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The Enemy Within: Dark Times Ahead

A new campaign with fresh new character faces (and 1 additional new player, bringing the total to 7 players) is set to begin in late January. Enough time to recover from my New Years hangover…

So to prepare for the upcoming game, and to provide some relevant background information, here’s a timeline of events that have transpired for both the party and stuff that has transpired in the background that the party may or may not have heard during their adventures.

Year – 2512

Early Spring

  • Crown Prince Hergard von Tasseninck of Ostland leaves for Altdorf accompanied by his retinue of men after receiving rumors that were born out of Talabecland that a preacher in the Grey Mountains is heralding the return of Sigmar...
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Next Part Coming Up In February

The next part of the campaign will be coming up in February.

It will see all 6 party members (touch wood) return to new roles in addition to one new player:

Adriel will be playing a Wood Elf, Kithband Warrior. He formally played Borri, the dwarfen smith.

Cortez will be playing a Thug. He formally played Durgin, the dwarf slayer.

Hugh will be playing a High Elf apprentice mage. He formally played Eckhardt/Kaster, the man-at-arms.

Kieran wil be playing a burgher, a wealthy resident of Middenheim. He formally played Kall Horst, the outrider/highwayman.

Ricky will be playing a Bretonnian bounty hunter. He formally played Ulrico, the physician that threw the party under the bus!

Darren will be playing a initiate of Ulric. He formally played Liliana, Johann and then Tafwick.

Kurt will be playing...

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On A Break

The GM (Me) is on a well deserved break, so for anyone who regularly checks out the blog, there will be no game till sometime in October. Or November. Really depends on how much I’m enjoying my time off from gming and prepwork for the next part of the campaign.

Would also like to bring closure to the deaths of Tafwick and Durgin in a quick summary. Unfortunately the two players who were meant to write up their own perspectives of what happened can’t due to time constraints and whatnot (just being lazy if you ask me :P) I’ll give a very quick summary of what happened to them.


Durgin disembarks the barge and intends on dealing with the undead menace that is now rising from the grave in Wittgendorf...

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A Storm Is Brewing… Dark Times Ahead…


A conspiracy is at play. Hooded figures creep amidst the shadows, continuing with their insidious schemes. A cult that calls itself the Purple Hand is making a move upon the chessboard that is the Empire. Already it has claimed a victory; the removal of Graf Wilhelm von Sapnatheim, and in his place, a powerful ally. It may have claimed many other unseen victories that have yet to bear fruits… Yet it has also suffered a defeat; the loss of the Red Crown cult who served them doppelgangers for some unknown purpose has been wiped off the map.

While indeed a setback for the Purple Hand, it does not mean defeat, and is merely a hitch in a grand conspiracy...

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