeir, former Ar-Ulric, takes place. Thousands attend his funeral. Volkmar makes a stirring speech, but for some, it makes little difference in easing tensions between the two faiths.


  • Sons of Ulric, a fanatic sect of the Ulrican faith, continue to launch sporadic raids on defenseless pilgrims majority of whom are Sigmarites, but they do not discriminate against other Ulricans who they consider to be false believers. It is believed that they are being led by a fearsome warrior who calls himself Sigvard One-Eye.

Late Fall

  • A new Ar-Ulric is appointed. Reinhardt Karbold rises to take on the challenges that face the Empire and the cult of Ulric. Many are uncertain as to where Karbold will lead them. Much of the senior wolf priests try to exert their influence on the young wolf. Karbold proves himself as a great listener, yet some see him as unrelenting in his quest for peace at all costs. Some are even openly questioning whether the young wolf will try to achieve peace much at the expense of the Ulrican faith, and many fear he will give concessions to the Grand Theogonist in the upcoming meetings.
  • Massacre at Merxheim: The Reikland town of Merxheim, right on the border between Reikland and Middenland at the River Reik, gets attacked by a large band of fierce warriors believed to be the Sons of Ulric. The Sons of Ulric slaughter a good portion of the townsfolk including the local watch. A temple devoted to Sigmar along with its head priests and initiates are slaughtered while the temple itself is burned down. Many blame the Ulricans for what transpired and some see it as ‘revenge’ for what happened in Middenheim. Tension escalates between the populace of the two faiths. Some fear that what was a ‘cold war’ is now a ‘hot war’.
  • In response to this, the Ar-Ulric commands the Grandmaster of the White Wolves Rein Volkhard to hunt down this band of fanatics and bring them to justice. Rein Volkhard and a large retinue of White Wolves leave the city in search for this band of fanatics and its leader, Sigvard One-Eye. Rein Volkhard is concerned however for the security of the new Ar-Ulric and hand-picks members of the Teutogen guard before he leaves to be close at the Ar-Ulric’s side at all times.
  • Northern and Southern parts of Middenland see an increase in beastmen sightings. Reports of raids being conducted on farm settlements on the border of the Drakwald come in. Graf Boris Todbringer leads a small force into the Drakwald to rout out the beastmen. The incursion is not a success, but nor is it a failure. After slaughtering a small roving band of beastmen, the small force led by the Graf is forced to retreat back out of the Drakwald as more beastmen emerge. Graf Todbringer comes to realize that the threat of beastmen within his borders is much greater than he expected, and summons for a meeting with his Midden Marshals and the newly appointed Ar-Ulric.
  • Construction of the new temple is stalled by order of the Graf as winter sets in and resources become rationed. The Ulricans are not happy, and want their new Ar-Ulric to take the issue directly to the Graf in his upcoming meeting with Todbringer. The Ar-Ulric agrees to discuss it with the Graf.
  • Graf Todbringer is advised by his Midden Marshals that the beastmen threat will take several years to deal with as they have been left to breed and multiply within the Drakwald without much resistance. He orders for the Knights Panthers to step up in their efforts to curtail the beastmen menace and requests that the Ar-Ulric devote the resources of the White Wolves to the efforts. Ar-Ulric advises that the Sons of Ulric need to be dealt with, to which the Graf replies, “A naked band of fanatics devoted to barbarism who have no honour. They’re no threat to us or the Reiklanders. Let it serve as a lesson for the Sigmarites to better fortify their towns. Winter has set in, and its only going to get colder. Let the cold take them. Mark my words, come spring, we’ll hear no more of them. They’ll all be buried in the snow.” He orders the Ar-Ulric to recall the White Wolves from their task and devote them to the Drakwald and elsewhere to hunt down the beastmen. The Ar-Ulric reluctantly complies with the order and sends out a rider in search for Rein Volkhard.
  • The Ar-Ulrics position weakens slightly as many of the senior wolf priests see him as placating to the Graf. “The Ar-Ulric controls the White Wolves, not the Graf!” one priest loudly exclaimed upon hearing that Rein Volkhard was recalled.

