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Lore Spotlight: The Ulrican Cult

The purpose of this lore spotlight is not to go over every detail concerning the Ulrican cult. There are plenty of source materials out there that go into greater detail, and not everything will be covered in this post, as that would require far too much time; however this post is designed to summarize the most important aspects of the Ulrican faith, and to flesh it out in parts.

Origins of Ulric

According to the Liber Lupus (Book of the Wolf), the Cult of Ulric is one of the oldest human religions in the world. Millennia ago, Ulric is said to have led a tribe of humans to a boundless, forested land. The tribe, called the Teutogens, was wild and savage, and took to slaughtering the indigenous forest people to prove their worth.

Legend holds that after uncounted years of tribal warfare...

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Lore Spotlight: Origins of Chaos

Dark. Unfathomable. Unknowing. Great, and Powerful. Answerable to no-one. These are the dark gods. Their reach knows no limits. Their presence is felt far and wide. They bestow great gifts upon mortals and immortals alike, who pray to them, promising to serve the dark gods for an eternity if need be.

Each of them has a number. Each of them has a name.

But what of their origins? How did they come into being? Did they always exist?

The Old Ones

There are many myths and legends as to the origin of Chaos. There are many tales told of the early days of the World. One thing that seems to remain constant with all these tales is that a great calamity befell the world in its early days...

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Lore Spotlight: The Skaven Conspiracy Re-visited

I had previously made a post concerning the skaven conspiracy. Well… you could hardly call it a post. It was more of a jokey lore post. But as part of a request to fill in a lore inconsistency (of which there is many when your dealing with GW, but in this case, there is none) I thought I’d re-visit this topic.

The apparent inconsistency in the lore is this: At one stage in the Empire’s history, the skaven invaded the entire Empire. Towns were wiped out, ransacked or enslaved to giant ratmen. Cities were ravaged, some more than others. Nuln did not fare well, as did Altdorf. The Empire was on its knees, about to collapse...

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Lore Spotlight: The Palisades, continued

As previously discussed here –

I thought I’d go into more detail concerning the Palisades, their ‘moral’ compass if they have one, and the general operation of the organization.


The Palisades operate using cell groups that are scattered throughout the empire. The majority of these cells are located within the Imperial Capital. The compact localization of this allows the Palisades greater efficiency than would assume for a splintered organization that prides itself on secrecy and independent cells that are cut off from one another.

Here’s a diagram showing how the Palisades is structured:

  • Office of the Cullis: The Cullis is the head of the Palisades whose identity is only known by 3 people; t...
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Lore Spotlight: The Skaven Conspiracy – Do Skaven Exist?

No, they don’t. What you talking about? Giant rats? Are you soft in the head?!? Away with ya!

Move along, move along! Nothing to see here!

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Norsca – Men of the North

In the cold north of the Old World, across the stormy Sea of Claws, lies the frigid land of Norsca. This is a harsh realm of snow, where deadly forests of ice and mountains of frost reach skywards to the heavens, marching down to its impregnable coast.

The northern regions of the Old World suffer from extremes of climate and geography unlike anywhere
else. The dense dark forests, high barren mountains, icy seas and long winter nights conspire to make life here both hard and short. Cold and forbidding, it would seem unlikely that people could live there in any
significant numbers. This cruel land is home to the Norse – a race of men that are as fierce, brutal and
unforgiving as the landscape itself. The Norse are a populous race and their settlements reach towards the
pole to the very bord...

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Lore Spotlight: Grand Theogonist


What exactly Is A Grand Theogonist?

Well, if you ask Ricky (one of my players) then he is the High King of the Dwarfs. Thankfully that’s not the case, and I suggest you avoid asking Ricky anything lore related…

So, serious now – The Grand Theogonist is essentially the Pope of the Old World. He is the head of the Sigmarite church, and he is Sigmar’s chosen representative. He also has a vote on who gets to become the next Emperor, which is worth 3 votes in total. So yes, if you ever plan on putting your fat ass on that imperial throne, then you best get cosy with the Grand Theogonist.

The Grand Theogonist operates out of the capital, which in this case is Altdorf. (For those that don’t know, the capital has been known to ‘move’ around...

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Heresy: Thou Shan’t Preach Thy Falsehood!


  • Heresy; opinion profoundly at odds with what is generally accepted.

Heresy is prevalent in all the cults, some more than others. When found, it is swiftly dealt with, as heresy is the one thing a religious organization fears the most. If enough people sprout the heresy, it can soon catch fire; before they know it, everyone is preaching this falsehood. That is dangerous. So dangerous that sprouting heresy in public is a sure way to a quick yet painful death. Don’t count on a trial, and if your lucky to get a trial… don’t hold out hope for anything but ‘guilty’. That’s assuming your not stoned to death by the public first.

Heresy can come in many forms, even atheism may be considered heretical to the point that if you’re asked whether or not you hold faith to one particular god and your a...

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Magnus The Pious: A Scholarly Insight


– Magnus von Bildhofen

Magnus von Bildhofen, otherwise fondly known as Magnus the Pious is arguably the greatest Emperor to have ever graced the imperial throne. But what exactly do we know of him?

Before he became famous, Magnus von Bildhofen was a relatively unknown noble part of a prestigious Middenland family who worshiped Ulric. Much of Magnus’s family history remains clouded. What is known is that his father was a devout Ulrican named Josef von Bildhofen. Magnus has a half-brother, Gunthar, whose mother was the second wife of Josef. Magnus was the blacksheep of the family, devoting his time not to Ulric, but to Sigmar. At the time, the Bildhofen family resided in Nuln, rather than in Middenland...

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Lore Spotlight: Minor Deities of the Empire

Most readers of Warhammer lore will be familiar with the gods and their relationships with the Old World. But what about the ones you rarely hear about?

As mentioned in Sigmar Heirs Fantasy Book, there are many minor deities. Local towns/villages will also have their own deity that may be unique to that area. Another fun aspect of minor deities is that a creative GM can create as many of them as he wants and tie them into the story. In the mini-shot Marienburg campaign that I did, I made mention of a minor god called Olaf who was the deity of misconceptions and misunderstandings, a creation of my own. People will usually dream up a deity for any particular reason, and some are rooted in old religion.

Some may even be aspects of another primary god...

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