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GM On An Extended Break

The GM (that’s me, yay) is on an extended break, and by extension, that means Warhammer as well. Originally the games were going to start again in late Jan/Feb, but that is looking unlikely. Hopefully the games will pick up in around the Second Quarter of 2018. After running Warhammer consecutively for 2 years (or is it 3 years, I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE ARGH!) with only a month or so as a break, I think I’m entitled to a little holiday away from roleplaying 😛

I’ve had a quick glance at the sites stats which shows that it continues to receive lots of viewership despite the lack of recent posts. Which is good. Hello to Sweden in particular 😛

Have a good New Year and a Merry Shitmas!

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Never Trust An Elf… (Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop)

GM Note* Been a busy week for me, so this blog is rather late since we had a game on the 16th. There’s also another game tomorrow. Also, sadly one of our players has had to drop out due to real life obligations; Idrael who plays Eladril. He will be missed. This will be bringing the player count to 6 current players.

A LOT has happened since the 16th game… A lot. Two separate one-off trial sessions were held for two certain characters who got on the wrong side of the law! So lets get this rolling…

When we last left the party, they were outside the Blazing Hearth, making their way into the inner-city to enjoy the spoils and delights provided by festival week; Middenland’s greatest carnival which happens every 2 years.

As the party made their way further into the city, a certain priest is o...

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Don’t Mention The Warpstone!

When we last left our dim-adventurers; Eckhardt was busy having his thumb removed, Borri was having a good ould swim in his own vomit, Durgin was having harsh words with a box named fred, Tafwick was spewing his guts over the side of the Strumpet barge after a disagreement with some rotgut, and Kall along with Ulrico were perhaps the only ones doing anything remotely useful.

If you can call plotting to break into someones house useful, well then yeah.

Kall and Ulrico make their way back when a middle-aged woman approaches them dressed in peasant garbs and generally looking worse for wear.

“Ex..excuse me, but… would, would you be, would you be friends of Eckhardt?”


Ulrico cautiously answers yes...

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Two New Posts Coming Up Soon!

Last Tuesday we had our WFRP game. It proved to be an exciting and deadly affair when a the Necrach decided to show itself at last… but not just that, an old friend appears. The post for the main campaign will go up in a couple of days as its being guest written by Darren and will be written from the perspective of Tafwick.

Another post will soon follow – The mini-Marienburg slash Cathay slash Quantum Leap game is continuing on in a very bizarre fashion, directly contrasting the main campaign. Liliana, and her trusted butler Wilfred who had served her father for many years, find themselves trapped in an orb. At first, they thought they were teleported to Cathay as a result of her father wishing it. Then they discovered they were not teleported, and Liliana suspected they went back in time...

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Welcome To The New Blog!

The new site is up, and barring any technical hiccups, all future WFRP blogs from Periloustales will be posted here.

For convenience sake, a link containing the old blog site will be posted above each future blog.

Note* The categories are still messed up at the moment due to importing over all the blogs.

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Cathay..Dark..Bogenha..Screw it! Liliana & Wilfred Episode 2!

What do you do when you land out of the sky in a foreign land in a big mansion surrounded by peculiar foreigners who are steadily approaching you with spears drawn?

You get down on your motherfucken knees and pray they don’t stick you with the pointy end. That’s what Liliana and Wilfred, her trusted companion and butler did. Well actually, running is also a viable option but when you got a near 20 stone butler and a one-armed frail girl, your not going to get very far…


After stepping out of their now shattered house, and praying they didn’t land on someone, they are approached by a dozen spear-wielding foreigners dressed in fancy regalia and strange armour of a design that they’ve never seen before. They approach, spears lowered and only a few inches away from them.

Liliana shouts out in ...

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Marienburg: Ep1 – We Are Not In Kansas Anymore

The story of Liliana de Karling-Satou continues as she makes her way back to her home; Marienburg.

It’s a 3 month journey on the river to Marienburg. Liliana is on the Berebelli, along with her brother, Johann and Kall’s uncle, Ernst Steurmann.

It’s a rather uneventful journey, but along the way Ernst and Liliana share a few moments to talk. Ernst is concerned about Liliana and how she seems to have ‘changed’ in an unusual way, such as her pale complexion and the cold that now emanates from her. Ernst has no idea that Liliana now possesses ice magic, although he certainly has had suspicions ever since the Maria-borger back on the river reik when Liliana tried to tangle with that vampire, and lost an arm for her efforts.

Ernst is on deck, relaxing and chilling out with a cup of reiklander w...

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To Blow, Or Not To Blow, That Is The Question…

Tower Construction _Exterior_.jpg

Durgin, Eckhardt, Borri and Tafwick are at the signal tower. Kall and Ulrico remain on the barge.

Much deliberation is had at the signal tower between the four party members as to what to do concerning the gunpowder. After what must pass as 20/30 minutes of discussion, they set about setting the explosives. The signal tower has four floors to it, and only one way in, although one can get through the windows that are placed on the first and second floor, and the roof has a clear open top. They decide to place the gunpowder on the first floor (ground floor), and set the fuses. Borri and Tafwick are given the task of actually lighting it when trouble starts, and are to wait just outside the signal tower...

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This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things…

After licking their wounds (lots of licking is done) from their dreaded encounter with the Necrarch vampire, the party opt to staying on the east bank, hoping, praying… that Brother Valdric was right, and that the fiend cannot cross running water.

Once the morning comes, and relief is had that they are still very much alive – just about -, they decide on what to do. Durgin, the dwarf slayer, calls for a meeting.

Everyone is assembled, and much discussion is had on what to do now in relation to this threat. Durgin says that he plans to fight it at any opportunity given, but he does not expect the party to share that risk.

“It’s toying with us, playing with us. That thing is immensely powerful. I should know...

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A Rotting Experience…

*GM Note*: A new player joins us today who is playing Dwarf Slayer Durgin Mendrisson, along with another new character played by long-term player Darren who has previously played Liliana and Johann (Sister & Brother) and is now playing a cheeky halfling rogue. But the adventures of Liliana and Johann are not finished yet… And will be continued in a mini-campaign series called ‘Marienburg Episodes,’ which I hope to start soon, as Liliana’s absence from the party may only be a temporarily one. Or if her time in Marienburg goes astray, perhaps a permanent one!

Continued on from previous blog…

It is a new day in Altdorf...

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