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Trouble In Weissbruck

Weissbruck map copy

The Berebelli barge continues downstream towards Weissbruck; the party a little bit shaken from their ordeal earlier on.

Pulling into the Weissbruck Lock, preparing to exit the canal, someone shouts across from the south bank.

“O excuse me, can I have a moment of your time?”

Heads turn towards the bank to see a man in polished armor wearing a surcoat more commonly found in Bretonnnia.

“What ya want!” inquires Ernst Steurmann.

The Bretonnian Knight begins to tell his story. He goes on about a vision he received from Lady of the Lake and how he saw the barge in his vision and those onboard, and says that he is on a mission of glory and has sought them out.

Ernst is not impressed with talk of visions, and simply says, “O… A looney then. Great. Well ya ain’t getting on-board...

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A Sweet Serenade On The Canal…

The party leave the Boatman tavern, making their way to Ernst Steurmann’s barge. They follow Steurmann as he leads them through a narrow street. On the way, the party, Finja, Ulrico, Eckhardt and Kall, hear footsteps from behind.

Ulrico spots two hooded figures, possibly the same ones they saw earlier on, following them. Finja decides to hide up ahead around the corner, the rest follow, waiting to see what they do.

The footsteps get closer, but stop suddenly as a cry of pain echoes into the night. They look and spot the two hooded men, now laying dead in a pool of their own blood, two bolts sticking out of both of them. They could hear someone running away. Who or what they don’t know, or why…

They search the bodies and find two daggers, each one of them has an emblem of a Purple Hand etch...

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