Year 2513

Early Spring

  • A large band of greenskins under the leadership of Azhag is seen marching through Blackfire Pass. Further, smaller bands of greenskins are reported to be moving from Ostermark into the east of Ostland, looting the countryside. Some believe the reports are false, and that it is actually mercenaries in the employ of Talabecland ravaging the countryside on behalf of the Elector-Count of Talabec.
  • Ar-Ulric calls for a conference to take place in Middenheim in an attempt to make progress with the Sigmarites. Many of the Sigmarite delegates refuse to take part due to what happened at Merxheim and believe that the Ar-Ulric has done nothing to show that they are serious about dealing with the Sons of Ulric. Several leaks from within the cult of Ulric further hamper the Ar-Ulric’s attempts to call for talks. For now, the conference is postponed.
  • Reports continue to come from road wardens and scouts that beastmen are stepping up their attacks. The White Wolves move out in force against the multiple threats, making considerable progress. Rein Volkhard personally slays a large mutated Minotaur known by reputation as ‘Black Axe’.
  • Despite what the Graf said, the Sons of Ulric continue to pester and plague pilgrims, traveling caravans and rural settlements on the border between Reikland and Middenland, further hampering the Ar-Ulrics attempts to establish a peaceful dialogue. Volkmar the Grim states that “No such meeting will take place until I have assurances that the Sons of Ulric are being dealt with.”

Late Spring

  • An Ostland detachment is ambushed and severely decimated near the Talabecland border. The Ostland Elector blames Talabecland for the aggression and mobilizes three companies along the border. He sends his son Prince Hergard von Tasseninck, who previously survived an ambush in the Grey Mountains, to Altdorf in an attempt to seek support against Talabecland aggression. He sends further envoys to Nuln, and Stirland in hopes to attaining their support. A Hochland envoy is considered until he is informed that the new Ar-Ulric was a priest from Hochland.
  • Baron Stefan Todbringer, heir to Middenheim, dies in his sleep after a long illness. Baron Heinrich Todbringer is soon made a legitimate heir to the throne of Middenheim.

Early Summer

  • The Greenskins stomp their way through Stirland and make their way into Ostermark. Along the way they pillage and murder before meeting up with other bands of greenskins. Azhag leads them into Ostland.
  • Graf Alberich Haupt-Anderssen of Stirland agrees to an alliance with Ostland in case of a Talabecland invasion. Graf Anderssen however makes it clear that recent raids by Greenskins has stretched the Stirland resources and request financial assistance to ensure that such an alliance may continue. Altdorf and Nuln both ignore the Ostland request for assistance.
  • In a bizarre turn of events, Ostland’s Crown Prince Hergard von Tasseninck goes missing while in Altdorf on diplomatic duties. Rumors abound that he was nabbed by the Witch-Hunters, however they deny this. His father and Ostland Elector Hals von Tasseninck believes that Altdorf may be working with Talabecland interests as a result of this.

Late Summer

  • Volkmar the Grim urges for the Eimar Concord (peace discussions between the two faiths) to be brought back on track, but insists that the Ar-Ulric must show he is ‘serious’ about peace. Ar-Ulric Karbold, unwilling to compromise his relationship with the Graf, and in a need to show strength to those who believe he lacks it, sets out with his Teutogen guard to seek out the Sons of Ulric himself and this so-called Sigvard One-Eye. He believes doing so will demonstrate to the Grand Theogonist that the Ulrican faith does not support the Sons of Ulric.
  • The Talabecland village of Ronndorf is pillaged by Ostlanders. Graf Gustav von Krieglitz of Talabecland blames the Ostland Elector who in turn claims it is the work of Ulrican bandits or possibly Greenskins. Talabecland mobilizes additional troops along the border and sends messages to Hochland, Ostermark and Nordland for guarantees of support.
  • The Hochland Elector, Aldebrand Ludenhof, attempts to meditate between the two rather than pledging support for one or the other especially with the sensitive issue of having one of their own natives as the Ar-Ulric. However, his vassal, Baroness Hildegarde Tussen-Hochen is undermining his efforts and is directly responding to a request by Talabecland to pledge support to Talabecland. She mobilizes her army near Hergig in direct disregard of her liege lord.
  • Several Greenskin bands under Azhag’s leadership are routed by two Ostland companies under Ostland’s marshal and vassal, Valmir von Raukov. Many see Raukov as a much stronger leader than Hals von Tasseninck who has been issuing orders from the comforts of his estate.
  • The party intended to set out much earlier, but the previous winter was fierce with the winter storms coming down on Nordland and Middenland. Faced with this, they decided to postpone their hunt for the creature known as the Birdwoman and set out from Middenheim once late summer comes around.  A reward of 500 crowns has been placed on her head for any knight of nobility to claim her head although ‘lesser rewards’ have also been issued for commoners and bounty hunters to claim.

