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The Power Behind The Throne: My Thoughts

And so ends another chapter to the Enemy Within campaign. When I started this campaign back in February 2015, I had suspected it would take a long time to finish. Playing on a bi-weekly schedule with about 3-4 hours, sometimes but rarely 5 hours, has certainly contributed to the length of the campaign. But playing it for that long on a bi-weekly basis helps to prevent burnout and it also becomes less of a burden, not just on me, but on players trying to schedule to meet that weekly commitment.

It is still hard to imagine that this campaign will be going on its 4th year soon.

So far, this and Shadows Over Bogenhafen have been my favorite. Bogenhafen was wonderful in that everything felt ‘rural’ and homely, up until the shit hit the fan. It was an enjoyable chapter...

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GM Thoughts: Letting Choice & Consequence Play Out

From a player perspective, when I jump into a roleplaying game and into a character, into another realm, another universe; I like to be immersed. I like to believe that choices I make, and others make, matter and have an effect. Nothing stops that sooner than finding out or getting the impression that a choice you made that should, in theory, have a profound effect, was stamped out so that the story/plot could continue on its course.

It’s happened to me as a player. And when it hasn’t happened to me, I see it happen to others...

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GM Thoughts: Creative Brushing

Putting up with Cortez’s desire for multiple backups, or Darren’s excessive wrestling puns. Putting up with attempts by the party to burn down whole towns for lulz or dealing with situations like Drop… Drop… Drop… AKA, a complete and rather successful attempt at plot derailment, if temporary.

I ask myself; why do I do this. Why do I do this when retirement is so tempting.

Well, creativity, is what keeps me going. Ok, that’s a lie… creativity and the fact that I do enjoy gming, but being able to craft stories and watch as my players stumble through them like a bunch of moronic goats tumbling down a mountain without hope.

It’s fun.

Most people who gm will do it for various reasons. I do it cause I like the creative challenges it brings. Which leads me to what I call creative brushing.

Gming ...

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GM Thoughts: Learning To GM

I’ve not been a gamemaster for long. In fact I think its roughly 4/5 years now.  Probably closer to 4. In all that time, I’ve learned a lot. My original foray into gming came about as a desire to play more of Warhammer, having only experienced it as a player, and was left wanting when the campaign ended early. Finding Warhammer groups was hard, so hard that I found none in my searches. So I decided to ask some people, and get a group going. That’s not this ‘group’, but another group that I gm’ed with for upwards of a year.

I like to call that group my ‘beta’ group, for it served as a beta and a stepping stone as to the do’s and donts of gming. That isn’t a disservice to the original group, cause without that beginning I’d certainly be making the same mistakes I made back then now.

After t...

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