Our Grim Adventurers & Schedule

GM – Savage/D.Plowman


List of current players:

Gerhard Kramer, Burgher – Played by Kieran / Previously played Kall Horst

Sibillia, Priestess of Shallya- Played by Courtney (Tez) / Previously played Durgin, Wilfred, Piet Johann

Ser Gado l’Enclume Duval of Shining Waters, Knight Errant – Played by Kurt

Michel Bastide, Bounty Hunter – Played by Ricky / Previously played Ulrico

Jurgen Noffein, Ulric Initiate – Played by Darren / Previously played Johann, Liliana, Tafwick.

Joel – Deep Watcher, Soon To Be Introduced


When Do We Play?

Our gaming schedule can be a bit erratic at times due to other games/events happening, but usually we play every second week (bi-weekly) on a Friday (used to be a Thursday).