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Lore Spotlight: Imprisonment

Imprisonment is a relatively new concept in the Old World. A surprising notion, but not surprising when you realize that the most common form of punishment was fines, death or mutilation.

Case in point of the 10th century record showing Count Albertus II “the Sober” of Nuln, who ordered the jailing of town drunks rather than a public beating which would have been the preferred method at the time, because, as he said, “they are often impervious to pain when apprehended, but the suffering they will endure in the morning will be far worse than any whipping.” Today, many towns and villages maintain small lockups to hold drunks or petty criminals who are awaiting the next visit of a traveling magistrate...

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Lore Spotlight: The First Millennium

Source: Sigmar’s Heirs book

“History is not for weaklings, young man. No sir. It’s a profession full of danger and excitement. Just ask anyone who’s had to explain his research to the Witch Hunters.” – Professor Hans Meidecke, University of Altdorf (deceased)

The Empire has a history that spans over 2500 years, much of which has been lost in the annuls of time. War, fire, flood and even conspiracies have helped hide or erase much of the historical record, whether written down or preserved in artifacts. History has a habit of rewriting itself to suit whoever comes into possession of it. It is full of truths, half-truths and fabrications. It is important to separate fact from fiction, truth from myth...

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Spotlight: Here Be Daemons

“Daemons are the denizens of the Realm of Chaos. Created by the Dark Gods, they are sent forth to aid their mortal Champions in their campaigns to conquer the lands of civilised men. Some are mindless beings of pure animosity, whilst others are cunning and carefully plot the downfall of those they claim to serve. Daemons can be summoned, bound, compelled, and killed. They are beings of magic given form from our nightmares and fears. They exist only to bring about the end of all there is.” – Viktor Wechsler, Knight of the White Wolf.

Daemons are the stuff of nightmares given form. Serving their dark masters, they spill into the mortal plane to cause chaos, to murder gleefully and to spread their master’s influence...

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Lore Spotlight: Witch Hunters, Templar’s of Sigmar

“The time has come to act and only within this proud and ancient order lies the strength of will, the zeal and the righteous fury required to save us. They call us Witch Hunters, in their fear and ignorance, without even the slightest idea of the monstrous deeds we must commit on their behalf. To be a member of this ancient order is to be feared, shunned and despised. Those who seek glory, or even recognition of their labors should look to another profession, for we must face terrors that would still a lesser man’s heart, but our only thanks is the venomous hatred of all who behold our silver chain of office and a lifetime of blood, flame and fear.” Kasper von Liebenstein, author of the Witch Hunters Handbook.

What is a Witch Hunter?

A Witch Hunter is a Templar, devoted to Sigmar (wit...

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Spotlight: Liebert Baak’s Guide To Knightly Orders: Part One

Authors note, This will be a mix of canon and non canon.

Written by Courtney (Cortez).

On a quite street in the city-state of Nuln, there is a book store called Baak’s Books and scrolls Emporium.

“Welcome friends to Baak’s books and scrolls Emporium, I am of course Liebert Baak at your service!”

“So you’ve come to buy some literature about the Knightly orders have ya.. well I’m sorry to say I’ve not got any books on that topic…now now don’t look so crestfallen, maybe I can still be useful to ya, you see in my youth I was a bit of a scholar and I took a bit of interest in the orders myself so maybe I can help expand you mind.

“So were to start.. well I should probably explain what a knight is...

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Secret Society Spotlight: The Brotherhood of Clockmakers

Canon Status: Official, derived from Liber Ecstatica

One might be mistaken to assume that the Brotherhood of Clockmakers is some sort of society that revolves around making clocks. Far from it.

Once a tiny society focused around Nuln, The Brotherhood now has chapter houses in several other cities throughout the Empire. While the chapter houses are often large, impressive buildings, the society is very secretive, especially about its membership.

Those that wish to join must go through a lengthy initiation procedure, make several proclamations to other members, and finally, learn various secret gestures and keywords so that they can be identifiable to other members of the society.

The chapter house is not just a place to relax and converse with like-minded citizens, however...

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Lore Spotlight: Boris Todbringer

– Boris Todbringer (Before the infamous Khazrak duel in which he lost his eye)

Age: 57 (As of 2512)

Description: 6’1, medium strong build. Thinning brown hair with a great bushy yet groomed beard.

Title: Elector Count Boris Todbringer, Graf of Middenheim, Grand Duke of Middenland, Prince of Carroburg, Protector of the Drakwald, Warden of the Middle Mountains, and Beloved of Ulric.

Nicknames: Boris the Stern; Boris the Red (on account of his fierce temper, ‘Seeing Red’)

Father: Bertholdt Todbringer (deceased)

Mother: Birgit Nikse (Nordland family) (deceased)

First Wife: Maria von Richthofen, died in childbirth (Stefan Todbringers mother)

Second Wife: Anika-Elise Nikse, died in the first half of 2512.

Children: Heinrich Todbringer (Eldest, born to a ex lady-at-court), Katarina Todbringer...

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Secret Society Spotlight: The Bootstrapper’s Guild

I will be doing a series of lore posts going over some of the secret society’s in the Old World. Most of these will be canon, derived from official sources. I will make mention whether or not a spotlight is canon (official) or not. The purpose of this as well is to educate that not all secret societies are chaos worshiping cults. Some pursue noble agendas, others much darker desires.

First up, the Bootstrapper’s Guild.

Canon Status: Official (derived from WFRP 3rd Ed, Liber Ecstatica) –

In the Empire, class is everything – or at least it is to the upper classes. In nearly all cases, a man born a peasant will die a peasant. A man born to a cobbler will die a cobbler...

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NPC Spotlight: Alric Eisenhower

Birth of Alric Eisenhower

Alric Eisenhower originally started out as a name conjured up in the player character Ulrico Eisenhower’s background. I’m always a fan of making use of PC backgrounds, and having them involved into the story. Some might get 2-bit parts. Others might get more involved.

Ernst Steurmann started out as the uncle of Kall Horst.

Erika Johann was an npc in Piet’s background, and later had a more prominent role in the story, before being taken over by a player.

Johan Karling was the younger step-brother of Liliana, whose role was reversed. Instead of me making use of him, the player brought him in as a playable backup...

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Lore Spotlight: Godly Relations

It may come as a surprise to some to learn that the Gods of the Old World Pantheon are related, well, most of them. For example, did you know that Ulric, God of Winter and Wolves is the younger brother to Taal, the God of the Wilds? And that Taal is married to Rhya, Goddess of Agriculture, Birth and Fertility?

If that did not come as a surprise, then perhaps the knowledge (although disputed) that Morr has a black sheep in his family might surprise you… Khaine, the God of Murder and Cruelty, is Morr’s younger brother. I bet he’s a hoot at parties! It’s a bit of an odd coincidence isn’t it, that the God of Death, Dreams and Prophecy, is related to the God of Murder...

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