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The Plot So Far…

Voice 1: Are you sure?

Voice 3: Positive. She was spotted leaving with another prostitute.

Voice 1: Strict orders were given for her not to leave!

Voice 3: They are being followed. I could have them intercepted if you wish.

Voice 1: No… See where this whore leads us. But do not lose them. Kill the girl if need be.

Voice 3: There is other news, something that requires your immediate attention.

Voice 1: Speak, don’t delay.

Voice 3: Arendight has not reported in, and we know little to nothing about what transpired at the Guild.

Voice 1: Do you know anything of this?

Voice 2: Nothing.

Voice 1: Nothing… She is your daughter. How could you know nothing? What are you up to?

Voice 2: Suggesting something?

Voice 1: Curious that’s all...

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Dirty Wicked Deeds… Part 3

Ser Gado Duval finds himself in a small office room within the Goddess; the burlap sack having been removed. There, standing before him, is Ethelka Hearson, flanked by two hooded dangerous looking cultists.

Ser Gado has barely had a chance to recuperate from what transpired moments ago when Ethelka speaks.

“We will make this short. I cannot be here for long. First, let me answer what you are already seeking to know, and perhaps, what you suspect. I was not the one who killed your sister, so do not direct your anger towards me, it is wasted. Instead, direct the anger towards the instrument of your sisters death; I do not mean The Champion, or Hans Riklof...

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Dirty Deeds Done With… Gado! Part 2

The party of Gerhard Kramer, Sibillia and Michel, accompanied by the norscan, make their way to the Jackal, a den of thieves and scum. Hans says he knows a guy by the name of Bertram, who may be able to help sour-face (his word for Kramer) get what he needs.

They head on upstairs to the Jackal as Hans heads to Bertram’s room. Without even knocking, he steps through.

The meeting is uneasy at first, with both Bertram and Hans uttering insults at one another, followed by Hans throwing his handaxe at the halfling, an apparent test of usefulness according to Hans.

Bertram proves to be a unwelcoming host, but is willing to listen to what Kramer has to say.

Kramer tells him that he needs someone to break into the Trade Commission offices and steam some documents pertaining to property management...

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Wicked Deeds Done With… Part 1

Note: This post takes into account of 2 sessions. 1 was shorter than normal (shy of 2 hours) and the other was the regular session time (around 4 hours). The second session was done only a few days after the previous other than the normal bi-weekly.

We start with Michel Bastide, Ser Gado, Gerhard and Sibillia, who are in Michel’s safe house along with the norscan. When we last left them, they were in a discussion as to what to do. Hans Riklof and Ser Gado still didn’t trust or like one another. But they do come to a decision; the party agrees that seeing Dieter, the Champion, and asking him what he knows about Gado’s sister. The norscan told an interesting tale that Dieter was ‘bewitched’ and strangled his sister. Ser Gado intends to find out if this is true.

They head off at once toward...

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A Twister of Lies: Part 2

Continuing on from part 1…

Morning comes. Michel Bastide wakes up to find himself in the promised safe house. It’s a simple affair; a two mattresses lay on the floor, along with other rough sleeping spots scattered about. The windows are covered, dirty and mud-struck. It’s a shack than an actual house by any standard. Michel finds himself near the merchant quarter. Gathering his belongings, and feeling the need for a stiff drink, he makes his way through the streets towards the Blazing Hearth.

Ser Gado is also up, having at least gained a somewhat decent nights rest despite his odd dream. After gearing up, he heads downstairs to be met with a friendly face.

Sibilla Di Cosola, the young priestess of Shallya that had accompanied Luigi Pavarotti...

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A Twister of Lies: Part 1

Michel Bastide wakes up. He finds himself tied to a chair. Two sets of candelabras surround him. He can see no more than 5 feet in front of him. His head still hurts from the thump he got on the back of the head.

A voice from the shadows speaks out, “Michel Bastide. Born and raised in the Dukedom of Gisoreux. Parents were Harcourt Bastide and Juliet Bastide. Your father committed treason against your liege lord, and was hanged for his crimes. You fled Bretonnia with a band of outlaws. Crossed the Grey Mountains and found a new purpose as a tracker, a hunter of men. How’s that trade working out for you then?”

“Pretty good,” Michel replies. The voice returns, “Really? Any good catches lately? Don’t bother, we both know the answer to that...

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