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Don’t Drink The Rotgut…

Continuing on from last blog…

The hooded man appears to be middle-aged. He is wearing a dark brown dirty looking cloak, and when he speaks, he does so softly. Sporadic fits of coughing accompanies him as he speaks, “Are you Captain Rein Gutter?” he asks Kall.

Kall responds no at first, then he remembers the registration papers for the barge, courtesy of the Palisades. Ulrico is currently masquerading as Rein Gutter. “He’s not here at the moment.”

“When he gets back, tell him we have a mutual friend in Altdorf. Come to the Shooting Star inn when he is ready.”

The man scampers off.

As the party leave the Garden of Morr, they hear a lot of voices coming from the town square. They decide to check it out.

Lady Magaritte Mounted

They decide to peek around the corner rather than fully go out...

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Eckhardt’s Last Stand & Party Snooping

When we last left of, our intrepid hero was facing certain doom. What shall become of him, you ask? O woe is me, not Eckhardt! Not my favorite character, said one reader who definitely did exist… *cough*

Eckhardt finds himself utterly disgusted by the Baroness, and now knowing for certain that she must be in league with some cultist activities (not to mention he recognizes Alric Eisenhaurer on the wanted poster from earlier) he charges at her, halberd lowered. At that precise moment, a few things became apparent in Brother Rufus’s mind (the Morr Priest that escorted Eckhardt); “Shit, did I really just let him in with all his weapons?” & “Damn, I better tongue him…”

Opening his mouth, he unleashed a long sizzling tongue dripping in acid towards Eckhardt...

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A Trip Down The River

After a short break, we are back!

The party follow the other barge, keeping some distance as they make their way down river towards the town of Wittgendorf, following the Red Crown’s contact.

It’s at least a 2 day journey. On the first night, the party pull over onto the west bank to get some rest.

Borri who has been liberally taking advantage of Bugman’s Triple X is completely out of it, drunk as a skunk and makes his way to the captains cabin to sleep it off. Along the way he see’s Tafwick busy scrawling on a scrap of paper the deeds of Durgin; a duty that he now bears the responsibility for ever since Durgin made him his Rememberer...

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What Is Dead May Never Die…

The party make their way onwards down river towards Kemperbad. It will be at least 22-24 day journey on the river.

Before they departed the signal tower, the party had opted to burn the corpse of the foul Necrach, turning it into blackened ash, and then carefully putting that ash in a chest. For some bizarre reason, the party decided to bring the ashes onto the barge. Perhaps their plan was to give the ashes to a temple of Morr in Kemperbad. Not a bad idea, if it wasn’t so far away.

Unfortunately, vampires are not so easy to kill. The weaker bloodlines can be sufficiently killed with a stake of hawthorn wood, ash or rosewood, driven into their blackened hearts. Even then, that isn’t enough...

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The Written Word – Tafwick Bramwood

The following excerpt is a heavily biased retelling of the fateful events that took place at the Signal Tower that night, from the halfling Tafwick Bramwood. You have been warned. (With some bits from the GM adding in missing parts)

…. So we all moved to the stairs, as quickly as possible. I had an arrow cocked, Durgin was planted at the front and Eckhardt was doing his best to direct us but the rest of us were panicking – this was a Necrach. Some kind of damned Vampire Lord. I had no idea what that meant, nor any inclination what a Necrach was. But our last encounter proved to me it looked like bad news. Serious bad news.

I was on my way to get the one thing we had which could ensure it wouldn’t be seeing the surface again, a barrel of finest dwarven gunpowder...

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