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Recap: The Journey So Far

I decided to do a recap on the most recent events since leaving Bogenhafen that may help freshen the mind:

After leaving Bogenhafen in good haste, and doing so while being wanted men for the murder of the merchant families and wanted for ‘questioning’ by the Witch Hunters, the party journeyed up the River Bogen, heading north.



Being wanted by the authorities is not a life choice they had planned (although their actions in the town would say otherwise) and the party leave the town somewhat changed and worse for wear after their fateful encounter with the trickster lesser daemon, Gideon.

Ernst Steurmann, the uncle of Kall Horst reveals some truth to them...

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Eckhardt’s Shadow…

On both sides of the Weissbruck canal, the two elements of the party make progress to Altdorf, the capital of the Empire.


Now that Ulrico and Finja have the assistance of the roadwardens, they arrive roughly around the same time as Borri, Eckhardt and Johann, albeit from different gates. Fancy that!

Borri and co pay the rather exorbitant fee of 100 pence (leg tax +horse tax) when asked by the gatekeeper whether or not he’s a registered coach company. The honest dwarf replies that he is not, and thus, is slapped with the horse tax fee as well as the leg tax.

After a quick whip around, they pay and are allowed entry into the majestic seat of the Empire. Sigmar’s city.

Altdorf City Map.png

Ulrico and Finja however are entering from the west gate, riding with the wardens...

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An Evening With Horst…

Kall Horst is heading back the way they came, in an attempt to find Belvar.

After what seems like hours, he finally comes across the barge. It’s sails has been cut and it lies tied to the shore. Kall cautiously investigates it but finds nothing of use. Clearly it has been ransacked. He does however find tracks leading into the forest and also tracks that belong to a horse. Belvar!

He follows the tracks for what seem like an hour until he comes across a camp. He remains unseen and creeps up to get a better view.


He spots six bandits sitting around a low fire for warmth and his beloved horse, Belvar, is currently tied to a tree. The bandits seem completely oblivious to his approach as they talk amongst themselves.

Kall decides to get closer and heads north through the trees until he gets in...

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An Analysis On Splitting Up – Multiple Times!

With more than a few faces in Weissbruck wishing to do harm to the party – a seemingly regular occurrence now – the party make haste in making arrangements to leave Wissbruck. Finja has already paid a local barge captain a handsome sum of 2 crowns to ferry them to Altdorf, a great bearded fellow by the name of Gunther. The party earlier on decided that it be best to drop Liliana off at Altdorf before continuing on to track down the Graf’s missing daughter.

Having retrieved their equipment, the party waste little time in going. However a discussion takes place regarding what to do with the Graf’s carriage and its two horses. Borri suggests that they split up, with the carriage heading to Altdorf along the canal route while the barge continues up river.

Borri will be driving, while Eckhardt ...

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