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List of current players:

Ulrico2 – Ulrico – Ricky/MrDead

female1 – Liliana/Johann/Tafwick – Darren/ScottishWolf

Simon-III-3 – Godfrey de Montfort / Tom (SouthernFairy) *Gone. Likely to be in a mad house by now, raving on about vampires and such.

nlRhhtb –¬†Eckhardt Konrad/Harple

Kall – Kall Horst – Kieran/ZenithBane

images (12)  РFinja РElspeth/Jeannette *Vanished without a trace. Oddly enough, exactly what her dooming entails.

f5c9470df5f93c543f998da0ee4b5f5c – Borri – IDrael

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Blood On The Trail To Altdorf…

Grunburg, a small town within the province of the Reikland. It is here that the party of 4 meet…

Ulrico Eisenhauer, a traveling apothecary arrives in the town with a friend of his that he met on his travels, Eckhardt Konrad, a soldier from the Ostenmark province. Together they seek a room at the Laughing Minstrel Inn, a rather unremarkable stop in the town of Grunburg.

Before they arrived, two other strangers had sought out the inn. Kall Horst, a traveling Outrider with business in Altdorf, came across a distressed Finja Dieterich in the hills south of Grunburg off the beaten track. Kall Horst had given aid to Finja, agreeing to bring her as far as Grunburg.

They had only one thing in common. They were all going to Altdorf, the capital of the Empire...

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