Early Fall

  • In the court of Middenheim, Graf Boris sends out riders to Nordland and envoys to Ostland and Talabecland urging them that the time is not for internal bickering when a greater enemy is on the rise, referring to the beastmen that prowl within his borders. His words fall on deaf ears.
  • Graf Todbringer’s young relative, Helmut Todbringer, who claims to be the rightful heir to Boris’s throne, directly challenges the wisdom of naming Heinrich Todbringer as heir to the throne and speaks publicly in favour of supporting the Ulrican brothers of Talabecland. His political maneuvering gains support within Middenland as many of the Middenlanders feel that a war is unavoidable and that the Sigmarites are to blame for the whole mess, often pointing to the mutant edict as a sign of their madness.
  • After a handful of minor incidents along the border, the Ostland and Talabecland companies mutually agree to temporarily disband their companies for the winter to avoid unnecessary attrition and to avoid a potential resurgent Greenskin threat. However both sides do not trust one another, in particular Ostland. Ostland have hired several mercenary bands to continue to harass and raid into Talabecland. On receiving intel on this, Elector Count of Talabecland has sent out riders to the Border Princes to secure the services of several famed mercenary bands. One is believed to be led by a man still wanted by authorities in Altdorf who goes by the name of Kall Horst.
  • Nordland officially announces an alliance with Talabecland, pledging support in case of Ostland aggression. A mere month after this, a daring act of outright aggression is taken upon Ostland after hearing the news concerning mercenaries under the employ of Ostland serving as proxies, several Nordland companies under the leadership of Graf Theoderic Gausser march into Ostland. Fierce fighting incurs but Ostland’s main strength remained on the border of Talabecland, which many companies were disbanded for the winter. The surprised winter assault led to swift victories for Nordland forces on the border.

Middle Fall

  • No word is heard from the Ar-Ulric and his Teutogen guard, who were last believed to be heading into the Middle Mountains in response to sightings of Sons of Ulric.
  • Nordland quickly captures Limshof and lays siege to the Ostland port town of Salkalten. Ostland rush to respond, but are pressed fearing that Talabecland will take advantage of the situation. Count Valmir von Raukov has been given the task to assemble his men and make a move on Nordland’s forces.
  • Wissenland offers ‘quiet’ support for Ostland, with Nuln sending arms and supplies to Ostland.
  • Riots break out in Altdorf. Multiple disputes ranging from the belief that the Sigmarites are not doing enough to answer the Ulrican attempt on the Grand Theogonist’s life to the still very thorny issue of the mutant edict and the continued absence of the Emperor. As the riots continue to get worse, a great shadow looms over the city. A bestial cry from above gets everyone’s attention as they look up. Some shout “Dragon!” while others cry out “It’s the bird woman!” Yet it is neither of those. Swooping down upon the city is the imperial griffon, Deathclaw. The Emperor’s personal mount. Karl Franz emerges as a faint silhouette in the sky atop his mount wielding Ghal Maraz, his voice can be heard by one and all as he shouts, “Stop this madness in the name of your Emperor!” The riots cease with the exception of sporadic pockets of continued violence. Schwarzhelm, the Emperor’s champion, leads efforts into rounding up the demagogues who were leading the riots. The Emperor does not descend down to the streets, instead making his presence felt in the skies until nightfall. The next morning, he is not seen again, but his appearance is the talk of the city.
  • Start of the Campaign (Coming in February).


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