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Starting Up Again In March

The continuation that is the Enemy Within campaign, which is now in the final chapter (and subsequently the longest campaign book) is set to continue in march.

There will be an upcoming audio recap to catch up on things and refresh memories. Last game was in November, so it has been only 3 months since the last game. Not that long really!

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On The Edge of War: A Timeline

For the earlier timeline (and to help piece together the events unfolding) see the timeline of events that predated the Middenheim campaign –

Year – 2512


  • Events of Power Behind The Throne come to a close. Efforts on rebuilding the Temple of Ulric get stalled for now as the Ulricans seek to appoint a new successor to become the Ar-Ulric.
  • The Bird-Woman of Marienburg continues further north into Nordland. Elector-Count Theoderic Gausser of Nordland sends an envoy to Marienburg to request ‘reparations’ for the plight caused by the mutant...
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A New Ar-Ulric Arises

Over a period of four months, the Ulrican faith has a momentous task ahead of itself; to choose a successor to Emil Valgeir to become the Ar-Ulric. Wolf Lords from all over the empire where there is a major temple of Ulric come to Middenheim to take part in the process. There, should they wish, they can put themselves forward to become the next Ar-Ulric. Once all the candidates have been confirmed, the venerable wolves (who are the senior clergy of the priesthood) vote by standing behind the person they wish to vote for. It is then a simple matter to count which wolf lord has the largest wolf pack.

While it may sound simple in theory, the majority of the process is taken up by evaluating each wolf lord, their strengths, their merits and their weaknesses...

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To Confront A Witch…

*This was a short session in which Gado and two other PC’s (Sib and Michel) journeyed out to confront Ethelka. This was to resolve an arc and potentially close an arc for a PC that remained open, before the start of the new campaign in late January. Due to time constraints, this blog post will be shorter and I’ll be omitting several details in it.*

Ser Gado, Michel Bastide and Sibillia ride out to follow the lead that Gado had been given by the Baron; that Ethelka was last spotted at a coaching inn called the one-legged hound, a days ride north from the city.

The party set out to retrieve Michel’s horse that he was promised as a reward from the Graf. Together, they journeyed south of the city first to retrieve his horse from the stud farm there, owned by the Blackfoots.

The horse in ques...

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Middenheim: The Immediate Aftermath

This post is meant to detail the outcome and consequences of events that have transpired over the course of the adventure. Another post detailing events on a much more global scale to fill in the gap between now and January will be done at a later date. For now, this post deals with the local aftermath of the Power Behind The Throne chapter.

Funeral of the Ar-Ulric, Emil Valgeir

– Emil Valgeir

The funeral for the Ar-Ulric takes place 3 days after the collapse of the temple. Normally, the funeral would take place within the great Temple of Ulric, but alas, their temple is no more. The Sigmarites, in a rare gesture, offer the use of their temple as a sign of unity. The Ulricans ‘politely’ refuse the offer.

The expected turnout for the funeral of the Ar-Ulric is said to be in the thousan...

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Downtime Activities

So, what has the party been up?

Well, not much time has passed, but I can give a brief rundown of what their plans are, what they’ll likely be doing and what they’ve done. This is based on feedback I received from my group.

(Incidentally, Cortez renamed his character Sibillia to Sibilla… So now I’ll have to get into the habit of spelling it as Sibilla… sigh)

Sibilla Di Cosola – The Blooded Dove

Vampire Sib.. I mean, Priestess of Shallya, Sibilla Di Cosola, has been hard at work. Rumors of her ‘resurrection’ has spread through the city. Many have come to calling her the Blooded Dove. Her devotion to Shallya and selfless work is to be expected of any Sister of Shallya, but Sibilla has been at the forefront of it all, and it has not gone unnoticed.

She has evolved from an initiate to a priest...

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Epilogue: Keep On Smiling

Sibillia wakes up groggy. She recalls her encounter with Smiler at the temple. He had drugged her, waving something under her nose that overpowered her senses. She collapsed into his arms, and that was that… It was done in broad daylight surrounded by many priests, but Smiler was no fool. “O my good lady! You have fainted! You are clearly overworked, best get you to the temple of Shallya…” he had declared. It was enough to escape suspicion. Smiler was an agent of the Purple Hand who had tried to kill her once before, and now he had taken her.

Sibillia found herself tied to a chair. Her arms are free, yet a rope is tied around her waist to the chair, and her legs are also tied. She finds herself at in a small rundown hovel, trash and rubbish lay scattered about...

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The Wolf Among Us Part 2

To briefly summarize several non-key events that unfold:

Gado and Michel went to the temple. There, they saw Sibillia aiding Jurgen, with the intent of bringing him to the temple of Shallya.

Gado found his horse unharmed, but Geoffrey was being put to task as a work horse, helping shift much of the rubble. Gado managed to negotiate the release of his horse, but the Denfather did not make it easy.

From there they journeyed to the temple of Shallya.

Gerhard had been treated by a physician at the physicians guild. He would later be charged a considerable amount for such treatment. However, he found himself capable of walking again, albeit, with a heavy limp. He was told he’d have to live with it.

Gerhard made his way to the watch barracks, after being summoned to do so by Captain Helmut...

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The Wolf Among Us Part 1

It has been sometime since the last post – much has happened. At least four/five sessions have taken place, two of those were individual sessions; dealing with Sibillia and Jurgen Noffein. So much has happened that it would need at least two or three blog lengthy blog posts to cover everything. Rather than spread it all out over a few posts (and spend a considerable amount of time writing) I will sum up the events that have transpired without my usual detailed account. However, I will detail the key moments. I’ll try and do this in 2 parts.

On another note: the campaign chapter of The Power Behind The Throne has come to an end! We will be taking a break until January next year, when we will pick up from where we left off...

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Blog Posts Coming Up Soon!

Last blog post was in September – There’s been more than a few games held since then as I’ve not had the time to do a post.

This is in response to some PM’s I’ve had asking about the blog. Will be getting them up shortly!

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